Millicent and Gordon

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Millicent and Gordon

Thirteen- Way to go!

Millicent knew that Gordon was a good person, a man that would not blamed the Mon Chéri’ concern for their daughter, since they spent so much time together away from them. Gordon was happy, the dinner at their home was nice. He expected the third degree, but once the visit, there was no confrontation, and the Mon Chéri’ knew Gordon cared for Millicent. He thought they would definitely get into his head, but nope, there were no worries. Millicent was precious to Gordon, he didn’t want to lose her, and would never treat her wrongly. The Mon Cheri' felt like there was good in the way Gordon felt for their daughter.

When Millicent met Gordon, it was as if his life took on a whole new meaning. He could’ve stayed depressed, hanging as lowly with Dutch, well, maybe not that low, but he had not, besides with Dane, and his Enna Rae, suddenly, things started to matter, like doing great things for people. Gordon sought answers before acting emotional, and yes, he was in love with Millicent who was a gem, and he hadn’t wanted to spoil the goods. He was easy going about their relationship, knew Millicent was a virgin, and because they had a mutual attraction, he was in no rush. Gordon could have his way with many women if he wanted to.

Gordon only wanted Millicent, and chose to save their virtues. He did not think she needed to know how sexually skillful he was, or not, but apparently the answers to questions Millicent might have had, were beginning to surface. The extent of she, and Gordon’s relationship was as confident as her deep flutter of feelings for him, and he was not out to hurt her feelings. He started to possess her as his woman, and it felt good. Millicent was wanted, and her parents saw she had no reservations in her association with Gordon. Bernadette knew their reputation preceded them.

She was happy Gordon was an apple that had not fallen away from their trees. She said he was a true gentleman, and by no means a fake person. The Mon Chéri’ moved into the town a little after Denim d’Anise died. Autumn’s change brought a fever untold. On days they dressed in blue jeans, Millicent, and Gordon tossed each other around in the piles of leaves on his property, until red with laughter. If nothing else, they would always be friends. Catching that breath again, they tossed one another into piles of leaves, in battle action. Gordon loved how the woman in Millicent was fresh, pure, natural, beautiful, and young.

Gordon loved her gorgeous long, thick healthy head of hair. He admired Millicent’s eyelashes, her skin, fingernails, toes, her legs, and feet from the beginning. Millicent was all woman to him, and pretty, as small as she was to him in comparison. Gordon loved Millicent because she was clean, feminine and soft. He adored her, loved her personality, admired her sense of humor, and regarded her intelligence. Gordon loved the way Millicent smelled-all the time, and underneath it all, her very essence drove him wild! He loved Millicent’s fine, sweet face, her big brown hazelish eyes.

He noticed how well her skin radiated wellness, in his whimsical thoughts, and their playfulness had a lot to do with love. No matter how Millicent dressed to soften the fall of Gordon tossing her into the leaves, she was smart to wear coveralls, and even with her hair messed up, she was feminine. Gordon loved that she looked like a girl, screamed, teased, and played as softly as a girl too, and no matter what they did, or where they went, people could tell, they were each other’s everything. Millicent could love Gordon unconditionally in his transformation into adulthood.

Deep down, all he needed was trust. Gordon would stay gorgeous no matter what, and her friendship was good for all his concerns, and for hers. Millicent was just short of feeling special, but Gordon taught her that her difference is better. Millicent said she was fat. She had pimples, and once thought she was put on the earth for people to laugh at her, because she was not as different as them? Millicent, and Gordon trusted each other. Millicent was not persuaded, or swept off her feet with the male selections of the past. They were the wrong sort, and never the right sort for her-not an option.

Millicent had always been a quiet and intelligent younger woman well, until Steven and especially Bier, but Gordon found ways for Millicent to unleash. Gordon wanted to take her away from the likes of people she mentioned, and soon, she was freed. Gordon wanted Millicent around for as long as she would be, and so far, she was there, and he enjoyed her company any time she was free. He had to make business connections from time to time during the day, and having Millicent around, made his world seem light. He teased, shaking his head at Millicent, what had she been thinking?

Had she not known he would be the king of leaf fights? Gordon scooped his woman up, and tossed her into a huge pile of leaves! He used his body weight to stop her falls. Gordon tickled Millicent With his fingers, and all the while, calling out tackle plays in football, she laughed, giggled and could not wiggle loose. Gordon made sure she could never fully get to her feet, or catch her breath, before he’d tackle, and tickle her again, and she loved the way Gordon played with her.

