Millicent and Gordon

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Craig, Curtis, and Dutch

Two- What’s the Difference?

Gordon was good. As long as he stayed focused, no one would notice how badly they were screwing up their lives. Gordon made good grades in school, knowing most of those guys since the fifth grade, so he too had freedom growing up, past junior high school. He ran and played with the best of them, and even the worst. His focus was baseball, boy scouts, and for some reason, Enid Rae insisted he read comic books, which he liked, as well as science. His actions were personal that day, him not sticking around to speak to Brittany, when Peony was on her way toward him.

It was just Gordon not wanting to hang out. He felt as though there was nothing there to party, the place was too rancid, and so the filth turned him off, and he wasn’t interested in the same sort of entertainment. He did not like socializing quite like that, but liked a party as much as the next person. Gordon was better particularly with whom he hung out. He learned his lesson with them junior year, high school, and what he witnessed looking for Base, was not from poverty or a lack of monetary resources. Most of the people he saw for the first time in years.

To look at people from well to do families, cut off for their rebellion from college, family business’ and the like. Failing expensive courses time and time again was not good either. Some considered Gordon a nerd, but people who wanted to have their way no longer swayed him. It was what he faced in one of the places he went to seek Basil, yet mastered a part of the Marshall arts. Gordon was almost as big as Dane, and certainly as handsome. It took a few tough incidents in the world to make Gordon toughen up, but he was not a nerd, just respectable.

He was also humble, cool with his surroundings, and just the same, would rather not hang out, drink, and smoke pot, just as in school- he had a shopping plaza to build. Back then, Gordon stayed scholastically active and did not start trouble. He did what he was supposed to do, for the love of the d’Anise, and did not do anything that would help him fail classes. Gordon seemed to appreciate a useful, and purposeful life. He went to that house for two reasons: to check how well the people in his town were, and to ask the last time anyone has seen Basil.

Since he planned on staying at the mansion, Dane and Gordon had clearly felt over the top, owning the manor. Dane’s father followed in his father’s footsteps, and so their assets are tremendous, and Gordon’s dowry huge. Dane didn’t need all the wealth he possessed, and Gordon did not realize his increase over the years, in numerous amounts, and will be surprised after Ruben meets with Dane to discuss the issues, gruff old uncle Nathaniel could not subjugate. Gordon was hopeful, happy and thankful he could go to college, better able to do something with himself.

Gordon thought about what he’d seen, noticing how his old acquaintances had turned into people wanting handouts, thankful he was intelligent enough, with more to do. Dane and Gordon had always been crazy about each other, and Gordon never needed anyone else to look up too. As Denim was crazy about Dane, he was crazy about Gordon who was sharp, and could be very amusing. Funny, he didn’t take life for granted even though he could, and often referred to the words of the old timers, as comfort to him, in situations Dane could not be an immediate phone call away.

While asking around for Base, Gordon was not cruel or prejudging. He had a few other good friends but would not sway the other way just because he could afford to. The drug scene like that, was not his thing, but not yet convinced it currently was not Base’s. Brittany and Peony changed badly, but Gordon focused. He knew that someone had to know something, since Basil’s house had no longer been lived in. Something happened to Basil, and Gordon knew that Dutch had a clue. Gordon had already not been impressed seeking the destination of those people, but seeing Dutch…..

He was just standing there, not saying anything to Gordon one way, or the other, pissing him off. Gordon did not want to socialize; he just needed to know if he could find his partner. They were twenty six, and Base was someone Gordon could rely on. He thought, some things never changed, and other things had gotten worse, but Gordon fought naught. He was even surprised that some people were warmer to him than before he went to college. As children, many of them spent their birthday. Gordon was only away for a short time he thought, but then, the excursion awarded him a master’s degree.

Computer science, electronics, and a minor in business engineering. New York was like stepping out on a limb, and Gordon was not sure which occupational direction he wanted to take. In New York, Gordon certainly ended up in different places. He leaned towards the business aspects of his degree, in which each course, he passed with flying colors. He wanted to be in the business of keeping things fun, and would like that. Peony and Brittany were in the living room now, and Gordon thought they looked like crap. They probably didn’t even remember him with Deana.

