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Caffeinated Cassie (Book 2 of Cassie)

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College is finally over, Cassie and her friends are about to live life away from home working for MontageFlix. But what if not all is what it seems? Tensions are high when Cassie is forced to live on caffeine working for Zachary. Love has always been crazy for her and it's no different now as she learns who is there for her and who isn't, is Kim who she really wants to be with? Can she really watch Dom be with other women? Copyright© 2020 Charly James-Matthews All Rights Reserved

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Chapter 1

Summer was well and truly here! Well at least for a few days…The sun came and went just like it usually did in jolly old England.

I couldn’t believe how quick the time was going by, I’d already gotten my drivers licence, with the help of Dominic who lent me the extra money so I could just plough straight ahead with it and do a week’s intensive course. Though the others all made sure to have me do extra hours driving around with them. I managed to pass with flying colours on both my theory and practical so I was finally driving! It made my life so much easier as I could come and go when I needed to.

I was paying Dominic back slowly, though he didn’t like it, he said it was a gift, that he wanted to do something nice for me to make up for all the shit he had put me through. I believed him, he was fun again and he wasn’t parading girls around all the time anymore, though I knew he had a few girls he went and had a little fun with. We were back to our normal fun selves with each other, much to Kim’s displeasure. Her jealousy was unbelievable, I understood it with Dominic, but if I was with Steph or James alone she hated it, though it was ok for her to walk around in dresses showing off everything to the whole world… But if I was hanging out with my friends it was a problem.

Even Hailey was getting annoyed with her best friend and apologised for her countless times. I wasn’t sure just how long this relationship was going to last if it carried on like this, every time we saw each other it was like we couldn’t keep our hands off each other, but then it went quiet every time she went back, no romance, no lovemaking, it was all raw sexual passion and I don’t want that, I want love, sure sex is great but it only does so much.

Kim had come over last night and as usual, it was a night of pure sex, but I didn’t cum once, I just wasn’t feeling it at all.

“RESULTS DAY! Wake up!” Steph pounds on my door as I’m sat doodling in my sketchbook, Kim’s arm wrapped around me tightly, possessively.

“If you don’t tell her to fuck off, I will. Why don’t you just tell them that I’m taking you and they can go, leaving us alone,” Kim groans beside me.

“We planned to go together weeks ago Kim, they are my friends, I’m going with them,” I roll my eyes.

“But I wanted to take you, we don’t do much together anymore,” she sighs.

“You are welcome to come with us babe, but it’s not my fault we don’t do anything anymore,” I snap, closing my sketchbook with a thud and putting it on the side.

“Oh, and it’s mine? I’m sorry I have a job, Cassie,” she growls back as I fling the cover of my bed off of me, getting up.

“You realise all we ever do is have sex or get drunk, right?” I say.

“Which is why I wanted to take you to get your results!” she exclaims.

“No, you want to take me because you don’t want me alone with the others, jealousy is not a great look on you Kim,” I say getting dressed, tying my hair up into a bun as I couldn’t be bothered to straighten it right now.

It was silent on the other side of the door and I was guessing Steph had heard us starting to argue and left us to it, I was praying she wasn’t listening in, but knowing her she was listening in.

“It’s not my fault you’ve had sex with half your friends, so sue me for getting a little possessive!” she shouts at me.

“Half my friends…wow, make me sound like a whore why don’t you. I’m going to go and spend time with my family and friends, if you decide to stop being a bitch, come join us,” I snap before opening the door, seeing Steph standing on the other side of the corridor before slamming the door and storming past her as she follows me silently.

“Hey Cass,” Hailey says timidly in the kitchen as I burst in.


“You ok?” she bites her lip nervously.

“Just peachy, I’m taking you heard that,” I say.

“We all did,” Dominic says appearing behind me.

“Great,” I murmur.

“Oh great, he’s here too, of course he is,” I hear Kim scoff coming down the stairs.

“Kim, enough,” Hailey says, glaring at her friend.

“Why don’t you all just have a fuckfest?” Kim says.

“Are you serious right now? You know what Kim, perhaps looking in the fucking mirror would help sometimes because let me just show you how you look to me most of the time, you see this? Leg over, breasts pushed up, flirty, flirty, all these pictures make you look like you’re going for other people. I’ve had sex with Steph, Dom and you, that’s it! Dom and Steph have been in my life for years! They aren’t going anywhere, they will always be in my life so take it or fucking leave it!” I say angrily, everyone is here and I know they are all listening but right now I don’t care.

“Fine, you can go back to your merry little fuckfest now, have fun with her Dominic, she definitely has a supreme little mouth, though I bet you knew that already,” Kim says.

“Kim! Enough!” Hailey snaps behind me.