“You asked for it!” She, supposingly frightened, and then Gordon mutters, “She’s down! He scores!”

“Stop! Stop! You fiend! You’ll make me scream!” She ran.

“Make me!” Gordon would tease, and caught Millicent, and she was too giggly, to escape his grasp. His pirate imitation made Millicent laugh, and he tickled her, and she laughed uncontrollably. Dane and Meridian noticed them from their balcony on the third floor, and Enid Rae was in full view on the second. They couldn’t help knowing the couple was outside, shrieking with overwhelming fun.


“Make me say ! arrr!”

Gordon kept tossing, then tickling Millicent all throughout the leaves. He chased her, showed no mercy, and when Millicent laughing uncontrollably begged him to stop, he wouldn’t, and their voices echoed far throughout the property.

“You love me right! Say you love me!” The very mention of love made them take a breath, and by that time, Dane wrapped Meridian in the solace of his warm embrace, and Millicent, and Gordon were in the midst of piles, and piles of leaves, now somewhat scattered.

“Yes,” Millicent shrieked!

Dane had not heard an echo from moments ago, but Gordon was thrilled, and continued to chase, and tickle Millicent, and she was exhilarated with herself as well. Gordon grabbed her, put her in one spot, and she dared not run. He took her yes, as yes, and someday she would answer his question again. Gordon wanted Millicent to love him too, and to her delight of usefulness, made Gordon feel alive, she could see it in his eyes, and at that moment Gordon relentlessly began to tickle her intensely.

“Yes What!” Millicent giggled. Gordon tossed her with him in the leaves, she shrieked, and begged for mercy, but to no avail.

Gordon would not stop, and demanded more from her! Millicent shrieked with laughter that echoed through the grounds, and she, almost breathless, had to laugh at herself. Gordon had her beat, but was head over heels over Millicent, and just wanted to have her for his.

“Okay! Okay!” Gordon would not let Millicent have a breath. “Yes! Yes! Gordon Miller, I Love..” Gordon joined her.

“I love you too Millicent”

“I love you too Gordon.”

“I love you Millicent,” he wanted her to get it.

He swayed her in his big loving arms, and just wanted her to know... their lips locked, and Gordon kissed Millicent sensually. Upon the bangs of her warm forehead, Gordon kissed, and she just kept feeling good things. Both were thinking happy thoughts, and it was just too easy to just go and have sex. With his lips it seemed they had an amazing connection, and of the mind together, it felt good to hold on to. They became dewy. It seems their hearts liked one another, and everything about them went to their heads. Millicent had no qualms about telling Gordon she loved him, and it was good to know that she had.

Their love would only make them closer, and although Gordon is a strong silent type, his heart was in it. Gordon needed to know how she felt. An, I love you to Gordon, from Millicent, was music to his ears, and she kissed Gordon back, flowed straight to his heart, and she had gotten goose pimply, hearing Gordon say he loved her too, holding her intimately when he did. Gordon practically whispered, and looked into Millicent’s eyes, watching her eyes search his, and from deep within their hearts, in the search for someone, anyone special, was over. Millicent’s eyes carried a smile whenever she laid them on Gordon.

His eyes rarely left hers. Their connection was great on any level, and their lives were progressing into something much bigger than them. Meridian, and Dane went into the mansion, no doubt working on a family of their own. Millicent, and Gordon’s next steps were quiet, chosen, and without breaking peace between them. They take a moment’s glance, and Millicent puts her head on Gordon’s chest, and he covers her with his arms and body. It could be getting chilly for her, and so he warmed her, and in a swoop, lifted her up into his arms! She holds onto his strong neck, and to him, she’s weightless.

Gordon twirls her around, and she drops her head back, looks at the sky, and then closes her eyes. He places her in front of him, and her hands placed firmly on his chest. They stood on a pile of leaves, and then began to sink, kissing with a meaning only they could understand. They melded, and Gordon knew it had all been love, and they liked the taste of each other. Kissing him back, Millicent began to feel things she had ever, and Gordon responds to her passionately, and feels seriously about love.

“Are you alright? She shook her head honestly, and knew Gordon spoke to her from deep within. “I mean it. I love you.”

Gordon gave Millicent more than enough time, or opportunity to say something different. He flattered Millicent, and she shivered. Love was a first for both of them, their faces lit up, and Gordon saw Millicent's expression changed into some something of internal relief, and possibly eternal happiness that could stay with her. Millicent was speechless, but managed to thank Gordon, who softened in speech, moved her off that plank of leaves five feet or so high, and Millicent grabbed two armfuls of leaves, and hoisted them at Gordon! She shrieked when he went after her, and frolicked for a few moments.

