Millicent and Gordon

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Phillip Mon Cheri'

Twelve- His Pride and Joy

Phillip was glad his daughter set up a business proposal. They were not present day d'Anise, and wanted Millicent to become comfortably self sufficient. Her heart was with the development of summer schools for deaf, and blind children, and Gordon was as interested as she was. They had room for her endeavors at the plaza but Millicent thought of something intimate like land, and lot's of space, grass, trees, and a far off lake. Millicent and Gordon came up with plans that would cultivate both their talents, and set themselves ahead so that she could finish her field of study sooner, and Gordon put the plaza’s business plans to work.

When Phillip met Bernadette, he promised he would never let her go. At twenty seven, he thought he would become an old selfish man, fighting over a piece of gold. Phillip would not treat Bernadette less than a diamond, nor could he have loved her more, and she felt the same way about Phillip. They were head over heels in love, and have been together ever since they met. Millicent has been the love of their lives. The house tour Phillip took Gordon, he enjoyed, and thought the grounds had character, and especially liked the tall hedges surrounding the tennis courts, and the paths to the swimming pool were cool also.

Gordon, and Millicent started taking themselves more seriously. They became less vulnerable, less inwardly emotional, and as friends, Millicent appreciated the pace they went. They engaged in themselves lightly, and after that first dinner at the Mon Chéri’, Millicent knew that Gordon cared for her more than she could think. He showed his feelings for Millicent, kissed her in front of parents, they would rather see signs of affection than think a person was sneaky. Ethically, Millicent and Gordon were similar, and their hearts were becoming one, and realized that they once were lonely, but not alone.

Millicent, and Gordon were a good look to Phillip Mon Cheri'. Mutually, Millicent, and Gordon felt they were where they needed to be. They were at peace, and both of their futures looked bright. Gordon had become a man, and there was no turning back. Worship, and purpose was inspiring for them, and as a little time went, the exclusive couple became an item, and outward with their feelings for one another.

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