Millicent and Gordon

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Beryl, Dane, Enid, and Gordon

Sixteen- Way to Go!

“Slut!” Gordon, and Dane laughed aloud, over the night before with Beryl. That incident had them roaring at the top of their lungs, and almost screaming with laughter. In the mansion alone that day, hysterically to Dane, Gordon explained the look on Beryl’s face, when Millicent came out of the bathroom in the weightroom, and said he never felt so embarrassed for anyone in his life, and again, Gordon, and his brother roared aloud in laughter, and then in a whisper, and Dane confessed.

“Cook said he caught her practically naked, roaming the hall at dawn, when he came into work.”

Gordon was astonished, and thought that Beryl was more coo-coo than he thought. .

“Really? Was she caught?”

“Yep.” Dane said. “He told me the other day.” Gordon could not help it, but his mouth laid open.

“Cook said it happened a few weeks back though.” Gordon looked at his brother with raised eyebrows.

“Well, apparently, she’s a lot looser than we think, and lucky for her, Meridian, or Enid hadn’t seen her.” Gordon was glad he was through with her fantasies.

Nevertheless, why had she come back? Beryl was a quieter person when the master, and his wife were home, but she and Enid were still friendly, and it seemed Beryl was willing to risk that.She organized Enid’s doctor appointments, which the ability was what got her the job, but to Dane, and Cook, Beryl was a bit odd, and knew Enid Rae would never notice. Dane told Gordon, he asked Cook what he meant.

“Yeah, he said she sachets around,” and then Dane, and Gordon started to spew in laughter again. Gordon held his own fist over his mouth, while Dane was tickled with laughter.

He couldn’t imagine a woman her age, openly acting as such.

“When Cook looked at me, it was as if I could read his mind. Trust me. He was disgusted.”

“Oh, no!” The look on Gordon’s face made Dane snicker aloud. They thought this thing with Beryl had truly been funny, and yelped hysterically. The scene was priceless! Beryl was not too wise about her actions, granted, the master of the mansion she served, is a trustworthy, lenient man. By no means was Gordon truly interested in someone who could be a grandmother’s age, who looked twice as old, sacheting around his mansion.

Beryl was new to the ways of their lives, and so Dane had no respect for the woman, and it seems she will not be around to earn any. Dane had allowed Beryl to live in, for the sake of Enid Rae taking medication. Enid’s entire adult life experience was under strange circumstances, but things were looking ahead for Enid Rae, who had gotten well, but from time to time, suffered a bout, from living at the D’-Anise mansion. Enid missed her mother-in-law mournfully after Denim’s death. Her femininity was without flaw, and her beauty was as striking as her kindness. Enid Rae, and Sheridan became friends to the very end.

Denim had fun getting Enid Rae, and then liked her. He would never be in love with anyone, and in the beginning, was just playing a joke on Enid, how they became intermingled, and then married. After a time, Sheridan became ill, and Enid agreed to do anything for Mrs. Sheridan. She had already been close to her then, and didn’t mind looking after Denim those years as well. Some say Denim’s death put Sheridan to death, but Denim senior would not have anyone talk like that. Everyone knew, Sheridan loved Enid, and aside from all else, Enid Rae missed the friendship she shared with Denim.

She was happy with her braizen husband, who went home almost every night drunk, with or without that weeks gambling money in his pockets, and before he shot himself, he, and Enid shared the simpler things in life. They went to movies, occasional dinners for two, they had friends, went to the state fairs together, and even visited the mansion from time to time. Denim would come to church with Enid at only Sheridan’s request, and until her death, Enid Rae stayed by Sheridan’s side. When Mr. d’Anise past away, just a few years after uncle Nathan came to stay, Enid Rae, was sure to be all alone again in that big comfy estate.

Dane away on business, and Gordon finishing college, and then Meridian Michel’ answered the home-helpers bulletin. Her cooking skills had almost been on point as Cooks, and Meridian was interested, had they needed kitchen help, but they didn’t. Gordon and Enid thought Meridian was someone they could trust, and she was. Meridian came grieving the loss of the parents, she never knew adoptive, and discovered who her biological parents were. Meridian was adopted, and called Rebekah, until she found the truth to her birth. After Meridian, and Dane became engaged, Ruben brought in Beryl as housekeeper.

