Millicent and Gordon

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Millicent Mon Cheri'

Eleven- She is.

After the dinner at Millicent’s house Gordon got in his car and drove off. Millicent changed her clothes, and went back to the house, and into the kitchen to help Bernadette. It was customary. Millicent, and her mom were chatting about the evening while they cleaned dishes and reorganized. Bernadette said her daughter was on the right path with Gordon, and thought him trustworthy, and felt confident he wouldn’t stray.

“Mom? He watches out for me. He pulls my chair in and out, and that shows me respect. He speaks nicely doesn’t he? He’s funny too.”

Bernadette spotted that particular quality in Gordon as well. He had a lot of personality, was easygoing, and could fit in with a huge range of people. He is a personable person that would never do any harm to anyone. His being at Millicent’s house having dinner with her parents, made the relationship with him more exciting. Bernadette was talking to Millicent, but her mind wandered off. She finished helping her mother in the kitchen, and her mind was adrift, with good thoughts of Gordon, and her feelings for him were genuine.


She was looking back on the bits, and pieces of her life, she thought she forgot, drying the rest of the dishes, but had tuned her mother out. Steven’s phone call was the precursor of her thoughts, but had grown from that part of her life, met new people, and realized that everyone had a story. Some stories were good, others bad, and realized nothing, and no one was perfect. She flashed back on then, and the present, and remembered how well people found opportunities to torture her, put her down, and laughed at her, but now, nothing could spoil her happiness, and Bernadette did finally win Millicent’s attention.

She had to wave her hand in front of Millicent’s face before she snapped into reality.

“How’s Mars?” Bernadette told Millicent she was smitten, and then gave her a kiss on her forehead, when she also realized that she was daydreaming.

“Oh, I’m sorry mom,” she apologized, and thanked Bernadette for having Gordon over for dinner. She complimented the evening, and dessert too, and through a series of events, the wonderful thing about Millicent’s relationship with Gordon was that he understood her.

He’d gone through unpleasant events in his life too. Gordon told Millicent that he too, became sensitive to the wiles of people also, and with his newly found relationship, he was sure to keep his eyes open. Before mother, and daughter said good night again, Bernadette complimented the best spirits about Gordon, and said that he seemed to have a general interest in Millicent’s well being. She kissed her parents good night, and in her bathtub, Millicent thought of the day, and of Gordon, and of seeing him at church the next day, pleased her mother thought fondly of him, and father fond of his interest in business affairs.

The business of the family seemed important to Gordon, and the Mon Chéri’, were pleased with Millicent’s decision to somehow take a part in his business adventure. Gordon’s folks at the mansion had a long standing good reputation, so Denim Jr. was a tyrant surprise, but as his father, and his father’s father, and uncles, Dane d’Anise was destined for greatness. As time suppressed what tragedy happened over several years ago with Denim. The integrity of the family had long been restored. Millicent’s parents expressed how pleased they were with her guest, and moments later, joked about her being in love.

Millicent blushed, and wanted to assure them, she was not ready to call things love, she didn’t want them to push the panic button yet, but the sting was in the air. Especially that evening, the thought of love, and permanence got to her. In her bath, Millicent was just getting used to the idea of her, and Gordon, something was there, and the statement of love, made her blush before the said goodnight. The Mon Chéri’ gave their kisses before her lighted walk to the guest house, and with each step through the property she thought of Gordon kissing her in the way he had, and knew there would be more of them.

Millicent key padded her house, and stepped back into her comfortable surroundings, and Phillip, and Bernadette spoke through the intercom, and said, good night. Millicent turned on her soft orange and pink lighting, and walked into her bedroom, and bath area. The menagerie of stuffed animals with cheer, as she passed the storage bench they sat. She ran a hot bath in blue light, and pulled out a pair of pajamas, slippers, a robe, and selected a Moroccan fragrance to soak into. Relaxing in her Queen Ann bathtub, Millicent listened to a Sade compact disk, and let Gordon rest in her head.

She sighed, wasn’t really there, decided what she would wear that next morning, and since she was more tired from the anticipation of the day, the bath did her good. It was a long day, even if it was wonderful. Millicent put on scented lotion, powdered, perfumed, and then into her comfortable pajamas. She dimmed her lights, pulled back her bed sheets, and got into bed, and soaked in the comfort of its warm plushness, and then Gordon called. Her heart jumped where it should be, and in the air, her life was balanced. Gordon said he was just getting home starting to settle himself, and said he didn’t want to hold her up to late.