Gordon was never interested in either of them, and hadn’t given most of the guys in that place a second thought since he left for school back then, only Basil was who he sought to catch up with, realizing he was in the wrong place but, Basil might have passed through looking for someone too, saw the scene, and did not look back. It wouldn’t take much to send any one of them in that house, over the edge. They were on edge. Neither Basil or Gordon would have anything to do with the lives their classmates led, and so Gordon thought he would run into Basil somewhere else, at another time.

To them, Basil was a goody two shoes. Base probably had his doctorate by then- Gordon even started to shape up after practically considerable thought to his failures. Away, Gordon’s change was for the better, and each compliment he received, gave him a boost. Gordon became motivated into ambition, and did ten times better than what he saw at Bruce’s house, whose parents abandoned a few years ago, it was a small community. The sultry lands were not so small that paths could cross, and they were selective about the information they kept. The same day, Gordon had just gotten back from Craig’s house.

He had a different group of friends now too, and had returned from college his first or second year first semester. Gordon missed a few crew members, but thought many of his classmates were able to succeed forward their dreams, but things only changed for some. Even Gordon’s old friend Dutch changed worse than Craig ever could, and there was a certain stiffness, a cold about him. Dutch let the seamier people overrun him. He is hanging out with the bad crowd he disliked in high school. They thought him nerdy. Craig Mitchell became bitter as if the world owes him something, and Gordon didn’t realize Craig would stay so crass.

It seemed he was just as belligerent about life as he was in high school, and Dutch, like so many others he despised, had fallen to the wayside. Gordon thought, what happened to them, and why had Dutch been trying to act so cool? That had never been his scene. His acting as tough as the others had almost been funny, a pathetic joke. He didn’t even act as though they hadn’t seen each other in at least four or five years. With the tough act Dutch pursued, Gordon did not bite. Being a part of the winning wrestling teams proved him. Dutch and Basil were not the best of friends, but there should have been mutual respect between them.

Everyone usually knew where everyone wass, and as far as Gordon could see something was fishy. He hoped he would not have to defend himself-bring them down, but Dutch being a flunky, knowing Craig into seamier things, was only using him for money, or if he needed a ride or something, sitting there by himself, looked stupid, and obviously been on a cocaine trip. He was angry Gordon saw him like that. Somehow Gordon thought if he said anything to Dutch, he would break hell loose on him, so Gordon therefore remained the same, because Dutch’s attitude would make Gordon snap!

He would throw so many punches they would put him in jail, so as if Dutch didn’t know why Gordon would be there, and he did not mention looking for his friend Basil. Gordon wanted to ask Base if he still was interested in their business ideas.Since Gordon had the displeasure of Dutch’s stupid ass, and hadn’t not found who he looked for, and Dutch Sturgis did not talk. He didn’t even try to connect with Gordon, and acted as if Gordon couldn’t remember him being a cry baby ever since elementary school, and heck, even Craig kicked his ass for nothing twice. Gordon wanted to shake Dutch and tell him to snap out of it!

Instead, Dutch thought he let Gordon think he’d always been a part of the rough crew, as if he had a clue. Had Dutch forgotten what they were to him back then? What would they do? What they did? Dane had to drive Dutch home from school a few times back then, and Gordon discovered that without so much as a greeting. Dutch was just as grown up as the next guy, yet still bullied by the people who had taken advantage of him back in high school. Instead of Dutch being happy to see Gordon, he shied, probably embarrassed at the person he’s become.

If Dutch envied Gordon for his strength, then Gordon was surprised at Dutch’s ongoing stupidity with Craig. Deep inside, the sight of Gordon standing that tall, and more confident than ever, ate at him, and Gordon viewed Dutch as fake, and would not let someone that used to be a friend rile him. Gordon observed Dutch’s every move, and his every reaction. In that house Dutch shook, and his nervous non actions spoke louder than words, and was rude for not acknowledging Gordon. Dutch was high, and possibly on drugs by the looks of him, but even that was no excuse.

He looked badly and should have felt badly for his parents too, but still, Gordon got along long enough to seek answers, and too bad for Dutch, the drug dealer showed. Until then, no one paid Dutch mind or attention, but since he had to pay for the entire delivery, he was their flunky, just as Gordon thought. They used Dutch worse than they ever could in high school. Dutch’s attitude was more downhill than ever, and since Dutch worked, his friends made him pay for beer, and at least some drugs too, lucky if ever he got his fair share, but nevertheless, if he wanted something to smoke, or handout, he had to put up with their bullshit.