She was completely different from Meridian, and Enid too, for that matter, but they seemed compatible. Beryl seemed responsive, so Dane left the decision to Ruben, who didn’t see past her simple expressions. Really, at the time of Beryl’s hire, Dane, and Meridian just wanted to leave the scene, and go make love. Ruben felt the housekeeper would keep things brightened up, but little he knew how much livelier things were going to get. Dane was surprised, but not too shocked to hear the things Beryl was doing. He sympathized with Vernon, via the expression on his face one day.

Beryl kept her distance away from the happy couple, as she should, and the entire house had a din it didn’t when the happy couple returned from their honeymoon. Beryl was comfortable, well, now we know, too comfortable, and had no complaints. She didn’t seem to have any issues, and Enid Rae was looking well. Dane thought Beryl had a good personality when they met, but in a fortnight, knew she’d reveal the type of person she really is. Beryl was no Sheridan, nor Sheridan a housekeeper, but she was a lady. Ruben's associate recommended one particular cleaning agency, and in that agency Beryl came highly recommended.

Her captivating spirit, opposed to their previous servants won her the position also. To Dane, it seemed she could be motherly, yet different from the loving kindness of his own mother. Sheridan was not wayward, or troubled, but Beryl was hired, Dane thinking Beryl had the ability to help keep Enid’s mind stimulated. She was fiery, and had great energy. Enid and Beryl were close in age, but different types of people. He thought he’d be relieved with the new housekeeper because lately Enid Rae looked ill, but Gordon had not noticed the dark circles under her eyes, and thought of her as eternal.

Meridian was the first to notice Enid’s morale decline. Since they were close, and too saw the dark circles around Enid’s eyes come, and go away from her, and told Dane, and hoped Enid would pull through. Whatever it was that sent Enid Rae into a tizzy, Meridian, and Dane would go into her room to see if she was well, and nothing for them to send for a doctor or have her taken to the hospital, for care, and treatment. They thought bringing up the subject of Enid’s health may bring her to release her feelings. Dane thought Beryl made too much of her abilities, and it was she who really thought she was great.

Enid liked her, but he did not want himself, or Gordon to become obligated to the woman for the obvious reason. He excused Gordon’s curiosity with her, for him being so young, after all, she laid it out there. Dane had confidence in Gordon, and knew he was not trying to get serious with her. To Dane, Beryl was as if a woman of carnival, or just as out there. Just in case Gordon forgets how good a woman he thought Millicent will be, because he did not want to see Gordon mess things up for the likes of Beryl. To Dane, she was like an old alley cat. Millicent was cute, and refined, and Dane had all respect for the young Miss.

Millicent was very respectful, and the sunshine in their lives, which they respected just as well.

“So, she’s through.” Concerning Beryl, Dane honestly wanted to know if his brother had a thing for her. Gordon protested, and assured Dane he hadn’t been with Beryl clearly before the summer ended. He had nothing to do with Beryl, had not any feelings for the woman, and did not give her a second thought after he had sex with her, and finished. Gordon always left Beryl wanting more, and Dane wondered why she would start an escapade with him after he proposed to Millicent.

Dane mentioned her actions on the night before as undignified, and Gordon assured Dane he had no idea why Beryl reacted the way he said she had. Before Gordon was serious with Millicent, Beryl came to him many times to flirt. Many times she sat waiting, hoping that Gordon would lay hands on her, but he went onto his day as normal. Gordon left Beryl frustrated with her position, or a lack thereof, and dared not interrupt him. For Gordon, she pranced the day with the pounce of the tops of her bosom bouncing, when only he was there otherwise Enid or Meridian would’ve addressed Beryl if she was caught like that.

Unbuttoned, she has come up behind Gordon as if she’d been a cat purring, pulling him back onto her body. Twice since Gordon discontinued their interludes, he released her from behind him, pulling her off of him. It should’ve sent her a message to stop playing with him, because he was not in love with her. If Beryl would stop drinking as much, she would have apologized for her behavior. After the first time she, and Gordon came together, he didn’t have to guess whether it would be fun to bang the housekeeper, he already had. Bitter, Beryl realized Gordon would not claim anything he didn’t want, and it should’ve been clear.

