Phantom of the damned. (First draft, unedited.)

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Cat and mouse.


She’s running.

Of course she is.

I’m no green, I’ve been doing this for years.

They always run.

But this time, the chase is different.

She has awoken something in me, something completely left field. Where in before, the thrill of the hunt, went hand in hand with blood lust.

I am now, experiencing an entirely new kind of lust. One that my body and my mind are completely unprepared for.


She is just as beautiful as her father had hoped she would be, to my chagrin.

And she is fast.

Almost too fast.

And my raging hard on, rubbing against my jeans as I run, is not helping matters.

My balls ache, and my dick throbs.

I had prayed to be able to experience this?

Fucking rip off.

I curse as Evanora’s pert back side, disappears around the corner of a bend.

She won’t escape me, I’m not worried about that.

A bounty has never slipped through my grasp. It’s why I am the best.

But this game of cat and mouse, is only adding fuel to my freshly lit fire.

A fire that is quickly threatening to consume me, cock and all.

Why is she different?

I’d tried and failed countless times to get it up, im the past. With some of the most beautiful women on this God forsaken island.

And every time, I was met with the same, fruitless result, and a pissed off, unsatisfied lady, to boot.

But this wild, mysterious, girl, no older than twenty years. With her unruly hair, nearly flat chest, and dirty calloused feet.

She is the one to awaken my needs?

She’s got a beautiful face sure, but she has the build of a boy.

Definitely not what I thought would strike my fancy.

As I round another wide oak, following the snapped branches and small feet prints, she leaves in her wake. I catch sight of the tips of her hair carried on the wind.

Her full form soon comes into full view, as she breaks for a field.

Not a smart move.

But prey tend to make foolish choices when cornered.

And this mistake would cost her.

With one last surge of speed, I barrel into her back,
knocking her to the ground.

She is a wild animal beneath me. Kicking her heels back, in an attempt to strike me. She squirms and growls in my grasp.

Her bare ass, rubs against my newly found friend.

The pressure increases, painfully.

“Fuck. Stay still damnit!” I snap, my control at its limit.

She doesn’t listen, or maybe she doesn’t understand?

In a last ditch effort to get through to her rational side, if she had one, and to show her the danger we both were in.

I press my hips firmly against her writhing ass. Perfectly lining my arousal between her spread cheeks.

She stills instantly, her breath catching in her throat.

A lovely shade of red creeps up her neck.

Maybe she does understand.

I moan as her hips shift, seemingly on instinct.

Unable to hold back, and with blurred vision, I wrestle her hands behind her, and begin to rock.

What the hell am I doing?

I try to regain control of myself, to no avail.

This is not right.

My cock strains under my jeans, begging to slip between the slick folds of her dripping arousal.

Whatthehell-whatthehell-What- The - Hell?

I grunt, fisting her hair as I dry hump myself into oblivion.

My release hits me with such blinding intensity, that my eyes cross.

Spent, and panting, I collapse against her back. My seed pressed between us, in a heated reminder of what I’d just done.

After a moment, filled with the sounds of our combined breathing and nothing more, she whimpers beneath me, and I suddenly feel...dirty.


And Neanderthaloid.


I just messed up big time.

I sit up, straddling her back, glistening from my release, that had escaped the top of my jeans.

Anger and regret, war with my responsibilities.

This woman was not meant for me. Regardless of what my treacherous anatomy would suggest.

She is a job.

A means to an end.

My bounty.

And one sure way to secure my mothers safety. Even if she were healthy, which she is not. The culling would be a death sentence for her.

It was for all who entered.

And I am not willing to lose the only family I have, for a pretty little thing, that makes my dick happy.

Not going to happen.

So what the hell did I just do? Has discovering my desire, turned me into a passion driven beast?

Evanora looks over her shoulder, fixing me with her deep blue, oceanic eyes.

I freeze in place, my heart hammering in my chest.

Then a flicker of defiance, quickly overtakes her expression.

Before I realize what she is about to do.

She draws a gurgling breath through her nose and the back of her throat, gathering a generous amount of saliva, she spits it directly in my face.

Well, that’s one way to kill a boner.

I reel back in disgust, made worse by her accompanying flinch.

Did she think I would hit her?

I deserved that loogie, and several more, if I’m being fair.

Flicking her remaining dribble from my brow, my eyes travel to the bruises forming on her arms from my tackle.

Of course she thinks I’d retaliate, I’ve given her no reason to assume otherwise.

Slowly, as to not startle her, I stand to my feet, dragging her along with me.

“Evanora black. Iv come to return you to your father.” I jump straight to the point, in a robotic tone.


I sound rehearsed.

Confusion clouds her eyes, before she begins to thrash in my grip.

I doubted she knew of her father, or the arena, but intuition can be a powerful tool.

And it would seem that she had mastered it.

In a last ditch effort, she clamps her teeth down over my hand, that grasped her forearm.

Ok, that’s it.

Lifting my other hand, I flick her in the nose, hard.

“Bad!” I snap.

She rears back, eyes watering, almost comically, had it been under other circumstances.

“You flicked me!?” She gasps, indignantly.

I raise a brow at her.

“You talk?”

With narrow eyes, she snaps her mouth shut once more.

It seems she will be playing the silent game.

I shake my head, this is going to be a long trip.

“Well, tight lip. You’re coming with me, and that won’t change, no matter how much you bite me.”

My mind suddenly fills with images of her biting me... in a more sexual way.

And I feel my cock begin to harden again.

Pipe down you needy bastard, I chastise my new interloper.

Needing a barrier between us, I shake my blazer off and place it over her shoulders. Her accompanying flinch sends shards of guilt through me, but I shake that off as well.

I don’t have time for this.

Thankfully she is small, so the fabric of my jacket falls to her knees, shielding her from my gaze.

I then pull a rope from the leather bag attached to my hip, and use it to bind her hands, before securing the other end to my waist.

“Come on. I’ve got a bounty to collect, and I don’t like to leave my costumers waiting.” I gently tug at her restraints.

In truth, I’d like nothing more, than to leave Favion waiting, forever if I could.

The thought of returning this woman to him. Makes my stomach roll in protest.

But my mothers life, holds more value to me than that of the arena master’s daughter.

So I begin our journey back to the sea.

To my displeasure but not surprise, Evanora had no intention of making this journey easy on me.

She digs her heels in, forcing me to drag her like a cat on a leash.

Yep, this is definitely going to be a long trip.

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