The Prince and His Sex Slave

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I rushed back to the courtesan quarters looking for my cousin, Julia. She was a year older than me but much prettier and bolder. She made a lot of money at a young age by initiating sex all the time and being present at every orgy.

“Where have you been? It’s almost midnight so mom was wondering if you snuck out or something,” said Lydia, my sister.

“I had to go to Prince Ian’s chamber and...”

She clutched my wrist in excitement before I could finish. “Did you do it?”

“No. I couldn’t.”

“What’s wrong? Anyway, did he ask for me then?”

She ran to the mirror to get ready, frantically brushing her hair. She had jet black wavy hair just like me, much shorter than mine. She carefully put on eyeliner to enhance her already large dark eyes.

“He asked for Julia. I can’t find her though.”

“Julia?!” She scrunched her face in annoyance, which slowly changed to a disappointed expression.

“I will go look for her first, but we need to talk. I have some questions for you.” I told her so that she didn’t go to sleep yet.

“What questions?”

“Apparently I am taking part in the orgy tomorrow,” I said hesitantly.

Lydia squealed in excitement, clapping her hands.

“You are going to love it. You just have to loosen up a bit. I thought you would never get an invitation again.”

Julia was about to go to bed when I found her. The minute I told her about going to Ian’s bedroom, she brushed her teeth and ran upstairs.

“Do you know if royals ever kiss on our lips? I never saw them do it.” I asked my sister.

“Not that I know of. None of them ever kissed me, even in the most passionate moment.”

I thought so too. I wasn’t sure what to think of Ian kissing me twice on my lips today. I never saw him eat someone’s pussy either. The courtesans did that among themselves and had to get his girlfriend ready for him to fuck too. He just fucked. I wonder what he does to Lydia, Julia, and all when they go to his bedroom.

“Are you wanting him to kiss you and have some vanilla sex? You can forget it.” Lydia’s words pulled me away from my thoughts.

“Oh, nothing like that. I was just wondering.”

“We are meant to be fucked Nadia, not loved. You can save all those feelings for your husband.”

I had a feeling that Ian was very different with me than he was with the others. I never saw this side when I saw him at those group sex sessions. It made me uncomfortable and strangely happy at the same time. I would hate to get possessive about a lustful, promiscuous man like that, but I couldn’t help thinking about him. His hot body, relentless tongue, and most sexy were those eyes and the way they looked at me. I was getting aroused by merely thinking about him.

“I have to give him a head tomorrow at the orgy,” I told Lydia nervously.

“What are you so nervous about? You know how to.”

“But what if he doesn’t like what I do? Or doesn’t get hard. Everyone will be looking.”

I hated the thought of being exposed that way. These intimate moments were special, especially because of intimacy and secrecy. But these hardcore sex addicts don’t get it.

“You will be fine. Julia and I will be there too. Stop thinking and get some beauty sleep.”

She jumped into her bed and passed out soon enough. I touched myself thinking about Ian. I thought about him on many nights when masturbating, ever since I was 13. But tonight was different. I was thinking about how he held me in his arms and whispered gently to let him in. Never did I imagine that his tenderness could also drive me crazy.

It was past noon by the time I woke up. I stayed up all night chewing on my nails and going crazy with anxiety. I panicked when I realized that I only had a couple of hours before the orgy nightmare.

I did everything the way Lydia did, facial, sugar scrub, pucker up lips, heavy eye makeup, and wear a sensual dress that can be removed sensually, not awkward and struggling.

I felt both stupid and excited by the time I was ready. Stupid because I never wanted to act like the bimbo that I was right now. Excited because I actually loved the finished look and didn’t expect to look pretty with little effort. Oh well, I looked at the clock and realized it was quite a bit of effort considering that I took almost two hours to get ready. I went to Lydia to check if I needed to change anything.

“You look perfect! Don’t crease your eyebrows and don’t forget to smile. Let’s go!!”

We reached the fancy room that was set up for the event; dim lights and lightly fragrant. Ian wasn’t there yet. Julia was kissing another woman. Ian’s girlfriend was getting her toes sucked, and it made me want to vomit. I would rather die than have to do that to her.

Just then, Ian entered the room and his eyes fell on me as soon as he sat on one of the couches. My cousin rushed to him immediately, leaned seductively, and caressed his hair and temple, but he moved his face away, as a cue for her to go away. She didn’t go away. She sat down near his feet, waiting for his orders.

He looked like some sex god with that confident aura around him. He signaled me with his finger. I slowly walked toward him, unsure if I should have taken my clothes off. Most of them were already almost naked, but I was fully dressed and it made me feel out of place. I sat next to my cousin, near his feet, anticipating his next move.

My cousin ran her hands over my body, and it gave me the creeps. She tugged at my top to take it off, but I subtly moved away from her and placed my hands on Ian’s knees. He had an amused look on his face that added to my feeling of nervousness.

I became conscious of my makeup when he looked into my eyes longer than usual. I moved my hands with uncertainty to remove his pants, but he caught my wrists to stop. Did I do something wrong? My heart was pounding against my chest.

Julia’s violating hands on my body were beginning to irritate me. Ian pulled me up by my wrists and placed me on his lap, pressing me close to his chest. And he did it again! He kissed me on my lips, a long and passionate kiss. When I pulled away to catch my breath, he stood up carrying me like yesterday when we were making out. He planted another passionate kiss while walking out of the room when his girlfriend called out confused.

“Ian! Where are you going??”

He stopped kissing but didn’t look away from me. I avoided his gaze and turned to see everyone. It felt very embarrassing to be the center of attention in such a place. Also, I couldn’t face Ian’s eyes that bored into me so intensely.

My sister was staring at me with wide eyes and an open mouth. So was almost everyone except for his girlfriend, who was shooting daggers at me with her eyes.

“I changed my mind. I don’t feel like it today.” He replied to her and then turned my face towards him to kiss me again while walking to his room carrying me so effortlessly.

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