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✏Beach day.




“Babe,” you gushed running into the apartment from your shopping spree. You found her in the kitchen sitting on the counter drinking her smoothie. She looked at you, “Hey baby, what’s up?”

“Look at these cute bathing suits! And they match,” you gave her the bag. She gasped, “Yes oh my god, we should wear them to the beach today!” You got confused, “What do you mean the beach today?”

She froze and grabbed you by your waist pulling you into her chest, “So we’ve been invited to the beach with the heroes and students, can we go please?” You rolled your eyes and looked up at her, “Fine, it’s not like I had anything today. But, I hope you know your driving.”

She giggled and grabbed your face pulling you into a kiss. Tasting her sweet lips you slipped your tongue into her mouth. Finally pulling away, you dragged her off the counter, “So when does it start?”

She does a little laugh, “In an hour.” You looked at her in disbelief, “Are you serious! You know what go get ready now!” You threw the bathing suit at her and went to go get ready.

♡࿐ ˊˎ-

“There you guys are,” Toshinori exclaimed. You grabbed Nemuri’s hand running up to him, “It was her, only telling me about it today and taking the longest to get ready.” He laughed and hugged you, “Well I’m glad you showed up, the kids are over there but we’re about to start a volleyball game.”

You nodded and you went to go give your hellos. Seeing your niece you ran up to her, “Hey Mo!” She turns around in her red and gold bikini, “Hey auntie!” You gave her a big hug, “How are you and Todoroki?” She blushes to slap your arm, “Auntie! I-I mean we’re fine thank you.”

You giggle running back to Nemuri slipping your hands around her waist from behind, “Hey babe.” She smiles, “Hey, have I told you how hot you look in that bikini?” You smirk turning her around, “No but, neither have I.”

You guys were about to kiss when Aizawa yelled, “Hey, cut it out! We’re about to play volleyball come on!” Both giggling you jogged over to them.

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