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✏Being jealous.




“Ita, I’m about to go live okay,” you told Itachi. He was playing on the PlayStation with his friends and you were bored. So you decided to go down to the living room to go live.

He nodded his head, not paying attention.

Rolling your eyes, you made your way downstairs to set up your live. Before starting you grabbed some snacks. You specifically grabbed the drink that he was saving for later to be spiteful.

Opening Instagram, you finally started the live. You went to go get a blanket and a pillow to wait for people. Coming back you looked to see there were already ten people. Smiling you sat down and got comfortable, “What’s good bitches!” A couple of people wrote hellos and one comment asked how you were.

“I’m good just someone was being an ass and wasn’t paying attention to me,” you said opening a bag of chips. Your friend y/f/n asked if you were talking about Itachi. “Yes, had the nerve to ignore me on the game all morning,” you said opening his drink.

They replied with I’ll kick his for you friend. You laughed and thanked her.

♡࿐ ˊˎ-

By thirty minutes you had eighty-five people in your live. You were chatting with them about the summer and making plans, “Yes, and we have a pool in our complex, come join me!” You saw Itachi coming down the stairs, you tried not to pay him any attention.

Looking at the comment you saw someone say you were beautiful, “Aw thanks!” Itachi was in the fridge looking for his drink, but he couldn’t find it. That same person asked if you were single, “No I’m not single, but I’m considering it.” You were just trying to mess with Itachi.

You saw him looking at you from the kitchen, but you didn’t care. “Hey Y/n was my drink,” he asked heading towards the living room. You smirked and held up the half-drunken drink, “Right here.”

He groaned coming closer to you, “You knew I was saving that.” “Yeah, and you were ignoring me.” He grabbed it from you and rolled your eyes looking at the comments on your live.

You saw the same person who asked if you were single and if you could consider dating them instead. You looked at Itachi, “Yeah I might, Ita what do you think?” “Of what,” he asked back. “Of dating someone else, they seem nice,” you said tilting your head to the side.

He chuckled and took your phone, “She ain’t dating no one else. So quit trying, lame-ass.” You snatched back your phone, “Well I’ll talk to y’all later.” You ended the live blowing a kiss. You looked towards Itachi, “So, ready to stop ignoring me now?”

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