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✏Heating you on your period.




Your period started yesterday, and as expected you were having cramps. But the pain today was really bad, it hurt to move around. Dabi wasn’t back yet, since he had to do something for Shigaraki today.

Pushing yourself, you got out of bed. You put your f/c robe on and stepped out of the room. You slowly made your way to the kitchen. Opening up a cupboard, you grabbed a random mug putting it on the counter. Next, you filled up a kettle with water, turning on the stove letting the water heat.

As you were waiting you heard the door open, Dabi was finally home.

“Baby,” Dabi walked towards you, “what are you doing up?” You turned to hug him and sighed, “Just making tea.” He gripped your waist, “You’re supposed to be in bed.” You rolled your eyes and broke the hug hearing the kettle starting to whistle, “No one was there, so I’m doing it myself.”

“Well I’m here now, so,” he takes the kettle away from you and guides you back to the room, “lay down and wait for me there.” You grumbled but did it nonetheless. It took a few minutes but he finally laid down. He immediately started spooning you, wrapping his hands around your waist.

You started to feel warmth spreading from his palms. Feeling more comfortable by the second you scooted closer to him. He smirked kissing your neck, “Go ahead and sleep, I love you.”

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