Many women threw themselves at Dane, and any of her advances to him would have gotten her tossed out of the mansion, never mind her belongings. They too would have been tossed out like the trash she’d been. Dane thought the world of Millicent, and so something had to be done with Enid’s Beryl. Millicent was too much for Gordon to lose. Everyone needed someone, and Dane sensed that Millicent had a true sense of loyalty to his brother, for Beryl to try to control. Millicent had respect for herself, uncompromising. When Gordon first laid eyes on her he thought Millicent was very much a little woman.

She was polite, sweet, and easy to talk with. If Beryl comes in between any of them, she will see her doom, and she skated on a thin line. Dane could not picture the things Beryl did after hours, until he saw Gordon pumping on top of her that time. Well, or at least all he saw was Gordon’s back, the back of the couch, and a shoe. He thought Gordon with Beryl, the funniest thing to happen at the mansion, but they were still relatively young. Dane knew he had to say something about Beryl to his wife, removing Beryl, and came up with a reason. He had to skirt the issue, so there were no surprises- part of a story was better than none.

Too bad Beryl won't be happy about it. Dane wouldn’t be too specific with Meridian, but has a good reason to tell Beryl why she had to leave. He planned to explain things to Enid Rae as well, he could always do what’s best. Dane and Gordon hoped that Beryl wouldn’t feel too ashamed of her displacement, but if she quit they’d be just as happy. She was an okay housekeeper after all, and they did not want to hurt her feelings badly, but the cat was coming out of the bag, and if Beryl wanted to leave all together because she no longer could stay at the mansion, so be it. They would not stop her.

Cook failed to mention what else happened as she watched him watching her walk around in her sheer bedroom frock nude, but the subject, and for the time being, Beryl had to go. If it weren’t for them, no one else could lend suggestions. They needed to go about getting Beryl to leave, and say, with Enid Rae getting better.

“This thing releasing Beryl could send Enid into retreat,” Gordon said. When Dane spoke to his wife after dinner that evening, he mentioned Beryl being happier off grounds.

“I mean, she’s around all the time, nosey,” he failed not to mention.

"She seems as glum as Enid Rae was, and Enid doesn’t need that,” Meridian agreed, and asked Dane about offering the cottage to Beryl. Dane looked at his wife. He wanted to easily drown Beryl than to side track his business for that woman.

“What about, for rent?” Dane just wanted rid of her. He never liked the circus, had never been too fond of carnival acts, and was not running a zoo.

“Sorry Babe. It is not a good idea. The less that woman knows of us, the better.” Dane wanted Meridian to make light of the subject, before he had to practically tell the truth.

He didn't want to talk about the truth of it, and was not going to, even if she asked. Meridian made very light of it. She kissed her husband, and he said he’d be right there to join her, and she went to lay down. Dane thought he had a handle on that personal situation at home, and doubted that any excuse he gave Enid Rae, she’d have a clue. Happiness seemed to blind her, and easily, Enid was giddy of the good things in life that make people happy. Dane decided to simply tell her that Beryl needed her own space, since Gordon is moving Millicent into the mansion. Enid wouldn’t think Beryl had that much more to do, but would trust Dane’s decision.

Meridian wanted Millicent, and Gordon to have her cottage as a get away if they wanted too. For whatever it was, married to Dane, she had no longer had any great use for it, and would never leave Dane’s side. If not to live, Meridian thought Millicent could use the peaceful retreat to complete her artwork, while Dane had the guilt’s all for Enid Rae’s feelings about Beryl leaving. His concern for Enid was great, and he wanted to keep that track record.

“We could tell Enid it would be better to give Beryl a set schedule, so that she may take a breath in her life.” Dane thought Gordon’s decision was best, and his excuses to the women good.

He nodded his head in approval.

“Beryl needs to do something, before she loses her position,” Dane said, and looked at Gordon who had his arms folded across his chest, and they laughed, and laughed, and snickered too.

