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✏Date night, plus late-night flying

—Keigo Takami



“So you’ll be ready by the time I get there,” Keigo asked unsurely. You rolled your eyes, “Yes, but don’t speed just take your time.” “Alright kid, I’ll see you when I get there,” he says laughing. “Alright bye, Keigo,” you said smiling and hanging up.

Running to your closet, you took out this f/c bodycon dress you’ve been saving. Laying it down on your bed you went to your desk to do your makeup. Once you perfected your look, you started to style your hair.

Once you felt comfortable, you put the dress on. Running to your mirror, you admired your look. Grabbing your perfume and purse you made your way down the stairs filled with excitement. Putting on some black heels, you heard a honk outside. You quickly opened the door, locking it and making your way to the car.

“Hey, kid,” Keigo looked you up and down. You replied by kissing his cheek. You put your seatbelt on and faced him for a real kiss. He smiled and you both leaned in kissing each other gently. Breaking the kiss you asked him a question, “So what restaurant are we going to?”

“A surprise restaurant,” he replies starting the car. You rolled your eyes and turned on the radio.

♡࿐ ˊˎ-

Pulling up to the restaurant, you looked up and gasped it was the most expensive restaurant in the city, Anastasia. “I know you didn’t,” you said getting out of the car. He smiles down out you, “I did kid, you ready to go in?” You gushed giving him a big hug, “Oh yes, thank you so much!”

He kissed you on the top of your head, taking your hand and taking you inside.

Walking in a big crystal chandelier captured your attention, before turning to the receptionist. “Hello, do you have a reservation,” she asked turning her gaze to the two of you. Keigo stepped to your side, “Yes, it’s under Takami.” She nodded picking up two menus, “Alright follow me please.”

♡࿐ ˊˎ-

The date went over really well, good laughs, and the food was spectacular. “Oh wow that was great,” you gushed walking out of the restaurant. Keigo only laughed and walked you to the car. “Wait,” he pulled on your wrist. You turned around and looked up at the blonde man, “Yes?” He smirks, “Wanna fly?”

You cocked your head to the side, “What do you mean- Oh no, I’m scared of heights!” He laughed picking you up bridal style, “Don’t worry, I won’t drop you.” “Oh my god Keigo I swear-” You were cut off by him taking off into the night sky.

Clinging onto his neck, you took sneak peeks of the city below you. You couldn’t deny it, it looked very beautiful. As if he were reading your mind he asked, “Pretty right, don’t worry we’re almost there.” You nodded meekly and he laughed kissing your head.

♡࿐ ˊˎ-

Arriving at your place he set you down gently, but you clung to his arm. “Was it that scary,” he asked putting his hands on your waist. You laughed and shook your head, “No, but I have to say I appreciate the ground even more.”

Shaking his head he pulled you in for a slow, sensual kiss. Capturing his bottom lip, you pulled gently getting a soft moan from him in return. “Goodnight Keigo,” you said stepping away from him.

“Goodnight kid.”

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