“Of course you’re on her side, you’re fucking her sister,” Kim laughs.

“Get out of my house,” Ivy says getting between Hailey and Kim. Hailey looks ready to go for her at any moment. I knew they had been having troubles with their friendship lately too, Hailey had realised what true friendship was as she got to know us all, becoming one of the group.

“With fucking pleasure. We’re done, Cassie,” Kim says before storming out the house, slamming the door behind her.

“GOOD!” I scream out.

“Cass…” Dom says but I hold my hand up to him, making him stop, knowing the waterworks will run as soon as someone says anything, heading past Hailey and my sister up the stairs and into my bedroom, I lean against my door and let it go, tears pouring from my eyes as I sob, sliding down the door and onto the floor.

“Cassie, it’s me, let me in,” James knocks, shifting from the door, he creeps in and sits next to me, pulling me into his lap letting me cry in his arms.

“I just want to be happy, why can’t I just have that?” I sob.

“You will, you’ll find someone worth your time, you will Cassie, but we’re all here, right by your side. Hailey is going nuts right now, she’s worried about you, she hates her friend did this to you. She’s already making sure that you and Kim won’t run into each other as much as possible when you move down to London,” he says as I look up at him.

“No, that’s like favouritism, we all have to work with people we don’t like at some point,” I sniffle, wiping my eyes, resting my head on his shoulder.

“Try telling her that, you’ve become like a sister to her Cass, Kim was out of line,” James wipes tears from my cheeks.

“What do I keep doing wrong, James? I’m almost twenty and the most stable relationship I’ve had is Dom,” I sigh.

“You’re not doing anything wrong, you put your trust into people and look for the good, sometimes I think maybe you and Dom would have worked out again if you both really tried,” he says.

“Don’t even go there, we just got back to normal, I can’t even think about that,” I say sternly.

“I know, you two are doing so much better and it’s nice that we can all be in a room without arguing for five minutes. We still have plenty of time to find someone perfect for you. Just focus on other things and it will happen naturally, don’t force it, ok?” he cups my face softly.

“Thanks, James,” I nod as he kisses my forehead softly.

“Ok, now go wash your face and we are going to start this day over, I’m going to go downstairs and make sure the others don’t go on about what happened, we are going to have breakfast, go get our results and celebrate because you are going to pass with flying colours because you’re a smart, beautiful woman and my best friend, so I know everything,” he says.

“Ok,” I nod giggling. We get off of the floor as he pushes me towards the bathroom and heads downstairs.

He was right, Kim was just another path in my life that might have come to a dead-end but I could make a new one and keep going, there were plenty of people in the world, I’m sure there was someone out there for me.

“Hey…Yeah Eric we’ll be there soon, we just gotta have breakfast, it’s been an…eventful morning…Yeah, explain later…Gotta go see you soon,” Steph is on the phone as I come down the stairs a look of pity on her face.

“Don’t give me that look Steph, I think we all knew it was coming,” I sigh as she wraps an arm around my waist.

“I know. Love you, Cass,” she kisses my cheek as we head into the kitchen.

“Eat up, we have to leave soon,” Ivy gives me a sad smile.

“Thanks,” I nod.

“So, how many fails do we think Steph will get?” Dominic says trying to change the mood.

“HEY!” Steph throws an apple at him as he chuckles catching it, taking a huge bite.

“Yummy,” he winks making me giggle.

“Steph is going to pass, don’t be a dick Dominic,” I shake my head taking a bite of the bacon sandwich Ivy had made for me, groaning in delight.

“My girl will have smashed it, just like Cassie and James will have,” Calvin says curling his arms around Steph.

“Yeah, then we are going to have some fun and celebrate, I hope you’re ready for blue hair Cassie, there’s a paint gun with your name on it and I will get you,” Dominic smirks.

“Not if I get you first, though I’ve been considering dying my hair anyway,” I reply.

“Don’t dye it, Cassie, it’s gorgeous,” Claire shakes her head.

“Yeah if you want an adventure get a tattoo instead,” Steph smirks.

“I will if you do,” I laugh as her eyes widen.

“I didn’t think you would actually go for it,” she laughs.

“Tattoos, really?” Callum shakes his head.

“You have one,” I say.

“How the fuck do you know that?” he says in shock.

“Wait…Callum has a tattoo?” Ivy looks shocked at her twin.

“Why don’t you show the room, Callum? Where is it?” James asks as I snort, I knew exactly where it was.

“It’s uh…” Callum murmurs.

“It’s on his bum,” I laugh as he goes bright red.

“It was a dare, ok?!” he groans.

“I think it’s cute,” Claire winks.

“How did you find out about it?” Callum asks me again.

