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✏Couple photography day.

—Haru Yoshida



Getting ready to go to the park for your anniversary, you were in the bathroom doing your hair. “Baby, are you done yet,” Haru came into the bathroom whining. You rolled your eyes, finally finishing styling your hair the way you wanted it.

“Aw, the outfits are so cute, I have a great eye for fashion,” you say looking at you guys’ grey and black plaid outfits. He rolls his eyes and takes ahold of your hand and drags you out of the bathroom. “Hold on I still need to grab some things, meet me downstairs,” you tell Haru to which he nods.

You grabbed your f/c purse, blanket, phone, camera, and camera equipment. Walking downstairs you turn to the kitchen, only to hear Haru clear his throat. You looked towards him and see he already has the snack basket. You smile and walk over and put your shoes on. “We all set,” you ask not wanting to leave anything. He nods opening the door and you guys head out.

♡࿐ ˊˎ-

Arriving in the park where little kids and their parents play, you guys choose a nice spot that was unoccupied. You were setting up the camera, as Haru set up everything else. “Alright I’m ready,” you got the remote for your camera. “What poses do you want to do first,” he asked you. “I don’t know, it doesn’t matter for the first couple,” you responded.

For the first couple, you guys just did random cute poses until you wanted to switch it up. “Hey, sit down,” you told him. He rose an eyebrow but did it nonetheless. You sat on his lap and grabbed his arms putting them around your waist.

He suddenly got flustered, “Y-Y/n what are you doing?” You laughed, “Posing for some pictures, what else?” He shook his head putting his head in the crook of your neck. You felt warmth spreading to your cheeks as took more photos.

“Alright, we’re finished babe,” you said trying to get up. Haru tightens his hold on your waist, “Wait, stay, we can eat before you get up.” You smiled and turned around in his arms, giving him a couple of light kisses.

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