No matter what, Dutch should’ve hung out with a better crowd since he was stuck buying their supply for the longest, was misusing him, his money and pretended to treat him well. Dutch had to chip in to have a beer when Gordon just came, and they tossed him one. Gordon seemed more fed up with his peers than he thought himself possible. Really. All they were doing was wasting their lives away, and Dutch strung out most of the time. What probably felt worse to Dutch should have been Gordon taking on a better look than when he left for college. Everyone must have expected good old Gordon to remain a frump.

Gordon wasn’t walking away from troublesome danger, but it looked like those days, Gordon was the danger. Dutch was infuriated to see him looking so well. Gordon disrespected Dutch mostly because in high school, Dutch was destined to become more than what he ended up becoming in worth, those days. Gordon was intelligent and doubted himself immensely too senselessly. In a short time, Dutch too, would be thirty with nothing to show towards time. Dutch chose his success in business accounting, but instead pushes carts at Dixie supermarket.

Gordon would guess Dutch would say he’s successful, since he held his position for almost three years. Other people who started the job when he did, were promoted all the way to his current bosses. Some supervise, others transferred, following the career at hand, and are making money. Dutch had his foot in the door but would not apply himself. So what, he didn’t finish college. Neither did his new boss’. It was a job, and apparently all he could get, but Dutch hardly showed up for work enthusiastically or on time. After his chums were through with him or his money became low, they shunned him.

They wouldn’t even let him in the house until he showed cash. With all those crammed in a room getting high off his money, Dutch still had to find a supply of drugs for himself. Craig was never a threat to Gordon, and hopefully not an acquaintance turned sour, but Craig and Dutch had never been friends. It seems that as long as Dutch was willing to supply Craig’s alcohol, drugs, and weed, he was welcome until a drug deal gone wrong. For Dutch- no supply, a black eye, so that thoroughly explained things. Looking out one eye in high school, Dutch, and Craig were not friends, yet Dutch was there that day hopefully to score.

Now that ole’ Gordon is back on the scene, Dutch had a bad look, and had not considered Gordon’s phone calls. His family still lived in town, and his drug habit was already a few years old. Gordon felt out of sorts with Dutch because he’s weak. It was a good thing Gordon hadn’t heard what happened to Cory Phillips last autumn. For drinking and getting high, Dutch was there to score. Things get riled up outside and a fight breaks out. Dutch looked to see what was happening, and since he’d been in that bad company lately, he stood and watched his friend Cory get his ass kicked by the same people he hangs out with to date.

Dutch saw everything that happened to their friend Cory, and said nothing. Craig wears the gold watch they took off Cory, and Rob wears the chain necklace he stole off him that night too. Craig, Kyle, Rob, and Tony beat Cory to a pulp over his jewelry and money they took off him, and Rob tried to play innocent. He didn’t wear the jewelry then, but is wearing it now. Cory will always have that scar over his left eyebrow from when he took that beating, and had always managed to stay apart from that crowd. With Dutch standing against a wall looking dumb, Gordon thought something must be up.

By just being there everyone seemed paranoid, and on hush, hush basis. Gordon tried not to let his imagination over run him. How was it no one knew where Basil was, or where he moved to? He found the situation incredible that no one saw the Vaughn’s pack their entire house in a moving van. They had to have been seen leaving the neighborhood somehow without a sound, and no one questioned them? It was strange. No one asked Gordon either about Base. He heard, coming out of Craig’s kitchen, someone say that they hadn’t seen Basil in a long time, and as Gordon finished his beer, Craig stayed silent until Curtis showed.

Curtis Alford, who never spoke to Gordon before, was still not talking. He was still an asshole. Something seemed funny for sure, and Gordon thought Basil was the butt of it. Craig knew that Gordon would not stop looking for him, but in truth, they did not know where Basil could be. No. No one had seen Basil in a while. Gordon was checking last resorts, and was thinking that Basil might have crossed their paths, and had the same sort of issue, and it was time for Gordon’s exit. Those guys were riled, and it would not be a fair fight. Gordon was unarmed, and obviously alone.

Dutch would have to give up his spot on that dirty, nasy couch. After downing his bottle of beer, and drowning in his curious conquest, he thought that, at last he spoke to Basil, he’d been getting ready to take his boards for his Doctorate’s Degree. In medicine he could open a practice. Gordon thought he’d be done testing by then, certain he passed all his exams, but perhaps not? Impossible! Base would stay, and take his exams again, it meant that much to him, so Gordon thought that perhaps hse took his exams and had just been shooting the breeze a while, as Gordon had too, perhaps.

