Millicent and Gordon

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Gordon, from I’m Worthy, and A Sultry Land is worried where his friend Basil Vaughn (Base) has disappeared. He searches for him, and busy himself in business, but still had empty holes in his life to fill. As time moves on he discovers the secrets that lie of Basil in the Sultry Lands, and finds out all he needs to know from an unlikely source, and then there's Millicent.

Romance / Adventure
Literally Lisa
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Book 3- of a Meridian Michel' adventure.

Dedicated to all those who thought Thin was in-

One- Seeking, Searching

Gordon felt good. He and his brother were in a mystique of great circumstances, before Dane’s return, after Gordon’s. His keeper, Miss Enid Rae had Gordon take a bulletin for a housekeeper. (Rebekah), Meridian Michel’, was new in town due to tragic circumstances, and after the funeral at the d’Anise mansion, hired to return the manor into a home again. Gordon’s brother Dane unrealized who, and how his family home became replaced tickled Gordon.

He may have had in the back of his mind how Dane, and the new help he’d not seen, stayed out of each other’s way. He was still in search of his best friend Basil Vaughn, and no one seemed to know where, or why he and his family dropped off the face of the earth. Time waited for no one, and as Gordon attends to business at the new d'Anise Plaza Square, finally from the least likely of sources, gets the answers about Base he had been persistently searching for.

Meridian Michel' with a wealth of her own, and Dane realized each other with much stubbornness in the care, and concern of Gordon, who was teetering on the edge, and through the love of his brother’s life, made Meridian his wife, and that was where Millicent met Gordon, as hunky Dory as he could be, not the type to look for much of a show, assesses his life pondering, thankful for the good fortune he had with the d’Anise family, without ever having to lift a finger.

He’s older, now out of college with a master’s degree in physics, and beginning again to experience life on his own. Gordon spent a few extra years out in the real world trying to get his feet wet but did not expect to be splashed in the rain. Hardened, and feeling he was slipping, Gordon experiences doubts, which he didn’t need, it was too easy to fall back into self-pity, besides, he had too much going for himself to blow it now, and with Millicent, the sky was no limit.

Gordon returned home where he and his brother Dane started to market a few business ventures they stirred on the back burner. Both men had time, and a huge state-of-the-art estate mansion to sink into, and never really had to work a day in their lives, but wealth can change that. Gordon and Dane’s wealth forwarded ambitions. They owed nothing-not even the taxes on their properties; lands or businesses, comfortable, and their contributions secure way before the d’Anise had taken Gordon in as a child, and made him financially, and securely wealthy.

Quite a few generations of Gordon’s seeds will be secured. Independently wealthy, he, and his children will be comfortable, with Gordon being documented as a family member. His increase rose annually. Gordon and his “caretaker,” Enid Rae’s investments from their dowries multiplied, and their life at the d’Anise mansion assured their home, for as long as they wanted it to be. Gordon was home only a short amount of time, was very dumbfounded, and felt a little lonely.

The key person to expand and grow their business ideas was missing in action. He and his brother Dane had grand property and space for business, now holding spaces for Basil seemed futile. He seemed to vanish, and uncomfortably searching for Base, Gordon came up with nothing short of interesting, and it jarred him. Where would Gordon find a partner in what he had in Base Vaughn? Gordon started to think, must have been living the high life.

No doubt he passed his medical exams, but the thought of Basil not keeping in touch, almost a year, baffled the puzzle of his mind, so Gordon was not going to stop looking until he found Base. Shopping around in what was, their favorite clothing mall, Gordon missed Basil who was a huge part of his life. The thought of Base not keeping in touch baffled Gordon’s mind as he strolled the mall. Tall, and good-looking Gordon took his time looking for an outfit to buy.

He had a cool style about him, and that day, he selected a heady- wood, musk fragrance which went well with his wardrobe, and seemed to be a perfect everyday scent. On the way to his car, Gordon thought about how Base’s mother watched them grow. Gordon was one of the only boys she never minded as her son’s playmate. She considered Gordon Basil’s friend because he was sensitive, friendly, polite, and played fairly. Gordon was unusually kind.

He and Basil were true friends. They supported each other, and over the years had not missed a birthday party or any other weekend fling, as they progressed through high school. Gordon didn’t know the reason his friend had not responded to his calls, emails, or text messages, and hoped Basil had not forgotten him. Gordon had major plans taking place at the time, and with so many changes, he felt no reason for them not to enjoy their success together. What was wrong with their plans?

