The Prince and His Sex Slave

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I was terrified that Ian was going to rape me. His eyes were filled with lust and longing. He locked the bedroom door and pushed my back against it. I squirmed in his grip, trying to reach for the doorknob.

“What’s wrong with you? Calm down!” He said sternly.

He sounded unhappy that I was reluctant. It must be strange for him to see someone who actually doesn’t want him that way. At least I would like to think that I didn’t want him. But my body was a traitor, and it was enjoying his closeness and towering presence.

“Sir, please! I w...”

“Ian. Call me Ian.”

I was confused. He wanted to punish me for rudeness, but also wanted me to address him by his first name?

“We are equals in the bedroom unless I tell you we aren’t.” He said, roughly caressing my cheek.

He grabbed me by the back of my neck and wrapped his other arm around my waist to pull me closer. The sensation of my nipples touching his strong, sculpted chest sent chills of pleasure down my spine. He planted his lips on mine and my surprised gasp got him amused. I never saw him kiss anyone on the lips.

“Take off your clothes,” he ordered in a husky voice.

I wanted to feel his naked body against mine, but I felt shy at the same time.

“Do as I say unless you want them ripped!”

He continued to kiss me while taking his clothes off. I hesitantly crossed my arms around my waist and touched my blouse. He stopped kissing and pulled my blouse off in one swift move. His hands traced along my curves, down to my hips, and pressed me against his hardness. I had no control over my body anymore, and I raised my leg to wrap it around his, trying to suppress my moans. He cupped my breasts hungrily and started eating them.

I thought I was going to push him away. I raised my hands to do so, but my hands wanted to fist his hair instead, asking him to not stop. His tongue moved from my tits to my neck, licking and sucking it passionately. I found myself grinding against his cock, moaning uncontrollably, telling him how good it feels.

He pulled my panties off with urgency and picked me off the floor. I wrapped my legs around his waist and the length of his manhood chafed on my wet pussy.

“Mmmm...” I grabbed onto his shoulders tightly and closed my eyes. He pushed my hair off my face and kissed my lips before positioning his cock at the entrance of my core. My body tensed up, and I dug my fingers into his shoulders.

“Oh, IAN!” I rubbed my cheek against his forehead while he kissed my collarbone.

“Hmm...” His response was a breathy moan as he moved my long hair off my breasts to suck them. His tongue could do magic, is what I realized. Everywhere it touched me, I was left wanting more.

He tried to place the tip of his cock near my entrance again, but I had the same tightening up kind of reaction. He ignored it this time and tried to push his cock inside when my eyes snapped open and I said, “No!”

He stopped and looked at me questioningly.

“Please don’t,” I don’t know what I was saying because I wanted him inside me at the same time.

He put me down, and I became conscious of my nakedness, now that we were standing away from each other. He studied me for a moment before cupping my face, pulling me close for another passionate kiss on the lips. I was too nervous to return his kiss with equal fervor because I was wondering if I wanted to lose my virginity to him. My answer would be a strong no if I was in my proper senses.

“Kiss me back!” He demanded.

I pulled away and retreated my steps. He moved forward, closing the distance between us. His sexy eyes and intense gaze burned my skin. I moved further back, only to hit his bed and fall on it in surprise. He picked me up and dropped me on his bed again so that my head rested on a pillow. His hot body pressed against me and I wrapped my legs around his hips again, pulling him closer and harder against my pussy.

He grazed his fingers over my neck, all the way down to my slit, and rubbed it in slow circles.

“I want to lick it, may I?” He asked, rubbing his nose against mine and kissing it gently.

I shook my head in a no, but my hips were circling to match the rhythm of his fingers, pleading them to move faster. He smirked before asking, “Is that a yes or no?”

“No!” I said.

But my thighs locked his fingers against my wet core, making sure that he didn’t take them away. He laughed softly and said, “Guess I should listen to your pussy instead of that lying mouth.”

He pulled his hand away from my moistness and my hips fell back to the bed in disappointment. He laughed again before moving down, kissing my navel, thighs, and the outside bits of my pussy. His tongue went everywhere except my pussy, driving me crazy. When I realized I had lost the battle already, I grabbed on his hair tightly and pulled him to my dripping wetness, loudly moaning the minute his tongue touched it in soft strokes.

He drove me so wild even before going down on me I was close to coming already. But he didn’t let me. He locked my thighs into his own and moved his cock over my slick pussy. I spread my legs wide open, moaning with a burning need. But my inhibitions took over just before he could enter, and I put both my hands over the spot that his cock was probing.

“Let me inside Nadia.” He whispered sensually in my ear.

“No, please” I begged, but it sounded more like “Please do me now”

“Are you really so hellbent on saving yourself?”

I nodded in agreement. He frowned before asking, “Do you have a boyfriend?”


“Who is this fantasy man then? Future husband??”

I nodded hesitantly. He plopped on the bed next to me, on his stomach with a “Damn it, Nadia!”

He rubbed his face against the pillow before turning to me.

“That’s not really possible. You know that too, right?”

“I do. But I will only do it with a different man if I have no other option.”

“You can leave then.”

He pushed his face back into the pillow. I felt the urge to run my hands over his back, but I stopped myself. I got up to leave but found myself saying, “I can suck you if you want. If you want a release, I mean.” I said nervously with a stutter.

He got up to grab me by my arm and push me against the bed before saying, “Is that so? I just realized that I didn’t punish you yet.”

My eyes widened in horror to which his lips curled up.

“Have you done it before?”

“A blowjob? A couple of times.”

“And who was this guy?”

“Someone not important. It’s been a year.”

“There will be an orgy tomorrow. You can show me what you got there.”


“No buts. You can’t have everything your way. Either that or you let me fuck you now.”

I got up hurriedly.

“Tomorrow then.”

He chuckled and laid back down on the bed, with his hands behind his head. His gaze never left me as I put my clothes on.


I looked back.

“I love your hair. It’s very sexy when it touches your nipples.”

I didn’t know what my response should be.

“Thank you?”

“Ask your cousin to get here. I don’t want your sister today.”

He was such a manwhore; I thought while closing the door behind me.

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