“Yeah well, discharged or not, she would have to work somewhere,” Gordon said. He suggested they leave Beryl, Phillips real estate card. Gordon felt sure his father-in-law could find Beryl a decent place she could find affordable. Beryl’s promiscuity was too much for Dane, or Gordon to control, and Dane called Beryl into his office.

He laid down the rules of her employment, the schedule she is expected to work, and given only one option: Clothing. They’re called scrubs. The black scrubs she has to wear is sufficient since she is not the cook, and either way, she is to wear a clean scrub uniform, and apron-a uniform as a servant of guests. Her uniforms are to be worn with proper undergarments, hosiery, and non-slip shoes with less than a two inch heel. In conclusion of Beryl taking the moment, Dane gave her the affidavit of conditions she is to follow, drawn from the template he drew, for her to read, and sign.

When Dane returned to his office, he wrote a dollar amount of what her salary would be. It was a considerable increase since she will live off premises. Beryl could accept, or decline the reasonable offer, and Dane made it clear that she could also use the dollar amount he presented, as severance. He apologized for the overload, but explained to her that they would be receiving Millicent, which was salt to Beryl’s wounds. Beryl could not go too far, and disagree with Dane, and her thoughts were that Millicent had been a bother, Millicent was in the way. Dane did not attempt to console Beryl in any way.

He was firm in his decision, and now she was wasting his time. The choice was hers, but not long enough to think about another second. The more Dane had to deal with Beryl, the less he liked her, and would fire her, but Beryl agreed to the sum, and the terms of her employment, signed, and slid the affidavit back across Dane’s desk. He saw Beryl as a problem that might never end. She stayed a distance away from Dane for a reason. He was no nonsense from the beginning, and gave her one week to find a place to live, and gave her the Mon Chéri’ calling card. Beryl was disappointed, having to go find a place to live.

She thought about her circumstances, was an experienced housekeeper, but played. Dane never gave Beryl the impression he needed a mother, or anything else, and so sheepishly, she couldn’t bullshit him, and showed no signs of remorse in the interim. She seemed to better cherish her job, and glad to still have a position. For Gordon, things had to change. To him, Beryl was never a part of the family, but employed. Her best bet was to serve the family as expected by performing the duties she’d been hired to do. Beryl changed no ones persona, and was not stupid, she knew which side her bread buttered.

Dane threw her a lifeboat, and she went moody, and felt sorry for herself, but then thought about leaving, and it didn’t sound too bad after all. She thought that perhaps she and Vernon might be able to appreciate some privacy. Vernon hadn’t thought about Beryl in too long, yet she had hoped they’d become close. That would be rich. No one knew much about Beryl, or her past, and although there were hints all along, Beryl was even stranger than anyone could think, and now Gordon thought her to be eerie. She, and Gordon’s affair was brief, and ended soon after he met Millicent.

He was wrong for teetering with the first few affairs, but never did he tell that woman there was anything between them, or that he liked, or even loved her. He went as far as Beryl wanted to. Her approach to him was raw, freaky, persistent, and a sin to be with if he had a girlfriend at the time, and Beryl is old enough to know the difference. There’s no telling what, or where Beryl was, what she was used to doing, or done to her, but no one at the mansion was willing to find out. Dane will not put up with her nonsense, and really didn’t want her around. He, and Meridian did not converse with Beryl as everyone else had.

Dane did not care for what he thought of Beryl, and if she wanted abuse, it would not come from them. Dane will be happy to ask Ruben to bring in another new hire so that they could throw her out, or she better respect the rules of her hire at that time, but for a change, Ruben, and Nicole had gone on vacation. Beryl had better work well from then on, and without a peep, unless Enid calls her. The d’Anise were a good reference, but bad to have been let go. Better she not mention them in inquiry. The point was that neither Dane, or Gordon liked her. Gordon thought her creepy, but Dane knew she was.