Gordon thought that the building of business he and his brother were creating was right up Base’s alley and wanted to at least share any part of his life with Base again. Gordon was semi-occupied once he returned from New York. In hopes, he would regain his friend, life without Base was a no-go. Gordon could meet new friends but nothing would amount to the friendship they had over the years. in the Sultry Lands, shortly, things felt as if an abyss of uncertain changes.

Inside of Gordon’s all-around relationship with his older brother Dane, who had taken him under his wing as Dane’s deceased older brother Denim had done for him a long time ago. Gordon just wanted to be with his brother Dane. (Daniel Wayne d’Anise). He’d passed all his business, technology, and engineering courses in college, but considered himself lost without Dane’s company, wittiness, and knowledge. Gordon was set on a great course. He loved electronics and was advanced in all aspects.

Has Base turned too good for Gordon? Had he married? What was the reason for Base not getting in touch at all? Enid Rae to Gordon was as kind as can be. Yes, Miss Enid Rae teetered to the tune of Loony but was an angel from heaven who landed, falling into a pond, and got up. At the mansion in the sultry land growing up, other children envied Gordon. He had it made in the shade and had never gone without. Enid Rae was there to pick Gordon up when he fell, and tell him better.

Gordon led a child’s life growing up and had a few more horns, bells, and whistles. Most children could not compare to what Gordon had as a child, therefore his flaws of being heavily weighed into being overweight. He was teased. He always had the latest and most interesting toys a boy could have, no matter what he did to them, and his clothing had always been up to par- out with the old in with the new. Most boys were very jealous. Gordon had never been unhappy or not cared at the d’Anise'.

In high school, Gordon held a face full of pimples, which subsided after college, and before Gordon returned to the manor, he wanted to be home, and at the time, had not realized how empty Dane felt. All their elders were gone, and things had to change. Except for Enid Rae, Dane was alone in that huge mansion. Dane was an agriculturalist, but finally had his share of natural occurrences. Dane was not too far from losing his cool after the last funeral.

He discovered that old uncle Nathaniel pulled a rather expensive rug from under his feet. The insensitivity of distal relatives had reached its peak. Dane would not let them drag him, and the family estate down to hell too, so out of the goodness of his heart, after the last funeral, Gordon went home and realized just how homesick he'd been. His life was different in New York. Gordon experienced good things out in life and some bad and, other things tasteless.

What had it all been about without friends, family, or the people who love you? Gordon could fight the rat race if he wanted to, but what for? He returned soon after Enid Rae's visit, and discovered that the house had been in shambles, but stayed anyway. He liked the cultural ecosystem of where he lived in New York. Its diversity, where he could not be judged, but once the attraction wore off, he rather has been around people he could relate to. Gordon being the new kid on the block was undermined.

His life was hard enough as a child, but in New York, life was twice as hard. Out of a city of millions, Gordon could not securely consider anyone he might have come across as a friend. For starters, he felt as if there was no place he would rather be than in the embrace of the manor in the Sultry Lands. In New York City, the people had always been too busy, and not too trustworthy. Loneliness or even friendship meant nothing to some people, it was dog-eat-dog, and wonder, one could find love.

After getting his degree, Gordon’s chances out in the world were too much negative crap to shovel. Enid Rae’s visit to Gordon in the Big Apple, after Nathan’s funeral, made Gordon’s mind, and Enid Rae saw it. Gordon had enough. People took advantage of his goodness and kindness yet once he returned to his hometown, the family he knew embraced him. Gordon’s happiness was as much an asset to their lives as their own, and in such a loving way, Gordon surprised his brother.

After Dane was advised by Ruben Ephesus, his lawyer, and best friend to leave his mansion. Of Dane’s greedy relatives he had to flee, and when he returned, Enid Rae knew Dane would feel better. The phone rings and Dane answers it, it’s Gordon. Dane was standing with his long-time friend and lawyer Ruben Ephesus. Dane said his retreat was pleasurable after all those weeks, and that he and Ruben would do a business venture opportune.

They wanted to talk things over with him.

While still on the telephone, Gordon went to where Ruben and Dane were standing in the common room. He surprised Dane, and Ruben was twice as shocked to see Gordon standing there too. He was afraid Gordon flew the coop for good.

“You here man?” The dark of Danes eyes lit.

“Yeah, man. I’m home.” Gordon tried to kick back his smile while Enid walked down the staircase slowly as usual, from her second-floor abode, and could hear them'

Dane and Gordon were together, and it pleased her.