Maybe in many ways Basil could have changed too, and with that, Gordon needed to get out more to see what’s good. It wasn’t. He made the decision not to be suckered into a bad ride. In the way things were, Gordon became reminded of the fine lines in the twists, and turns of life- those people were on the same old high school shit. Gordon thought he heard snickering behind his back as he left, and that told him there’s trouble. He only meant to stop by the Vaughn’s house, but Craig’s house was only a few healthy spaced property doors away. Gordon was invited there before, and since he heard music, and talking, he went.

Just like the other place, the scene looked bleak, and as if everything had gone backwards. Gordon knew then, it would be the last time he stopped there, it was not the place you’d find Basil. Without having steady jobs, it’s a wonder any of them could afford such expensive bad habits. Gordon viewed the crew as lazy, and was very disappointed in Dutch. Gordon would’ve thought that no matter what, upon sight of him, Dutch would have said hello back, but he’d become a sell out. If just a tad better, or that Dutch could’ve come to his senses, but he just rolled his eyes, and smirked?

He was no friend of Gordon’s now, quite intentionally, even though Gordon never did anything wrong to Dutch who seemed to have gone over to the darkside, but still couldn’t sacrifice himself in a fight. Gordon stayed until he finished his beer, and physically without weapons, no one was a match for him. There, Gordon was Superman. He wanted to split the scene because that trip looking for Base only proved to be a merry go round. On his way out he shook Curtis’ hand, who at first never recognized Gordon, and then couldn’t remember his name but did remember being an asshole to him in high school.

With all the acid he, and Craig dropped back then, it’s a wonder they could remember their own names. Craig‘s hand felt sweaty, surprised the man would take the time. Curtis was rebellious, and with no regard, and now he had almost no teeth, he gained weight, but is losing that luscious golden blonde hair. Gordon said it was good to see him, and then asked Curtis if he’d seen Basil, and was jovial when he spoke.

“Hey man. How’s it going?” Gordon took a quick look at the condition of Curtis which was bad, and he had never been as pleasant as that.

They shook hands, and bumped bodies, as a sort of masculine greeting thing, and Gordon thought that as soon as he got home he would have to bathe off Curtis’ stench before his date with Millicent. Dirt, sweat, and oily grime, poured from Curtis’ body onto him. Curtis reeked of at least three days in the street, and slept less.

“Yeah, I just came to see if anyone has seen Basil man. I can’t get in touch with him.” Curtis seemed to divert his attention, as though it was too noisy in the house to hear, then acted he didn’t know who Gordon was speaking of. Right.

So maybe he hadn’t seen him either. People continued to smoke what they were, others decided to make moves. Two people got up and headed to the kitchen, one guy went outside, and Dutch stayed watching the television, as though the most interesting retirement commercial ever made in human history was on the tube.

“Nah man, I ain’t seen him.” Gordon hung out a little longer than he wanted to. Seeing what they were all about, his opinion had not changed, but at least they gave him an answer. Gordon did not panic.

He split the scene, hearing Curtis behind himself say, “That mutha lover looked good! He cleaned up real well too, man!” Gordon sat in his car for a second, let his windows down, blocked them out, and went to handle his business that day. He drove a hotrod, and at Craig’s house, some of the other players did not know Gordon from a hole in the wall, but Curtis’ statement captivated a few responses. At least Gordon heard something good, even if it hadn’t been about Basil. Dutch, sitting there looking stupid waiting. Gordon had to take that drive all the way to Millicent’s house.

He’d been invited to have dinner, scrutiny, take care of business , and get home in time to have a shower to change his clothes. Millicent’s parents were freaking out, she was spending so much time in the company of Gordon Miller- d’Anise who lived in the d’Anise manor. In college, Gordon had his doubts about love, and life, but the words of their old timer uncles at the mansion played in his head. Gordon maintained himself emotionally, and remembered advice proved valuable. Getting work was tough for him when he was away but he did it, and it was a royal experience. Gordon learned a lot about himself.

He could afford pricey drugs, but they had never been his thing. Home was safe for Gordon, he was happy and very thankful for that. There, Gordon had all he needed, and love kept him. Gordon was high on life, and deserved a woman the same way, and Millicent was the one.

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