“Some loudmouth,” I smirk nodding to Dominic.

“DOMINIC!” Callum smacks him around the head.

“What?! It’s only a small tattoo, it’s not my fault you actually got the thing, I didn’t think you would do it!” he bellows out a laugh.

“Now I’m super curious,” Hailey says.

“You should show them,” Dom smirks.

“I’m not getting my arse out!” Callum exclaims.

“Don’t you have that photo, Dom?” I say.

“What? Dominic, I swear to god you better not,” Callum groans as Dom grabs his phone sifting through his photos before enlarging it and showing everyone in the room as Callum groans, head in his hands.

“Oh my god!” Steph laughs.

“Is that an ant colony carrying a bottle of mustard?” Ivy laughs.

“Most stupid idea ever,” Callum grumbles as everyone laughs at the tattoo.

“Why his arse though?” Tommy chuckles.

“Because he chickened out on the first idea, I wanted him to get it on his groin with a mustard splat on his cock, but he wouldn’t do it,” Dom sniggers.

“Well I’m glad he didn’t, that’s an image I don’t want in my head,” I grimace.

“Boys…you’re all weird,” Hailey shakes her head.

“Guys, we need to get a move on, Callum and I should have been there ages ago,” Tommy says noticing the time.

“Shit, yeah, come on, let’s go get our results,” I nod as we all stand and head off to college to grab our results.

“Hey! Oh, thank god you’re here! I got impatient, I’m sorry, I opened mine already!” Kate says, her eyes bright with a wide smile.

“What did you get?” I smile as she hands me her results, all passes, high ones at that.

“Congratulations Kate!” I grin hugging her as the others congratulate her.

Heading into the college we greet the others from our classes before heading over to get our results, my envelope shakes along with my hand while waiting for the others outside as it was unbelievably busy inside. Sitting on the wall I couldn’t help but think that this may be the last time I sit here. This was it, my life was about to change.

“I feel sick,” Eric murmurs sitting next to me.

“Why? You will have smashed it,” I give him a reassuring smile.

“Film, yes, but the others I don’t know Cassie,” he sighs.

“Here come the others,” I nod as they are all heading over.

“Are you ready?” Steph says as we all stand together.

“Not in the slightest,” I shake my head.

“On the count of three, we look…One…Two…Three,” James says before we open our envelopes.

My eyes scan the page as I find my results…Holy shit…I passed…everything, top marks in most of it too…HOLY SHIT!

“Shit, I failed Sociology,” Steph groans.

“That’s not a fail Steph, that’s still a pass, just a low one,” Callum looks over her shoulder.

“I told you, baby, I’m proud of you,” I hear Tommy say to James before kissing him passionately.

“Yeah! I passed!” Eric bellows as he and Kate hugs, with her squealing happily.

“Uh…Guys…I think Cassie is in shock…Cassie…What is it?” Ivy says before walking towards me and snatching the paper out of my hand.

“She can’t have failed,” Tommy says looking over her shoulder.

“CASSIE! I’m so fucking proud of you!” Ivy squeals hugging me, lifting and twirling me around.

“Let me see…Holy crap! Cassie, you got top marks! This is crazy you fucking brainiac!” James grins at me.

“I thought I would fail…” I murmur.

“Proud of you little sis,” Callum hugs me next.

The shock begins to wear off and I can’t help but grin, I couldn’t believe I got top marks.

“Guys! How did you do?” Michael and Jordan walk over to us.

“All passes!” Eric smiles.

“Nice, we got mainly passes too! Though Jordan almost failed sociology,” Michael sniggers.

“Hey, don’t worry I’m in the same boat,” Steph laughs showing hers to them.

“Who needs that shit anyway?” Jordan shrugs it off with a laugh.

“I’m going to go see Bobby’s mural before we leave, you guys coming?” Eric asks.

“Yeah,” we all agree heading to our film classroom.

“Congratulations guys and girls!” Robert says with open arms as we barrel in.

“I think I’m actually going to miss this place,” Michael says.

“Me too,” Eric and I say in unison.

“Miss you Bobby Boy,” I say looking at the mural.

“Bobby, Bobby, Bobby,” I hear the chant behind us as more of our class appeared.

“I love this year group, why do you all have to leave me?” Robert pretends to cry.

“You’d hate having us permanently Robert,” I laugh.

“True, trouble the lot of you, but I will miss you all and hope you all enjoy the next part of your life’s journey. I’ll be looking out for all your names in the credits,” he says.

“Thanks, Robert, bye Robert,” people say as they leave the room.

“Let’s go celebrate!” Steph grabs me as I turn back one last time at the mural before we all head home for a day of absolute madness.

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