The Prince and His Sex Slave

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My sister loved to be whipped and spanked. She was kinky, like most other courtesans that I knew. Sometimes I wondered if I got accidentally swapped when I was a baby. Women in my family were strikingly beautiful, my sisters, mother, cousins, and aunts. Gorgeous curves, seductive faces, and they worked hard to keep in shape.

I was an exception. I had the potential to look sexy if I tried hard. The thought of orgies and polyamory didn’t excite me, it disgusted me to the core, and I wanted to run away. But life was harsh and I would probably end up in a brothel sooner or later if I pulled such a stunt. It’s a man’s world, and all men were assholes. At least, the royal assholes had money and treated us with some respect.

Life in the palace was great for me until my eighteenth birthday, almost great, except for one thing—the live demos that I had to watch—group sex demos. People of my kind were trained from a young age to give pleasure to the royals. We had to be virgins until we turn 18. And the royal that favorited us got to pop the cherry. If more than one royal liked us, the more the merrier, right!

We were made to observe the 18+ men and women engage in sexual activities; sex in this palace was an open affair.

A harem of courtesans was ushered to please one scumbag of a royal and his wife or girlfriend. My sister was four years older than me and she had been at it with delight. She was very good at giving blow jobs and lap dances, anything to get the royals turned on. And she liked to be fucked and abused and derived some masochistic pleasure out of it.

Ian was the youngest prince in the family, and he recently turned 24. He was known for his insatiable appetite and ability to drive a woman insane with lust. His older brothers were rumored to be cruel and abusive. Damian, who was next in line for the throne, had a beautiful wife until last year, but she got sick of his twisted acts in bed and ran away with my cousin, a gorgeous man with a big dick. They both were rumored to be dead now.

I was never noticed by anyone and could freely pursue my hobbies and do whatever, go wherever, as long as I didn’t lose my virginity. But all that changed last week. I, and another courtesan who was from a different family, had birthdays on the same day. My aunt was very proud and drunk. She whistled at Ian, who was passing by the hallway, and loudly announced that I was all his.

He looked at me uncertainly, his intense gaze burning my skin. I always had a crush on him and gawked at his sculpted body whenever I could. I touched myself many times to his thoughts and that cock that I had seen so many times during the demos. But those were all my fantasies, to be in his bed, to be the only one in his bed that he made love to.

I didn’t want to be another one of his sex slaves. I didn’t want to have anything to do with him because he was such a promiscuous man. I wanted a simple, honest, dedicated lover who worked hard to earn a living and came home to my smiling face. Someone who loved everything I cooked, and who allowed me to fill the house and yard with plants. Not some rich, spoiled brat who had no respect toward women.

I prayed he would reject me, say that he was busy with one of his training camps or escapades. He was usually gone for several days hunting, visiting other family properties, training young warriors, and so on. I hoped he was busy this time too.

“With pleasure! Fresh meat.” He smirked at me.

I approached him when he was fencing with his little nephew and appeared to be in a great mood. I told him I wanted out of this arrangement, and out of this courtesan life. I requested him to let me go and offered to provide any kind of service to him and his kingdom, except for using my body to do so.

“Interesting. You want to dig in the dirt instead of wearing fancy clothes and look pretty?”

“There’s a lot more to it than looking pretty...”

“You don’t like sex?” He cut me off.

“I do, but not like that.”

“Are you asexual?”

Is he even listening to me? Talking to him is futile.

“Most women in the harem are actually bisexual, with a few lesbians. You need to explore a bit to figure out what you are.”

“I know what I am and what I want.”

“Are we playing dom-sub in my bed?” His stupid, irrelevant question confused me.

“What do you mean?”

“Are you playing the dominatrix role in bed right now?”


“Then why are you talking to me in that voice? Want a good whipping??” His muscles flexed when he moved his fencing sword.

I remained silent.

“You have the audacity to come and demand what you want from me?! And be rude when I offer suggestions.”

“I was just trying my luck to...”

“Tough luck, honey. You will strip for me when I tell you to. Clear?”

I nodded.

“Then clear out of my way.”

He resumed with his nephew, laughing and carefree.

I faked being sick and didn’t get up from my bed on the D day. He sent for me, but I refused. I guess the party went on without me, but he didn’t forget. He asked for me today. I went to his room expecting the worst. But if this was how his punishments felt, I would want them every day! It was mind-blowing and I won’t be forgetting those unchained sensations anytime soon.

I had a secret boyfriend for almost a year when I turned sixteen, but nothing he did ever felt this exhilarating. My body became a puppet in Ian’s hands, more like his slave. Not just what he did with his tongue, but his kisses were also intoxicating. I am wet again thinking about his touch, that tongue, and those hands running over my body.

God! What do I do?

My body was aching for him and I have no control over it.

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