Rapture (Archdemon's War #2)

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Maya has spent the last four hundred and fifty nine years trapped as the Archangel Michael's prisoner and now that she's finally been reunited with her soulmate, Abaddon, she has no intention of remaining under his thumb any longer. Together, Maya and Abaddon battle against the claws of power Michael still has in her soul and free her of her chains once and for all. ~~~ This is the second installment in my Archdemon's War series, whilst you don't necessarily need to read 'Mated' first, I do recommend it ~~~

Romance / Fantasy
Leksi Knight
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The Immortal Compendium



The capital city of Gehenna.


The capital city of Ascension.


Groups of Demons that live together and are loyal to each other. Often Clans are composed of one sole species and are led by a Clan Leader.


The term for an immortal’s romantic partner. Decided by fate, a mate or soulmate is the other half of one’s soul and impossible to resist once found.


A soldier in the Demonic army.


A group of twenty Legionnaires as a single fighting force.


The leader of a Legion.


A Demon whose loyalty has been proven, whose power is unquestionable and whose actions have benefited the Demonic race. They control many Legions underneath the command of the King and his Second.


A Demon who is second only in power to the King.

Lord of Gehenna

An Archdemon who controls a vast territory of Gehenna under the purview of the King.

Seraph Knight

A soldier in the Seraphic army


A more powerful Seraph Knight, and the next in the chain of command.


Extremely powerful Seraph Knights, second only to the Archangel.


A deep, dark purple flame that many Demons can wield.


A light blue flame that many Seraph can wield.

The Horde

The only clan of Vampyrs in Gehenna. They control a vast area of territory and are ruled by a powerful Vampyr named Dante.

Prime Alpha

The leader over all Lycan clans.


An immortal creature that attaches itself to one master for life.


The leader of all Harpy’s. A Matriarch is treated like a deity by her people.


These two letters signify the birth of the five Archangels, the ‘Immortal Rising.’ It’s used as a way to differentiate Immortal years from human years.



The Archdemon is a species solely reserved for those born or turned by Royal blood. With large leathery wings tipped with talons, blood red skin, dark almost-black horns and a near infinite store of power, these Demons are not to be underestimated or trifled with.


Hellspawn Demons make up over half the population of Gehenna. Their initial appearance may seem to be facsimile to Archdemons, but their lack of wings, lighter skin, smaller horns and general low power set them apart.


These agile and illusive Demons are rarely seen outside of their Clans, choosing to strengthen their species through strong familial ties. They have ashen skin, black horns and a prehensile tail.


Harpies are entirely female and are best known for their quick tempers and harsh species laws. They are also one of the two only other Demonic species with the ability to fly due to their enormous grey feathered wings. This topped off with taloned feet, clawed nails and piercing red eyes makes them a Demon to be feared.


An entirely male species of Demon that relies on brute strength instead of power. They have large straight horns, razor-sharp teeth and hoofed feet. Minotaurs are also known for being aggressive and quick to anger.


Shades are probably one the most interesting species of Demon due to their inability to go out in sunlight. When cloaked in shadow they become invisible to the eye save for their blazing yellow eyes.

Fire Imp

Second to Hellspawn in population, the Fire Imp is a species that revels in fire and extreme heat. The more powerful of the species have constantly flaming eyes and hair.


Troll Demons are large, strong and tower over the other species in height. In a full rage-like state, Trolls can exhibit extreme strength the likes of which cannot be combatted easily. They typically have a greyish-blue hue to their skin and long pointed ears.


The Creptus species is the second rarest of all Demon species. With skin like charcoal with fissures of pulsing magma moving under the skin, the Cretpus are attuned to the fires of the earth and often hold immense power.


Reaper Demons are primarily in charge of overseeing the transition of human souls in Gehenna. They have black eyes and veins as well as pale white skin.


One of the most coveted species for employment, Smoke Demons are capable of teleporting to any location so long as they or their companion can picture it in their mind. Although weak in power, Smoke Demons can make up for their lack of offensive ability with superb defensive strategy.


This male species of Demon feeds off of passion and sex to boost their power levels. They appear handsome and beguiling, to better entrap their prey.


Gargoyles are the perfect warriors and are all more likely than not to have worked in the Legion at some point or another. Due to their impenetrable grey skin, facing a Gargoyle in battle is a risky endeavour. They also have strong, grey wings and long fangs.


Lycans are singularly obsessed with finding their mates and staying loyal to their many Clans. Extremely territorial and vicious when challenged, Lycans follow a strict hierarchy of power. They have large fangs, claws and orange eyes.


Vampyrs are a proud Demon species and because of their high fertility are the third most populous. Gifted with supreme strength and speed, they make for deadly adversaries. They have red eyes and long sharp fangs.


Hunted to the brink of extinction, the Djinn are magic baring Demons with individual abilities over the elements of nature.



An Archangel is the species that only the first of immortals and those they’ve sired or turned can boast to be. They have almost unparalleled power and enormous gold wings.


Most Angels once they mature into their power become Seraphim (see Glossary). They are strong, virile and have large wings that vary in different shades of white and cream.


Celestials are the most common Seraph species, accounting for over seventy-five percent of the population. They have lithe, slim bodies, pointed ears and have heightened agility.


The Radiant are a species of Seraph that not much is known about. Taken from rare accounts on the battlefield, they exude a blinding glow and appear to be made of light.


Luminates are perhaps the most perfect species of immortal warrior that exists. Adorned with natural golden armour, they have enhanced strength and sight, capable of decimating entire swaths of an enemy’s army with one blow of their Angelfire.

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