Gordon had the house to himself since Enid was asleep. Dane, and Meridian took in a movie earlier, and that chances were, they weren’t coming straight home, because they would have been back by then. Gordon held a quiet conversation, and thanked Millicent especially for the nice time he had with her parents, and said that on the next visit he hoped they would play a game of Charades. He looked forward to the next day with Millicent, she seemed to be the reason for his new zeal. Gordon said he was going to call it a night. He lived farther away from the morning’s meeting, and perhaps would watch a movie.

“Or let it watch me.” Millicent giggled, and wished Gordon a good night, and he said kind words to her.

“Have sweet dreams Millicent, or none at all.”

“Thanks. You do the same.” Now her heart soared. Millicent clapped her hands over her mouth, and the full moon filled the air. She drifted into thought of how close she, and Gordon’s chemistry matched, and for the first time, felt emotionally good. Millicent, and Gordon, have talked about every subject in the book. Resting, Millicent thought to herself about what she liked earlier, in Gordon’s visit.

He pulled her pelvis to his, and she remembered how perfectly their bodies formed, and how when he pulled her close. She felt his manhood become more solid against her. It held her, hardened against her, warmed her. Tenderness was on its way, and Millicent was not going to put up a fight. Now she knew what it felt to want to fall into intimacy, and with Gordon, he felt how well she softened up to him. It was one thing for them to be flirtatiously free, but Gordon had something stronger and permanent in mind. They were honest, and comfortable with each other, and now, the relationship reached its first plateau.

Finally, Millicent slept well through the night.

“Millicent Honey, breakfast in twenty minutes?” Millicent woke sweetly anxious, knowing there were a few good reasons, added to that Sunday. To the sound of her mother’s voice on the other end of the telephone, at first, Millicent was a little groggy, but soon became practically awake. She was coming out of some dream, but managed to tell her mother, she’d told Bernadette she’d be there. Millicent got out of bed and started getting ready. She freshened up, chose a smart double-breasted gray palazzo pantsuit, with a pale magenta blouse.

She combed her hair, and brushed, and twisted her thick hair into a French twist, and tapped in a magenta jeweled barrette to hold the sides in place, and shaped the remainder of her hair into cascading curls that wisped the backside of her shoulders. Millicent powdered her face, brushed her eyebrows up, and used a lush deep burgundy mascara for her thick eyelashes. She colored her cheeks with an opal-lilac color, and dabbed her lip-gloss on in the same color. Millicent looked, and smelled nice, and was wide awake by that time. She didn’t take exactly twenty minutes, but they still had time.

Millicent chose to wear the Moroccan fragrance she liked for its crispness, grabbed her black bible case, her dark plum leather clutch, and slipped into a pair of her dark plum leather slinged backed shoes. Her tea was ready, so she fixed herself a cup, and walked out of her front door that locked on its own, and started on the grey slate path to the main house through the back of their kitchen.

“Good morning,” they said, kissed, each other, they’d slept well. Millicent put lemon, and honey in her tea, and Bernadette put Canadian sausage, and scrambled eggs on Millicent’s plate.

She took a sip of her tea, said it was good, and asked them how they slept.

“We’re well, dear. Yes,” they agreed, “We slept well, you?”

“Oh I did too. I had a dream though. I can’t remember it though,” and before they set off for church, they engaged in small talk. Inside the steeple, in his tall massiveness, on the ground floor, Millicent spotted Gordon almost right away. He stood with his head bowed, and Miss Enid standing lower at his side, quiet, with her head bowed too, her eyes open, looking at her shoe. She was calm, and then examined her manicured fingernails.

The music playing was soothing before the sermon began. There was a congregation of over four hundred, and when Millicent excused herself from her parents to be with Gordon, because he saved her a seat in the pews, they blew her a kiss, waved to their friends, and lipped, they’d see her later. Millicent had a respectful manner of her parents, took her place, and stood by Gordon. He’d not lifted his head, but knew she was there. What broke his happiness in prayer to God was being captivated by the smell of Millicent’s hair, her fragrance, and searching around his massive shoulders to finally find the shine at the top of Millicent’s hair.

She'd crept on him so quietly, smelled as if a flower; a delicious scent he would never forget. After the sweet smell of her hit his nose, he did not look down, but knew his woman was there. He was standing tall, and wearing contact lenses too. Gordon could sense his Millicent. It was as if she stopped the music, but instead stopped his heart. She looked at Gordon, and smiled, and he was glad the beautiful, sweet smelling woman was her, and then took her hand, squeezed it. She was radiant, and made Gordon glad to see her. His charcoal suit and white shirt matched well with his paisley tie. They wore designer clothing.

