Snow White

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"I know your secret" "W-what secret" "Your a shape shifter" 'Snow White' Benny Jessica Tugwood is a beautiful smart girl who knows more that she should Hunter Clank is the future alpha of the blue moon pack he has hated snow-white all his life but now things changed snow-white knows his secret **************** This is the second book in the mistresses series Although I'm not done with book 1

Romance / Mystery
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Chapter one

Thump thump thump


I've got to get to school,shit I'm so so late to

Thump thump thump

The only source of sound in this dark road is the sound of my feet splashing on the water that's on the pavement
I run through the school hallway and and get into class barely before the bell rang

Thankfully I'm not wet well dripping wet only my Jacket Is wet and it's gonna get dry soon.I take out my notebook and feel someone sitting behind me but I don't care who sits behind me infront or besides me

I don't have any friends not even one

"Hey"says a deep voice behind me
"Hi"I say without looking back and while trying to write my notes

"Your Benny"
I can't help it so I laugh"yes,yes I am" I confirm
"Your pretty,"he blurts out and I raise an eyebrow "no I mean it" he says
I've never been told that I'm beautiful I actually I never thought so myself
My pale skin black eyes
Light pink checks silver brown eyes
And short height

Plus they call me snow-white. Snow-white from the movie was actually pretty but me,no.
"Ummh.....thanks I guess" I smile

The bell rings again and I stay and pack my books to go to the next class

I hear someone run behind me but that's normal this is highschool Afterall

"So I was hoping we can hang out sometimes"says the boy from class

Actually he is
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