The Prince and His Sex Slave

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He didn’t flinch when I slapped him. Instead, his soft lips crushed harder against mine, forcing a moan out of me. The deep hunger in his eyes left goosebumps all over me.

Get a grip on yourself, you fool! He feels nothing for you. I reminded myself about last night and my temper began to rise again. But the more I fought him, the more he kissed me. I would be lying if I said that his kisses didn’t calm me down. It was black magic for sure.

I wanted to close my eyes and relish the warmth of his lips. The stinging sensation when his fingers dug into my skin felt like it was his way of saying that he missed me. That’s where the problem lied; he never said anything about missing me. It was all in my head because I only saw what I wanted to see. The one thing he ever said was that he wanted to fuck me, and that shouldn’t even be remotely flattering to me.

I needed to get his hands off of me before I lost my mind. I pressed my body against him, causing him to release his steely grip around me slowly, and I took the opportunity to punch him in the chin.

“Seriously?” He smirked before dragging me toward his horse.

“I don’t want to go with you.”

“And what choice do you have?”

My kicks and thrashes only got him amused. Ethan tugged at Ian’s sleeve, trying to stop him.

“Don’t touch her! She told you not to.”

Ian looked down and laughed at Ethan before picking him up with one hand while still holding me with the other.

“Are you going to protect your damsel in distress?”

“I am. Put me down! And let her go.”

Ian let out a peal of laughter. “You sound exactly like her. Is she your aunt?”

“I said, put me down.”


Ian kissed him and put him in a basket full of apples in the cart. It was too high for little Ethan to climb down from there.

“You are so mean, he’s only six, Ian.”

“Ian? Did you forget your manners?”

I tried to loosen his grip around my waist.

“Let go of me. I hate you.”

He swung upon his horse and forcibly placed me in front of him. There was a tingling sensation in the pit of my stomach when my back came in contact with his chest. My traitor body yearned to lean into him, wanting more contact and warmth from his. He turned the horse around to leave.

“Your Highness.” My grandfather called out from behind.

Ian stopped. I hoped he would let me go if my grandfather asked him to.

“Be gentle with her,” he said in a concerned voice.

Ian pulled me closer and left without responding to him.

“Get your hands off of me!” I smacked him in the arm.

“Fucking stop! You put dirt all over me.”

“Serves you right for touching me.”

I rubbed my forearms on his cheeks and neck to smear off all the mud I could. He twisted my arm until it hurt.

“You think you and that little kid are the same age?”

“Let g---”

“I will bend you over and spank your ass right now if you don’t stop fighting me.”

He held the back of my head and rubbed his muddy face against mine. I tugged at his shoulder without realizing it. I terribly missed his touch, and I found so much comfort when his arms engulfed me from the back.

He placed his hand on my neck, pulling me into a kiss, and I totally submitted to him. He tugged on the reins of his horse backward to come to a complete stop before grabbing one of my boobs. I bent my head further backward, wanting more of his lips.

“God! I missed this greedy mouth of yours,” his hoarse whisper made my heart flutter.

Missed my greedy mouth, didn’t miss me; I corrected it for my stupid heart.

He placed slow, tender kisses down my neck while reaching for my stomach from under my top.

“Why do you resist me so much? Didn’t you miss me at all?”

His words fueled anger within me again. I caught hold of his hand on my stomach and pushed it away.

“Missed me? Such a liar!” I punched him in the chest several times, but it didn’t make me feel any better. I wanted to cry when he didn’t stop me from hitting him. He gave me a surprised look when I punched him, I couldn’t control my tears from spilling out when I saw that.

“You are so clueless---” I choked.

“Nadia” He turned me around to face him. “What’s the matter?”

“Please don’t pay me for today.” My sobs sounded so embarrassing to me.

I buried my face into his chest to muffle them. He said nothing, just ran his fingers through my hair. I was too embarrassed to face him after what I did just now. I admitted to feeling things for him. I wished I could dig a hole right under where we were and disappear for good.

Why wasn’t he saying anything? He held me for a while, long after I stopped crying. I averted his gaze and turned around after wiping my tears.

“Let’s go, I have to help with the dinner.”

His silence was killing me.

“Where are we going?” I asked him when he turned back.


“Weren’t we going to the palace earlier?”



“It doesn’t matter anymore.”

What is that supposed to mean? I wished he said something. And when he did, I wished that he had remained silent so that I never knew what he was thinking.

“I might have gotten carried away a bit, trying to get what I wanted. I never intended to manipulate you. I am sorry.”

My tongue was tied this time.

“I didn’t expect you to hurt this bad. I won’t bother you anymore. I thought we were both having fun.”

Those words struck hard. I was already so shameless today, couldn’t tell him to please bother me. I tried to hide the tears that were flowing out of control.

“You don’t want my cock, you don’t want my money. I have nothing else to offer to you.”

Great. I couldn’t wait to jump off the horse the minute we arrived at the stables.

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