He wore a great pair of nice black shoes, and a very nice fragrance. Millicent, and Gordon cleaned up well, and after church, she rode with Gordon. The Mon Chéri’, and other guests, stayed at a brunch until late that afternoon where they met with Dane, Meridian, Vernon, Charles, Enid, and two more couples to have brunch at one of their favorite places to eat. From the back seat of his car, Gordon changed his suit jacket into a cardigan, and delivered Millicent to her house so she could change into more comfortable clothing. The rest of the day, Gordon was happy to spend his time, and money on Millicent.

While she changed, Gordon realized that the inside of Millicent’s guesthouse was a lot larger than it appeared from the outside. It was big, and built deeply into the evergreens, and the first time he’d been inside. Switching into a dress, she, and Gordon communicated through the walls. Friday would be poetry night, and she asked Gordon for a date at the speakeasy club in town, a place where they'd like to go. How could he resist? Gordon would go to hell with Millicent if she had to go. He glanced around, and really admired her space. It was almost as large as the chamber suites he lived in at the mansion, and got to walk around.

He loved her stained glass, and every detail in the pictures she painted to decorate her spaces. Before Millicent, Gordon was used to lazier Sunday’s. He would catch up with Enid, or Dane sometimes, before he married Meridian. It was traditional for the d’Anise to sit together for dinner, and customary for someone to have invited a guest to join them, and Millicent's artwork was one of the topics. Meridian was adamant about Millicent’s artwork. Padimye, with the help of Bernadette, made Millicent, tag, and show her works of art at exhibits. Just before autumn, and again in the spring, they’d sell them, and her art pieces sold well.

The time Gordon spent at Millicent’s before they went to dinner was nice, however if it was Steven, he would have thought it was the right time to try new moves. Gordon did not want Millicent to shy away frightened, and certainly did not want her to become a Beryl type besides, he was there with a beautiful woman waiting her her French doors to open. She went to Gordon as soon as she dressed, and her room smelled of perfume scents from her bath the night before. Millicent transformed into a beautiful outfit of olive, a wedged heel sandal, and a sweater. Gordon welcomed her back, and said she looked nice.

He asked if she was ready, they already built up their appetites. Gordon had already phoned the mansion to say he wouldn’t be having dinner there, and wanted to know if Dane and Meridian would join them at Champagne’s. It was the restaurant that closed that deal. They declined the offer because they were entertaining, and in fact, Gordon heard the chimes ring in the background. Dane asked if they didn’t make it for dessert, then at least come for a night cap. The Mon Chéri’ were not by the mansion since Dane and Meridian’s wedding, but promised to come on the next invitation.

After Millicent gave Gordon the tour of her grand flat, she liked the feel of Gordon in her abode for a change, never having another man there before. He liked it too, and her place brought him very much closer to her, but he had to resist. They could have done more, but instead squeezed each other’s hands, and then let the front door slam lock. They made reservations. Dinner was very good at Champagne’s, and Gordon did not make a fuss being the brother of the owner, besides, no one knew that anyway. Luckily everything went deliciously smooth, the steaks, potatoes, and vegetables, had all been superb.

At dinner through the grace of God, Gordon would admit his approach to life, the way God wanted him to. Worship they took seriously, and in belief, and faith in God personally, protected him even if the rest of the world would not. He, Dane, and Enid Rae were comforted in the source, peace, power, grace, and wisdom of God’s love. They skipped dessert at the mansion, and not often Suede Forrest visited. Millicent, and Gordon had a chance to hear a jazz band at the town park, after the speakeasy, it was poetry night, and strolled for a while. They drank an expresso, and ordered Spumoni ice-cream to go.

Enid Rae, and everyone else was still there when they got to the mansion, but they were only there to say good-night. Gordon had to take Millicent home, she had a big day ahead, and he had business inquiries to make. The house was ringing from the chatty guest soon coming to a close. Gordon switched cars, and drove Millicent home. They said hello to the Mon Cheri', just having another cup of coffee at the kitchen nook, and then good night. Gordon walked Millicent through the grounds, and into her front door. They warmed with a hug from the few that evening, the day was sufficient for both of them.

They very much kissed good night. Gordon slept well that night too, and programmed his television to shut off, dreaming happy thoughts of his future. In his sleep, Gordon felt the thrill of the kiss, woke up sweaty in the middle of the night, flipped his pillow, and went back to sleep. He woke the next morning knowing he had something special to live for. Millicent company was completing one of her last assignments for school, and Gordon was almost through with his designs for the other side of the d’Anise square, and after a few deals he would be free that afternoon.

Gordon showed Millicent his pitch for a really fun investment, and his plan was to put the works of his ideas into action. It seemed, they both had an interest in a child’s happiness, and well-being.

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