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Engineering Love

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author’s note

Dear reader,

Engineering Love marks the beginning of a four year journey that has become very dear to me. Imposter syndrome is very much alive in the STEM industry and as someone who’s pursuing that field where it’s a double whammy for me being a minority and a woman, I often overworked (and still kind of do) myself to the point that mental health is an afterthought, and it definitely shouldn’t be.

Yes, this is a love story, but Faith is well aware of the prejudices not just as an aspiring astronaut, but as a young African American woman. Just like any building—relationships—no matter if it’s professional or intimate, always starts with a foundation, even if it begins shaky and support is a central pillar that can either make or break that base. Taking a leap of faith into the unknown is something she just may have to learn for herself, both emotionally and mentally, and that ally ship is not only limited to her skin tone or gender.

I do also want to point out that this own-voices novel does touch on topics that may be delicate to you as the reader, such as: recovering from an abusive relationship, sexual harassment (unwanted touching), death (threats), mental illness (anxiety/panic), racism, and sexism. If these are topics that you are sensitive to, please be aware before reading. Ultimately, as you tag along with Faith on her journey, I hope that I, the author, have handled the issues, my characters, and you, the reader, with care.
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