“Are you staying, man?” Dane clutched his younger brother on his shoulders. Gordon smiled and answered with almost a chuckle.

“Yeah, man. I’m good.

“Good, man. Good.” Dane was relieved.

“Yeah,” Gordon humbled.

“It’s great to have you home. You look good, for an idiot,” Dane said jovially, and added, “You worked off a few pounds.”

Dane and Ruben said, “Wow!” Gordon shook Ruben’s hand, and then his brother’s. They got reacquainted, and Miss Enid made it to where they were standing. Ruben cracked open a bottle of Sherry and handed Miss Enid a glass. The mansion looked like hell before Dane left after the funeral of his mean old uncle, but when Dane got back, the entire manor was restored. Dane’s return was refreshing, and he did not know how, but the manor was put back and with a few nice added touches.

Dane was happy and grateful just the same. Ruben had not needed to assess any more damage than originally done, and even Enid Rae was not her simple gloom or inner whimsical self. She had a voice, ringing outwards, that Sheridan, her very late mother-in-law would have been proud of. Gordon settled back into his chambers and started feeling anxious. Dutch and some other friends had not contacted him either. He was waiting for a social connection, but there was none.

Gordon thought that day he might seek Base, but it was all, no, and Gordon got busy with business. He listened to his music, used his computer, and tinkered with electronics in his spare time. He’d taken Miss Enid to the movies twice, and at times food kept them company, but he continued to work out in the second-floor weight room and hoped that on his visits seeking Base, people had higher expectations than what he saw. Gordon never thought that his best friend would desert him.

Ruben left, and Dane took the glass spiral staircase three flights up, three stairs at a time, to freshen up. That early afternoon, Gordon went to leave. Now that Dane was back, he looked around at all that he, and the new housekeeper did. Enid Rae was helpful. Remembering how happy he was growing up, and seeing how happy, and uplifted Dane felt when he walked through the front doors with Ruben, who too, had to stop and stare at all the changes made since old uncle Nathan’s funeral.

All the new changes made Gordon happy too. He saw himself as a boy playing freely in, on, and around on the lush, grand green grounds, and having a lot to live for. For the time being, in his chamber suite, and his cars, Gordon lost himself in music. Gordon was a computer whiz of his time, who dabbed in gadgets, yet that summer, was boring without his brother Dane, and so much so, Gordon could have sworn he saw his iguana grow! Enid Rae could use more chatter in the house.

From first-year college because of his height, Gordon had the same ups and downs with bullies as in high school, because he was tall and large, but had to prove himself, a time, or two. Proof made coming out of his slump easier. Gordon was stable, headed into a positive direction, and had never been much for drama. He was true to fact, and zealously busy in his end of building the plaza, but after four months, Gordon thought that Base would have risen.

In the sultry land, time changed things a little, plants overgrew, others were newly cut. Gordon was happy for the freshness. Inside the mansion was a great change for the better since miserable uncle Nathan died, and as far as the family assets, Gordon had no greed. The d’Anise, loving him, and his “Enna Rae,” was all he ever needed, and anything and everything they could hope for. She’d not noticed how much Gordon changed into a handsome young man.

All Enid Rae wanted for Gordon was happiness. It was long since Gordon looked as geek as he felt sometimes, and a short time before he would seek change. He went to find out about Basil, and when Millicent came into his world, his heart filled. When Gordon finally had time, he gave Basil the benefit of the doubt- he must have his own business to attend to as well. Gordon knew that people had live's to lead as well, and Basil would have to lead his life well also.

Opening a medical practice was something Basil often spoke of. Although Gordon's ideas have started to flourish he felt substandard until Millicent had a large part in Gordon’s life. It mattered most that Basil would have phoned Gordon by then. Gordon’s acquaintances were the same age as he but did not desire to study medicine as Basil. Nope. Gordon thought and decided that it just wasn’t like Basil to ignore him on any level.

Basil knew since they were little children how high, or low Gordon’s ambitions, and dreams could fly. Gordon was a brilliant young boy too, very shy, and wore glasses, until contact lenses became famous. In his second year of college, Gordon was much more than he wanted to believe. He’d been unpretentious and was thinking with an inferior mind complex. Before Denim died, Dane had practically been by himself at the manor, as with Gordon while Dane was at school.