Beryl wore bright red hair, and garish makeup to her interview, and peacock feathers around her throat. They did not need friction, and Beryl would not do, but in only three days, Beryl found a place to stay. She took her severance, and her savings, and bought a car. Enid had not realized Beryl’s comings, or goings. Enid however, had noticed she bought a good looking automobile. She said little about it, but Phillip arranged it for her to be taken around to find something to her liking. By no means had Gordon, or Dane wanted Enid Rae to go through another process of change, but what else could Dane do?

Beryl was to pack her things through the evening, and be moved before Enid Rae woke the next morning, and have a few days off to make herself comfortable. When she lived at the manor, Beryl spent more time in Enid’s quarters, than in her own, and once she found a place to live, she had very little to pack. Enid seemed almost all she had, and it was not uncommon for Beryl to phone Enid on her days off there. Enid sat in the tearoom many days with Beryl on her off days, drinking sherry, and Cook had to offer Beryl, Enid’s guest, as he would Miss Enid. Finally, Beryl had settled in her abode, called Enid, and invited her shopping.

She said they could have lunch, and then shop for the things she needs. Enid wasn’t really into it, but said, okay. Beryl said she could be there in half an hour, but Beryl didn’t get to Enid until an hour and a half later, and by that time, everyone was back. When Beryl pulled up to the mansion Gordon came out of his room, and made his way to the western tea room.

“What’s up Enna?” She sighed. “What’s the matter. woman? Why are you just sitting here?”

“Beryl’s not showing. She called over an hour ago to go shopping, but...”


“She said she was coming in thirty minutes. We are supposingly going shopping.” They looked at one another, and raised eyebrows.

“Who said she can take you out?” Gordon was speaking to Enid, but looked at Dane.

“I don’t want her taking Enna out.” Dane agreed in Gordon’s defense, and Meridian thought it sounded a little funny too. They knew nothing of Beryl’s driving, not with Enid in the car, and all too familiar with Beryl’s drinking.

“No. I don’t want Enid riding around with her either.”

That, especially coming from Dane, who was normally passive about anyone’s desires, spoke up, and Meridian seconded him, and went over to sit on the same chaise lounge as Enid. She pulled out new packages they shopped for that day, and standing around, agreed.

“Miss Enid, you know. Would you still be up for it, waiting more than an hour for her? She’s disappointing, I’ll say.” Cupping her hands, Meridian looked to Enid for an answer, but she couldn’t.

“We don’t want you just going out with her like that,” Gordon said. “I don’t trust Beryl.”

They spotted her car up the drive, and at the front door it took that long, but eventually, the doorbell rang. Enid took Gordon’s opinion, and Cook let Beryl in. Upon entering, Beryl was mealy mouthed when it came to Dane, and full of nonsense. He knew that Beryl invited Enid Rae, would have the last word, and did not have to explain anything to Enid. Beryl stood at the foyer for a moment, and then moved her way past the sun room, and the atrium, and Cook followed. Beryl heard voices in the tearoom, and so he led her there, and Dane invited her in.

“Hello Miss Beryl. Nice to see you on your day off this evening.”

It was three thirty seven in the afternoon, but Dane was meticulously clever, and thought to smooth the subject.

“And might I add how nice you look today.” Beryl fell right in line with the banter, they knew since she was that late, and lived less than fifteen miles away, she stopped before she arrived, to have a whiskey, or three.

“Thank you Master Dane,” she said, but poor Dane had to break her spirit gently. “Enid was just telling us she’s been waiting to accompany you shopping, but while waiting for you, she doesn’t feel it in her now.”

Beryl seemed as though she wanted to stay for a visit instead of that spree. She was looking around at no one in particular at that moment. She thought twice, and didn’t see anyone else drinking.

“We will have to make another date for that spree, it’s Sunday, and it’s getting late. The sun will set in an hour,” Dane concluded, and Beryl took a couple seconds to think.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” she said, “I’m sorry you’re not feeling well Miss Enid.” Enid said it was okay, and patted her hand that rested on Enid’s shoulder. No one said anything, and Enid Rae offered nothing else, and Dane signaled her leaving by showing his arm.

He led Beryl to the front door, and smelled the booze on her. She talked about getting some things done, and Dane smiled wryly. He doubted it. He let her out, and they saw Beryl ride off.

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