They were breathless, heaving, andt stopped to share another kissing moment, and rocked either way. They did.

“You are welcome, Millicent Mon Chéri’. You are welcome to me, and all that I have.” When Gordon kissed Millicent’s hand, she smiled, and then he said, “I mean what I said to you,” and Millicent got the picture. Now, sitting on the concrete bench, Gordon held Millicent where he placed her, and the wind picked up briskly. Gordon’s curly hair coiled back into the locks it went, and Millicent’s lengthy coils loosened from the bangs, and the chignon from her loose French braid, had fallen aloose.

Millicent let her lush hair loose, and it was still damp inside. From inside, the cool whisk of breeze, blowing its autumn’s end lay beautifully in the sultry land. The breezes off the water, made the dampness feel brisk towards that night. They went to hang out by the adobe furnace at the eastern tearoom, through the greenhouse they could see the widescreen. Enid Rae was watching Wild Kingdom, with Charles, and Cook was serving them hot tea. Charles surprised Enid with a visit, and only waited a few minutes for her to come downstairs. Enid was pleased to see Charles, since she hadn’t seen him since last Sunday.

Millicent and Gordon glanced at wildlife, and it ran its course. For the next twenty five minutes or so in the atrium, the hot tub, and the fountain ran its course trickling warm water, but they hadn’t elected to strip. They took things one tender day at a time, cherished every moment of their union, and no matter what they did from that time forward, their feelings for one another were forefront and deep. Silent language in church was right for them, known as a handsome couple. People shifted to let them sit together, and thought, it may be a small matter of time, before they became engaged.

Gordon, getting over Beryl, had happened slowly, but surely. In a rash approach from that woman, Gordon knew it could ruin things between he, and Millicent, and she was too kind, and intelligent enough to know that their time would come to an end. The couple became more comfortable in their skin, and they needed not, some older woman blabbing her mouth, or throwing malicious signs across a room. Beryl hadn’t been stalking Gordon in some time, but that didn’t exclude her from doing so, especially if she’d had too much to drink. She, and Enid were still getting along, but Gordon was too occupied to notice.

So far in the plaza, they have accepted a few businesses that are already a go. A beauty salon, a laundry mat, a pizza place, Meridian’s two story art gallery, and so far, a two story coffee shop. Since Enid Rae wanted to sell lipstick, and suggested they open a clothing, and accessories boutique, and name it, la Boutique, she’d put her money on it, to be focal, and prosperous. Gordon was getting the best offers on equipment, and besides his ideas were coming into fruition. The comic book store, and the connected candy store to blend with the arcade. The bumper cars were a go also. Those stores would tie in with the skateboard park, and the ice-cream parlor that will come.

All the other spaces were for rent, or for purchase of property, and clearly Gordon, and Ruben’s baby. Ruben found other fortunes, all the properties, and businesses the d’Anise legally owned, and so, Dane did not need to purchase more land for his endeavors. He set a date for the grand opening in town, and was happy that Gordon, and Ruben were organizing a portion of the small businesses. A lot was being constructed, and a good thing Ruben looked deep into Dane’s documents, or what has been called, the d’Anise fortune. Danes’ father asked that he keep those files close, after Sheridan died, even in his chambers if he had to.

Under lock, and key, Dane’s father said the documents were important, and he obeyed his father, but had,’t thought twice about the files in a long time, and in fact, Dane had always held the keys to all parts of the mansion, little did anyone, but his parents know. Besides the land they lived, Dane inherited so much more than he knew existed. Now, the plaza will be built on all sides. It was back to the drawing board for Dane. and he was very happy about his claim, and couldn’t wait to include Gordon. They became excited, and elbow crunched very high in the air. The boutique was ready to be stocked.

Enid, and the girls will be busy too, and since she asked, Beryl will not fit into the equation until the plaza is finished construction. Dane, Gordon, and Ruben had everything under their control, and while the trees on the outskirts, muffled the sounds, it was still a mess on the inside with the window paper still on, and Enid thought she heard a whisper, something about Beryl, before they dispersed. Enid’s spot was ready first to get up, so, everyone slept well. When they arrived at la Boutique, Charles and Vernon had come to the site, dapperly dressed and clean shaven. Fresh air, and change of scenery did Enid Rae well.

Even the color in her cheeks awakened, and good for Enid to see Charles again.

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