Dane was busy and knew how Gordon felt while he was away at college, and had sympathy. Dane went home to visit often to relieve Gordon of being alone in the vastness of his chambers bored, imagining psychedelic colors floating through his head. If not that, his posters glowed in the dark. As if in a ghost town, Gordon still had not seen a crew of friends to even ask about Basil, and when he did ask, he seemed as if he had a new face, and then he thought of the people he knew he could locate.

After the day he had, Gordon was very much disappointed Basil had not thought of him. Gordon set out on a journey that would prove right or wrong about friendship. He wanted his friends to last another twenty some odd years and went to familiar places, yet no one seemed to know where he could locate Basil, who had also been a familiar face in the community. No one’s face changed so drastically over the five, or six years. You either knew a person or you did not.

People had changed. Drastically, Gordon changed for the better, but others teetered, some drowned, but they’d still been recognizable. Some of his peers dropped out of college in pursuit of a good time, some live the shiest life. Experimentation with drugs was rapidly apparent. Where Gordon landed that day, alcohol and the many women festered a particular handout where filth and squalor did not matter, waiting to see would come up with more money for drink, and to do more drugs.

They all smelled badly in this place, harboring through the halls, Gordon passing by the rooms with dirty sheets on top of dirty mattresses. The place looked unclean and smelled, but still, he was only there to find Base or at least ask about him. Gordon was not too judgmental and said he just came, looking for a particular person, which alarmed some people. He recognized a few people he would not have thought would end up there, but hey, he was there, and at that, looking for Base.

Gordon would expect what he saw, the life of Sean Corpus, a royal screw-up and former associate. People that day we're sitting around, playing games waiting for the next beer and drug shipment to arrive, for another drug party, and others didn’t look as if they had recovered from the week before. Tale tell signs of the kids he used to know were evident, and like no one cared about how badly they spent their parent’s money on education, and they were treating themselves horribly.

Gordon knew two or three of the women from the past, friends with Deana Green who’d broken his heart in second-year college, he dated eight months. He helped her with her science courses, and she used him but did not expect that in the end, Gordon would step up, and tell her off, almost five years ago. Gordon was well over the drama, and until then, hadn’t given the incident another thought, and the friends of Deana did not even recognize him.

They certainly were not the type he would bring home either. Those girls would rather be caught dead rather than be with big ole’ Gordon Miller. They had still been players, soliciting for drug money, and Gordon would rather be caught dead than to be with those two dirty women. He seemed to them that day, fresh meat, but he would be no bate in that house. Gordon wasn’t interested in them on any level and was not surprised to see people like them there.

In passing and since they spoke, he spoke back but could have kicked himself hard for calling them by name since they were bad news troublemakers.

“Oh Hey Peony, hi Brittany.” As soon as he did that, Gordon felt his blood boil, forgetting he was just breezing through. It was too late for him not to allow too much attention on the way out, and more than the girls were curious. That place was not where any doctor would be, so time made Gordon pass through the mess of people and hit the road.

“Hey. Do I know you?” Brittany was as abrasive as ever. She put on a happy money face, and squinted her eyes, and liked what she saw.

“Yeah, Brittany. You do.”

“It’s Gordon. Gordon Miller from NYU.” She was surprised at herself for not recognizing a jock. Gordon did not ask about Deana, and Brittany certainly didn’t mention her. Who knew if they had still been friends. Gordon looked good, and everyone seemed less than ordinary to him.

Some of his peers had gotten taller, but nothing special came out of that bunch. Nevertheless, Gordon was excited about being back home, and all the new things happening in his life. Before Brittany could ask too many questions, Gordon asked if she’d seen Base Vaughn, but she had not. she tossed her choppy cut, and pink-colored hair and Gordon wished her well. He had no qualms about Deana, she was what she was, and was never an honest person.

Most of the people in that flophouse came from refinement and were even very popular in school. Gordon would have thought most of them pursued better deals than what was apparent, and so he was considerate, and came with no desire to make a mockery, and started to leave. Gordon showed appreciation to the d’Anise by staying clean. To Gordon, the world sometimes seemed harsh, cold, and lonely, yet changed into warmth, love, food, and play at the mansion, and he cherished it.

Gordon never forgot that everyone at the manor loved him even though he did not remember why, or when he came. Enid Rae sulked, her husband Denim killed that woman, and then himself. he had been gone for a while, she had missed him and expected him promptly. Gordon added spunk, spark, and vigor to their lives, and Dane was an inspiration to Gordon who will not recollect his mother or her funeral because he was not there, and in general, neither was she.

Uncles who loved, and adored Gordon, mourned Denim, pitied Enid Rae, and then, one by one slowly passed away.

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