Perfect cursed love

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Hated by the king her father and the nobles of her kingdom but loved by the commoners to insure the safety of her people she is to be sent to marry the Emperor of the North a blood thirsty monster known to sleep with a new woman every night... But her father first sent a her to a death mission... The goddess of death loves her and for that the world hates her taken pity of her the goddess gave her Eminence power but she is unable to control alone in this cruel world will she crack or fight... Don't mix it up for this is no happy ending

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter one: Pity

"When I was child I had a simple mind... That there were only two type of people good people, and evil. But as I grew older I started to realize how complex this world truly is"

" Is it bad to steal from the rich to give to the poor"

"To kill someone to protect someone else "

"To sacrifice one life for a million"

"As you see father, life isn't as simple as we wish" As princess Thana said this you could feel as the words came in one ear and got out the other her father and the now's in the room cared nothing of her opinion but didn't dare to go against her for they knew the goddess of death protected her.

" Shit your mouth, you are to marry the Emperor of the North but I'd you don't want to I could gladly go to war with him and let millions die. " A smirk grew on his despicable face his wrinkles for worse as he smiles making him seem even older. A man without a heart Thana knew he would do it without a flinch.

The Emperor of the North known was a tyrant known as the Recarenation of the God of bloodshed. Many cowered at his name it was said he would sleep with a different woman every night.

But Thana still had to do it as the sole surviving daughter of the late Empress. It all started when her older brothers suddenly feel ill and one by one died. Her mother was pregnant at that time and upon hearing the news fell into a deep depression because of this her mother had to give birth earlier than expected but she died while giving birth ,and the baby three days later her younger sister cut her veins for the stress all these deaths were too much.

Thana's father cursed her every single day saying it was her who brought camilty upon the Royal household many thought it was true because her one's blonde hair and blue eyes became black and gray, but it was said that her beauty was beyond compared that her Long Black Sea of hair and those gray eyes fit perfectly with her face. Ever since that terrible incident Thana only was ever seen wearing black.

"You leave today so get out of my sight" his eyes were full of disgust hate to Thana but she was used to it for every single day that's all she ever saw from her father.

"As You wish father" without turning back her head held high she walked out she knew people talked about her she knew the nobles hated her but she was proud of it for she knew she was doing the right thing protecting the people that's what a princess should do she thought to herself.

The truth was she didn't care who she married she was the cursed child in which the goddess of death lived in her marrying the god of bloodshed didn't have a bad ring to it.

all you heard in these empty hallways where the footsteps of Thana's high heels she had been surrounded by loneliness her only warmth was the one that her tears brought her.

"Thana don't worry we should be celebrating let's open the best one we have to get drunk tonight" Leo her Butler in like a father too funny was a big drunk that gave life to Thana's empty lifeless world. His smile could bring the loneliest of people comfort. His Cheery way of being made her always want to keep going.

"There's been a change of plans" the happiness only lasted for a second as a familiar voice broke the little happiness that Leo had just made for Thana.

It was axel Donna's childhood friend and supposed to be her future husband but he left her for another woman. She had gotten over him she had moved on it wasn't because he was too good for her it was because she was to good for him she knew he wasn't at her level. falling in Love that was something that she didn't want to do she already did it once and it broke her love it's not forever it doesn't last and she knew it. Better single than broken. she was getting married so it was fine for forgetting about him was for the best.

"Oh Grand Duke it's a pleasure to see you again" her voice was distant and u could hear the way she mocked him.

"I'm sorry I tried to stop them but they're sending me to the West want to reconquer it you're leaving tonight" he feel pity for her he wanted to save her but he couldn't.

The West no one in 100 years had been able to reconquer the wall how could a mere princess do it. but she would do it she had to she had to come back she had to save her people.

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