The Prince and His Sex Slave

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“Aren’t we going to go to your room?” She asked me nervously as I sat her on a granite counter.

“Why? Does it matter?”

I couldn’t wait for her response and ravaged her little mouth.

The need in her eyes, that pure unadulterated kind of lust, fueled a fire deep inside me. My hips jerked forward; I wanted to give her everything she needed. But I couldn’t get past those hungry lips of hers. They pressed lingering wet kisses on my face, and her hands were urging me to get closer, squeezing me into an extra tight hug.

I was lost in her touch and kisses. No glorious victory on the battlefield came close to the sense of accomplishment I felt when she wrapped her arms around me. Feeling wanted by her was all I cared about these days.

Those soft whimpers when I molded my body into hers drove me off the edge. I kissed her hard and deep, not able to get enough of her juicy ruby lips. My cock throbbed against her stomach in anticipation when I imagined her lips on it. Damn!

“You smell so darn good!” I buried my face in her neck and breathed in the smell of her hair.

“Oh!” She moaned as my hands roamed inside her top, hungry for her breasts. I cupped them and massaged them, feeling her nipples growing erect under my palms.

“Ian...!” She bit her lips and snaked her arms around my neck, moaning through the kisses as I played with her nipples.

I carried her to the bed, and she looked toward the door. I wondered why she needed to keep it so private. She has to get used to it; I wanted to take her in every room whenever and however I wanted. And who was going to watch was the least of my concern.

I pushed her against the bed and said, “You look so sexy today. I want to swallow you whole.”

She gasped at my words, and a dark blush crept across her cheeks. Before I could reach for another kiss, she turned away, burying her face in the pillow.

“Nadia, come on!”

I moved her hair off her back and kissed the nape of her neck lightly. Her entire body shuddered under me, her ass rubbing against my cock through the clothes.

“Why do you still have your clothes on?” I moved my fingers up inside her skirt until they reached the hem of her underwear. She yelped when I ripped it off and slapped her ass. She turned her face around to kiss me on the cheek.

Even those sweet kisses had my body spiraling out of control. I turned her around, but she got up and switched positions with me. She sat on my stomach and bent down to run her tongue over my Adam’s apple. I tugged at her hair, groaning with pleasure. Her tongue moved in slow circles down my abs to my bulge, and I was rock hard.

Her luscious lips closed around my throbbing hardness.

Holy shit!!

She looked up at me as her tongue swiped across the head of my cock. I thrashed my head against the pillow when she leaned down and took the entire head into her greedy mouth, sucking and licking relentlessly.

“Oh, Nadia.”

She slowly moved one of her hands down her stomach to rub her clit. I tugged at her hair and forced her to look up.

“Don’t you dare to touch yourself!” I warned her.

She pouted and looked at me with a whining face before grasping my hard shaft with both her hands and taking more of me into her mouth. I couldn’t stop groaning loudly as she played with my balls while stroking down with her tongue before going back up to focus on the head again.

“Fuck, fuck!”

I pushed her head down with a firm hand, leaking precum already as she reached the base of my cock. It felt so, so good that I didn’t want it to end. She pulled away for a bit, sucking hard on the tip. My cock twitched between her lips when she whimpered softly, trying not to gag.

I held the back of her neck and pushed her head down again, pounding into her mouth nonstop while leaking precum heavily.

“Holy fuck, Nadia... I am going to cum!”

I exploded in her mouth, shooting straight down her throat, and she continued to stroke my shaft with her tongue.

“Suck the tip and don’t stop until I tell you to,” I growled, digging my hands into her hair.

I let her pull off of me as cum began dripping down her lips. I was in awe at the way she laved her tongue over her lips and sucked her finger to lick the last of the cum.

“It was too fucking good,” I said, pulling her body close to mine.

“Did you like that?” She murmured against my ear.

“What do you think?” I groaned, rubbing her clit in tight little circles.

“Mmm...!” She ground against my fingers.

“So fucking wet for me,” I said, rolling over her and gently slipping a finger inside her tight pussy. She clenched against my thrusting finger, whimpering and moaning. I smacked her hand when she tried to rub her clit and used my thumb instead.

“Ian.” She mumbled, moving her hips to match the rhythm of my fingers. I added another finger and pushed them deeper. She cried out my name again, raking her fingernails over my back. I pulled her top up to expose her hard nipples. God! I was growing a stiff erection again.

She began to move faster when I curled my finger up inside her while taking one of her nipples into my mouth.

“Heaven...!” she exclaimed, making me groan. I sucked on her other nipple and felt her pussy clench, wetness gushing onto my fingers. She sighed in ecstasy and reached for my bulge again.

“Oh baby, you are such a bad girl,” I said, caressing her lower lip with my thumb before biting it.

The bell for dinner rang, and she jumped up like a spring.

“Relax! You are with me.”

“I have to go!” She writhed under my grip.


“Please, let me go.” Tears were filling her eyes.

“What’s wrong?”

“This is wrong.” She straightened her top and reached for her skirt.

“Oh, for fuck’s sake, Nadia! I am getting tired of waiting.”

“I am sorry. I will ask someone else to get here.”

“I don’t want someone else right now.”

We heard voices in the hallway get louder, and she buried her face in my chest, feeling mortified.

“Why do you have to be so difficult?” I plopped on the pillow next to her in disappointment.

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