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India loved her life, she loved her pack, her parents her friends. She had no complaints on her life she wasn't even negative on her appearance like most girls were she new she was attractive and she thought it was cool no need to gloat but she didn't need to feel insecure. But life is never that perfect India was a wearwolf but not any kind of wearwolf she had a gift, the gift of telechanesis and she couldn't always control it, only close family her best and friend melissa and the alpha and luna knew. Knox was the Alpha of the blood moon pack he wasn't ready for a mate he was perfectly content running the running his pack on his own he didnt need the distraction that the mating bond brought. He was happy having a string of girls of his choosing so sleep with then move on to the next. no strings. Hi everyone this is my first book, it is unedited and I will be going back trough to make any amendments so please bare with me, I'm not a professional so any non negative comments I would appreciate. I really hope you enjoy let me no know your thoughts and predictions on what you think may happen. Happy reading.

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

Sat on her vanity table India was getting ready to meet up with the girls at churchleys, there Friday breakfast meeting place.
Putting the finishing touches to her make up with a little gold glitter eyeliner, it really made her deep chocolate brown eyes pop.
Her long deep mahogony red hair flowing down her back she loved her hair it was always so naturally shiny.
Today she was sporting a bronze and gold mini dress with strappy sandals she was feeling great the sun was shining it was a glorious summer day.

"Morning madre, I'm off to meet the girls" I shouted through to mum who was currently dancing around the kitchen with a spoon in her mouth and an apron on, she always made me smile.
I wasn't Spanish but the nickname madre had stuck as a small child as well as my dad padre. They liked it and so did I.
"Have fun hunny say hi to the girls for me" she shouted back "will you be home for dinner?"

"Can I update you later on that one?" I asked "you no how plans always change when I meet up with the girls".
That's an understatement I thought to myself. Mum smiled she probably thought the same.
"Is Sadie coming over for coffee later?" i asked.
"Yes darling you girls have your tradition Sadie and I have ours" she smiled.
I couldn't help chuckle to myself Sadie was my best friend Melissa's mum, our mums were childhood friends to it was only natural melissa and I went the same way.
My mum and Sadie were like recycled teenagers.

Walking into churchleys I was instantly greeted with smiles from the girls accept one then out she came from the bathroom "Hey chica" giving me a cuddle Melissa and I sat down.
"Indie I can't wait for your birthday tomorrow!" exclaimed tamar tucking a strand of her blond hair behind her ear and a huge grin on her face.
"What is the actual plan for tomorrow its not everyday your girl turns 18" asked paisley sipping on her coffee she was the more sensible one out of the group with her jet black hair hair pulled up into a messy bun and trendy black framed glasses she was gorgeous.
"Well I pulled some strings and we are all booked in at the spa the get pampered and have our hair and nails done as well as a massage and a light lunch, after that we'll hit the mall for outfits ready for a night on the town" said Melissa.
"Wow liss you don't mess around it sounds perfect" I said.
Melissa smiled practically bouncing off her seat in excitement "well we need you looking your best ind you might bump into your mate hell! We all might, accept you paisley of course you've already found yours"
Paisley rolled her eyes at melissa "liss u don't no for sure jake and I are mates we have grown up together nothing feels different between us"
"of course nothing feels different uve both had the hots for each other since u were in nappies" replied Melissa.
"OK! OK! So when and where is this all starting tomorrow? I really hope I do meet my mate tomorrow Its been a year since I turned 18 and unless your in heat no man does it for you unless hes your mat, jesus I need to get laid" wined Tamar.
We all roared with laughter this was going to be an eventful weekend.

"So 10am at the moon goddess statue in town?" asked Melissa
"sounds great" we all agreed.

After we left churchleys Tamar had to leave to go to work her shift at the nursery, Paisley had to help jake with some security business he was the pack gamma and paisley was great at helping him with everything down to the nitty gritty.

Me and liss went back to my place it was 2:30pm as we pulled up outside we could hear music blaring from the house it sounded like a party.
"What is going on?" Melissa asked
As we walked in we were shocked with the scene before us my mum and Sadie were dancing around with margaritas singing you put the lime in the coconut and mix it all up, YOU PUT THE LIME IN THE COCONUT AND MIX IT ALL TOGETHER.
Our faces must of been a picture because the both stopped and was doubled over laughing clutching there stomachs, they were drunk.
"Mom! Are you drunk?" Melissa asked her
"As a skunk!" replied sadie
"mom it's only half 2! Isn't it a bit early?" I asked.
"shhh sweety oh oh guess what?" she said the Alpha and his beta are visiting from blood moon!"
"OK" I laughed "and why is that a big deal"
My mum and sadie looked at me like I'd grown two heads.
"have you not seen them?" she asked "they are gorgeous! The alpha himself looks like he was sculpted by God's with a face leave you in a drooling mess! He still hasn't found his mate indi...!"
"Yes mum and he doesn't want a mate everybody knows about alpha knox he's a love em and leave them type without the love he doesn't want a mate" I answerd.
"That's just a cop out indie and you no it men just want to look macho they don't mean it why your father when we met....."
"Woa Woa! I don't want to no we've reached that point liss let's go" I grabbed liss and ran out the room she was in hysterics.
Once we were safe in my room liss looked at me and smiled "wouldn't it be great tho ind" she said "if the alpha or the beta was our mate? I mean the beta col he's stunning I've had many errotic dreams about him".
I laughed "The beta seems a good guy liss and your such a stunner men throw themselves at you he'd be a lucky guy if you were his mate"
And I meant it melissa was mesmerising the has fire red head with an amazing curvy figure and pouty lips she had a real Jessica rabbit look naturally she was knockout but she was also so sweet and my best friend.
Liss was the party animal of our group mind she loved a party and she was so funny but she was also not one to be messed with once you crossed her yes her mate when he found her would be lucky.
"Thanks doll, what about the Alpha you mum might be right he might change his mind once he does find his mate and you could be it I mean come on! How many alphas do you no who say they don't want a mate! They don't want a mate! It all changes ind and he is mouth watering he leaves women in a pool of lust.... And drool"
"I'm happy as I am I'm content with my life I don't need some guy or worse an alpha coming along and messing it up you no what happens when my emotions get messed with I'm telechanetic for christ sake he would think I'm a freak, plus if I was to find my mate I'd want him hear so I wouldn't have to leave the pack, alpha knox Is known to be a ladies man and cold I'm happy as I am I got my girls" I say
"who loves you baby" winks liss I couldn't help laughing.

My telechanesis was going to be a challenge when I do find my mate thats the main reason for me wanting to stay as i am. As things are now I have a sense of control over it I play guitar and it calms me that and training I'm a skilled fighter it all helps to keep my ability under control.
I haven't had episode since I started my period.

Melissa had to drag her mum home in the end asking to borrow our wheelie bin be ause she couldn't carry her mum "The green one liss!! The green one!" sadie was wailing.
what a sight! Poor Liss luckily my mum had fallen asleep on the trampoline in the garden we so needed to get rid of that but pups next door often asked to have a go on it my mum didn't have the heart to get rid of it.
I grabbed my guitar and walked out to the stream across the road from our house it was shielded by trees so I always felt happy hear I often played with my feet dipped in the stream it was half 11 but I felt I needed it at the moment and I new my dad would be home soon from beta duties he would sort mum or he would bounce on the trampoline to wake her.

My favourite song to play was by the chicks called travelling soldier It just made me feel so calm and happy so I sat down in the normal spot with my guitar feet in the stream and started playing, letting time go by.

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