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✏Walking into the shower, while he is jerking off and moaning your name.

—Mikoto Suoh

—Smut warning ;)


Walking through the bar, Kusanagi is the first to notice you, “Tough day?” You let out a small laugh, “It was okay, just want to get some sleep.” He nods as you walk up the stairs.

Stepping into Mikoto’s room you shout for him, “Baby?” You took off your f/c heals and stepped further into the room only to hear the shower running. You thought you would just step in to say hello.

“Fuck,” you heard someone moaned from inside the bathroom.

Being startled you crept to the bathroom opening the door slightly, “Oh shit.” You saw Mikoto in the shower jerking off and muttering profanities. “Oh Y-Y/n,” he stuttered. Your hand made its way up to cover your mouth. The running water just splashing on him, as he pleasures himself. “Fuck, fuck, fuck,” you heard Mikoto’s breath quicken. You watched as his eyes closed and his head threw back against the shower wall and he cummed.

When he opened his eyes, he smirked, “Baby I know you’re there.”

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