The Prince and His Sex Slave

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“Will you have sex with me?”

I asked Noah, who was now standing outside my bedroom.

“W-what?” He said with a dazed face.

“You heard me. I feel a little fucked up right now, and I think a good fuck will help me.”

“Nadia... The risk is too high, you know that right?”

“I won’t tell anyone. I had a boyfriend for a year and even my sister didn’t know about him, not even his name.”

I reached out for his hand, but he moved away.

“I’m sorry, I can’t.”

When I was sixteen, Julia was caught with a man who wasn’t a Royal. They both were sentenced to death, but my cousin lied he had forced himself upon her. She was spared because of her superb acting skills.

This was one of the reasons I could never find a man. Even my boyfriend back then was too scared to do much, and then he drifted away. I have to be deemed unfit to be a courtesan first, and that will not happen until I cross twenty-one or twenty-two, depending on how fast I age and go out of shape.

Noah came closer and cupped my face with his palms, “I don’t mean to offend you. If it wasn’t for---”

I pushed his hands off of me and went inside my room.

“I said I wanted to be fucked, didn’t ask for your soft touches or false assurances. You are a chicken!” I slammed the door shut.

I will never fall for someone’s soft words or touches anymore. Ian was the biggest charmer and look at what he did today. I was counting days and hours to see him again, only to watch him fuck a bunch of women like he was deprived for months.

I went to meet my grandparents early the next morning, unable to stay in the palace and hear the name Ian from anyone’s mouth. My grandparents lived in a tiny farming village close by. I ate a sumptuous meal prepared from vegetables picked from the garden and tender venison that Ethan’s dad dropped off earlier.

I helped my grandma make cheese and bread all day. We got milk and cream from twelve cows and curdled it with rennet.

I grew up watching my grandma do these things with love and patience. And having learned from the best, I couldn’t wait to take on more responsibility in the palace kitchens, but no one took me seriously. The head chef looked at me as if I was a fish who should be in the ocean instead of trying to perform stunts on a circus tight rope.

I told my grandma whenever I visited her about how much I hated my family’s profession and how I wished I was old like her. She did whatever she wished, and best of all, she was allowed to eat everything she wanted. I have been put on a strict diet for the last six months and could eat high-calorie food only a couple of times a month. Desserts were out of the question unless I snuck out of the palace.

“Just consider that these few years are the worst days in your life and push yourself as much as you can. You won’t regret it if you make something out of it.”

“It’s been less than a fortnight, and I think I have already messed up big time.”

“What are you talking about? Your mother tells me you made the most money last week.”

“Hmm...” I decided against sharing anything about my feelings for Ian. She will probably call me all hormonal and stupid.

“Are you feeling things for the Prince?”

“What? No! He is hot, I told you that many times before, but he is not the boyfriend or husband material.”

“I still think you should get on birth control as soon as possible. It will help calm those hormones down a bit. And mind you, those condoms don’t always work.”

“But Julia said she feels hornier because of birth control.”

“Nothing should stop you from being on birth control unless you want to go through the nightmare of abortion and other mental traumas that come with getting pregnant with an unwanted child.”

“Ugh! I got no intentions to have sex with any of those scumbags.”

“You can’t run away forever. You are going to run out of excuses before that. Got food poisoned, slipped in the bathroom, bitten by a snake or scorpion... and then what? Got TB??”

“Hey! You gave me a great idea just now.”

“Get out of here! Go home before your mother loses her shit again.”

I watched her work fresh butter into the curdled milk and put it in the press.

“All right, I think I will go check on grandpa and help him with his last trip from the orchard before heading home.”

“Very well. Come back after two days, and you can have this cheese.”

“Yum... can I have some cider before leaving, please?”

She rolled her eyes before laughing.

When I went to the orchard, Ethan gave me the sweetest peach he found, and we loaded the cart with pears, plums, apples, and peaches. By the time we were done, it was overloaded, but my grandfather was tired and didn’t want to make another trip for just a few extra pounds of fruit.

It rained earlier for a little bit, and the ground was still muddy. The cart ran over a bad spot and got impossibly stuck. All three of us tried together to lift the wheel and push it out, but it was thick clay soil. My grandfather had a bad knee, and I got worried about him exerting too much.

He sighed, “I will have to go get a tractor.”

“Let me try digging the soil out a bit around the wheel. It’s getting dark.”

We didn’t have any tools except for the pruning ones. I sat down and used my hands to dig into the dirt. Ethan joined me and made the dirt fly all around. It was stubborn soil that got hardened some more because of the rain and traffic.

“Your highness” I heard my grandfather say while I was elbow deep in the mud.

Ian got off his horse and lifted the stuck wheel before pushing the cart forward in an instant, making me look like a fool squatting on the ground with piles of dirt around.

He leaned down and grabbed me by the shoulders to lift me up. His eyes were peering into mine longingly, and I almost forgot how heartbroken I was last night. He was standing a bit too close, and his lips were only inches away from my face. With my grandfather and nephew staring at us, I don’t know what the hell he was thinking.

“Don’t touch me!”

I pushed him away by placing my muddy hands on his chest. He grabbed me by the waist and placed an aggressive kiss on my lips.

Don’t kiss him back.

Don’t kiss him back!

I told myself several times as his tongue demanded entrance into my mouth. His hands ran down to grab my ass and press his body against mine. Unable to restrain myself, but not wanting to give in at the same time, I slapped him hard without thinking about the consequences.

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