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✏How will they react when you’re pregnant?

—Akatsuki and gender-neutral version!


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✦ Madara was in his office when you came in. “Madara,” you said sitting down, “I have something to tell you.” Madara set down his work and turned to face you, “What is it?” You fiddled with your hands as moved closer to you. He took your hands into his and cocked his head to the side, “Are going to say it or not?” You took a deep breath, “I’m pregnant.” He went wide-eyed and cracked a smile, “We have a baby.”


✦ You finished making dinner and called Obito down to eat. “So how was your day,” you asked poking your food with your fork. “It was alright, why are you acting weird,” he responded. Your nerves were getting you good, “I have something for you.” You pulled the Dango you bought earlier from beside handing it over to him. He looked it up and down, eyeing it suspiciously, “What’s up?” “I’m pregnant,” you blurted out. He stared at you before coming to your side of the table pulling you into a hug, “We’re pregnant!”


✦ You and Nagato were taking a walk when you suddenly stopped. He came in front of you and grabbed your face, “What’s wrong?” You looked at him and took a deep breath, “I’m pregnant.” He immediately pulled you into a hug, putting his face on top of your head, “I’m glad, Y/n.”


✦ “Are you sure,” Orochimaru was trying to process the information you just told him. You nodded your head and hesitantly held his arms out, “Can I hug you?” You laughed and engulfed him in a hug.


✦ “Itachi, wait I have something to tell you,” you hurried to his side before he could exit the room. “I’m pregnant have a good day,” you quickly hurried out. He stared at you before picking you up, “I love you!”


✦ You and Zetsu were cuddling when you blurted out, “I need to tell you something.” Zetsu turned you his way since you were the little spoon, “What is it?” “You’re not going to freak outright,” he shook his head looking worried. “I’m pregnant,” you said looking into his eyes. You were about to say something else when you were pulled close to his chest.


✦ “Baby I’m home,” you called out to Konan. She came downstairs, taking your hand pulling you to the couch. “So what did the doctor say,” she said worriedly. “They said I’m pregnant,” you said looking down. She grabbed your face pulling you into a kiss.


✦ “Baby, I said I’m pregnant,” you said as Kakuzu looked at you weirdly. “Pregnant,” he whispered trying to get rid of the smile that was appearing on his face.


✦ “See didn’t I tell you it would happen,” Kisame was beaming ever since you told him the news a few hours ago. You rolled your eyes laughing. He pulled you in a hug, “But I’m being serious, I’m really happy Y/n.”


✦ You ran into the living room, immediately grabbing Deidara from his company. “Babe what is it,” he asked. “I’m so excited, alright here I go, I’m pregnant,” you said clapping. “Your serious,” he said happily laughing. He ran back into the living room with you, “She’s pregnant!”


✦ Hearing the clock only made you guys more nervous. “Does it say anything yet,” Sasori asked both of you looking down at the pregnancy test. “I’ll know when you know,” you replied equally anxious. The test finally revealed the results, you were pregnant. You looked towards him and he looked back at you. Both of you smiled at each other as he put a hand on your stomach.


✦ After you told him you were pregnant he ran out the door. You were worried that he wouldn’t return just because you were pregnant. Hearing the door open you turned to see Hidan with a bag full of medicine and a pregnancy book.


✦ As you guys were kissing, Yahiko tried to take it a step further. But you pulled away knowing what it would lead to. “We can’t, I have something to tell you,” you said. Yahiko nodded turning his attention to you, “What’s up?” “I’m pregnant, I just found out today but if you-” Yahiko put a finger on your lips signaling for you to hush. “I’m staying,” he whispers smiling.


✦ Dying of laughter from Zetsu’s joke, you thought you might as well bring up the news while the mood is good. “You want to hear riddle,” you asked him. He nodded. “What starts with the letter b and is inside of me right now,” you asked getting worried. He thought about it for a minute, before looking at you, “You’re serious? Did I get you pregnant? I have to tell everyone now! You know what I’ll be right back!”


✦ “Can I even hug you anymore,” he asked. You nodded starting to laugh, “Yeah why?” “I don’t wanna hurt you.” You got up and hugged him, trying to reassure him that everything will be fine. “Wait,” he broke the hug, “will you steal my food because I swear-”


✦ “I’m pregnant,” you finally said. “Oh lord, let me contact Kakuzu we’ll need to get all the food and medicine!”


✦ Ever since you told him tonight he hasn’t let you out of his cuddles. “Baby what’s wrong,” you asked turning around. “Just want to make sure you know I’m there.”


✦ “I noticed you being off for a while, what’s up,” Kie asked. “I’m pregnan-” You didn’t even get to finish your statement when he started kissing your belly.

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