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I mean who wouldn't want her. With her silk milky white hair ending at her feet, she gave off Innocent vibes waiting to be tamed. Her soft cloudy blue eyes were her most alluring features sparkling every time she smiled. Her soft voluptuous lips lured men in from a mile away. She was like a prize waiting to be claimed but by who she wondered, for who would be her prince charming. Rose, the princess of the Kingdom of The Aiprupan Dynasty is in desperate need of her prince charming. For who else other than the spawn of the devil himself, she has no other choice to Marry the man her Father despises with a fuel of rage, but there is more than meets the eyes. The question she's been dying to finally get an answer, but the truth hurts way more than ignorance

Romance / Mystery
Age Rating:

Royalty and Whispers

-Will You still love me when I’m no longer young and beautiful, will you still love me when I have nothing but my aching soul

- Lana Del Ray

Third Person POV

Sitting on her Throne Ornamented with the Castle Jewels and roses all around she felt miserable. The day she has been dreaming for her whole life has turned out miserably. The long line of men ending outside the castle walls signaled it would be a long night. Princes all across the land have heard the news of Princess Rose becoming of age for marriage. For them, it was like a blissful dream but for her, it was a nightmare.

I mean who wouldn't want her. With her silk milky white hair ending at her feet, she gave off Innocent vibes waiting to be tamed. Her soft cloudy blue eyes were her most alluring features sparkling every time she smiled. Her soft voluptuous lips lured men in from a mile away. She was like a prize waiting to be claimed but by who she wondered, for who would be her prince charming.

Tapping her finger vigorously on her throne she knew she was running out of time. Is this really worth it, selling my hand in marriage for Tranquility? In All truth, the Kingdom was dying slowly but steadily. It felt like a curse, for the way it happened was unnatural. It started with the small village boy but it spread rapidly. She brought it to Father's attention but he brushed it off with a scoff saying that it must be a gift from the gods, but couldn't he see it? This wasn't a gift, it was a nightmare a storm waiting for the right time to attack and it scared her shitless.

She didn't want to inherit the Kingdom while it was in this state but what could she do. Without the Title of Queen, she could only talk through her father's ear. furthermore, everything she said to him went in and out never being taken into consideration. It pained her dearly to see innocent people suffer for her father's Laziness.

Looking back at her Fathers throne she was puzzled. Where did he run off to, looking back at the crowd of princes she battled with her mind. She knew she was supposed to stay here but her curiosity got the best of her.

She soon found herself heading to her Fathers' Chambers wondering what would cause him to miss her special day, Lifting her silk gown off the floor picking up the pieces that flow to the ground behind her she walked balling it around her arm continuing on her adventure.

Walking down the long hallway that leads to the glass staircase she heard it, a whisper. With careful steps, she tip-toes towards the gold door Carved with the Royal initials. Leaning her ear near the door she heard a voice, a deep tone not belonging to her father or anyone she knew off.

The mysterious muffled voice sounded angry though never showing it off with his voice she could tell just by his words.

" You promised her to me, I've been watching for too long either pay what's due or your kingdom will wither to ashes' Empathizing the word ashes the unknown voice showing no mercy in his tone. it pained her to hear that, for all she knew was the kingdom. They were her people after all.

" Believe me when I say this she is too young I won't let you taint my little girl' The second voice she automatically knew was her father, he sounded scared. Scared for her well-being this intrigued her causing her to press her ear harder on the door. She wanted to know what did she have to do with this mysterious voice


Hearing this Rose gasped loudly stumbling to the ground, causing the room to go silent. Immediately regretting her decision for letting her curiosity get the better of her she ran. Not caring of what noised she caused, she felt hurt and humiliated. With her gown still flowing behind her, she turned the corner, but not before seeing a cloaked figure with a Wide smile Plastered across Their face.

Rose POV
I felt sick to my stomach, after hearing that information I couldn't help but feel paranoid. I knew whoever that cloaked figure was saw me walking away and that smile. It sent shivers down my spine giving off bad intentions instantly. Scurrying away to my Private Chambers I felt like crying. In all honesty, I didn't want to believe what the man said but the way my father reacted revealed everything to me.

So then it must be true, that man was coming to take what was due to him, so he was coming for me. My heart ached even thinking about why father would do this to me.

Finally reaching my Chambers closing the door instantly I finally felt at peace. Standing there lost in my thoughts, A wave of tears coming to the surface. I caved in, falling on my feet bringing my knees close to my chest laying in a fetus position I Poured out my heart. I felt like I could finally be weak, where nobody would see me or scold me for my un-ladylike Actions.

I don't know how long I stood there and cried, I felt like my life was coming to an end. Finally looking up It was pitch dark outside. With my puffer Eyes, I stared at the window and gasped. My Bedroom was on the third floor meaning I could get a great view of the front garden. It was very much praised in the kingdom saying that it could cure any rare disease. From Its Beautiful Variety of flowers, its deep red roses brought peace to me.

Now scattering to the window pressing my face against the glass. A figure Illuminated by the light stepping out of the gates. Looking closely now I couldn't make out much. He had a muscular build big broad shoulders and brown curly hair. I couldn't make out much but he seemed tense stomping off the castle grounds. As he could feel me gawking at him he turned around, eyes landing right on my bedroom windows.

He stood there just staring back. That when I saw its deep red eyes like it was piercing through my soul. My heartbeat quickened a light blush displayed on my skin. This foreign feeling puzzled me and for a complete stranger at that. With the uneasy feeling creeping back into my stomach I was the first to break eye contact. Drawing my curtains closed He was gone, disappeared into thin air. Wasn't he just standing there a moment ago? My Mind was filled with images of his eyes even thinking about them delighted me for some reason. They looked beautiful shining in the moonlight, smiling unintentionally I knew that red was definitely my favorite color from now on.

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