Millicent and Gordon

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Twenty- Ridiculously Fed up

After the verbal confrontation Gordon had with Steven at the Mon Chéri’ dinner, he promised Millicent and her father he would stay close. Out at dinner for the first time alone with Millicent in a while, Gordon thought too many sharks were around, and that things had really changed, but once the town square was complete, things were better. Gordon completed his business plans, and sought what it would take to complete his plans to fruition, and so far, his ventures were solid, and with Millicent, they were on top of the world. They humored each other at wine, dinner, dessert, and music well worth their stay.

Before their wine bottles we're half empty, they held hands across an intimate candlelit round table, and it seemed no one else was there but them. Unrealized, Millicent, and Gordon maintained happy thoughts, and stimulating conversation. They were as excited as everyone else about their wedding plans coming together, and Gordon had to agree, there was a certain amount of chatter going on around them. In essence, they were in a world of their own, smiled, disappeared, and stole themselves. Ironically, Padimye met an aspiring doctor named Linux Patel. Their meeting was interesting, and surprising.

She'd gone to many doctors seminars to hear them speak on all subjects, and ambitiously sat in the front row. Linux was a speaker, and had a thing he had for Padimye, but she never noticed. Millicent flirted with Gordon intelligently, and tenderly he, her, careful not to take things too overboard. Gordon loved playing with Millicent, as much as she loved the tease, and depression seemed a thing of the past. They filled each other’s minds with good thoughts which kept their hearts pumping. With adrenaline flow, they will live. Gordon found himself with a shit-eating smile on his face most of the time.

Dane kept teasing him about it. Millicent had feelings similarly, spoke openly, but often signed one another, good night, and to make jokes, although respectfully, let Dane, Meridian, Enid, Ruben, and sometimes Cook, in on their little side jokes, which struck them funny, and while at the Mon Chéri’, Gordon helps around the house. He opens tight food jars, moved furniture when they have carpets cleaned, and doesn’t mind helping in the kitchen. He liked the Mon- Chéri’. In the guesthouse, Millicent has a large wrap-around kitchen nook, tall windows all around the living room, dining room, foyer, until the back patio. Her patio is wrapped around the house.

Her living room had soft white leather furniture, as soft as the white shag rugs accenting the highly polished pinewood floors. Her paintings, and accessories were pink, purple, chartreuse and black. The acrylic peace sign, painted on her living room wall immediately attracted Gordon. It was psychedelic, signed by Millicent, and a magnificent mural. His suites were plush too, and remembered her mentioning it. His lithograph hung in his domain too. Gordon felt it was good he seized Millicent, and did not want to ever lose her, nor she Gordon. Her beautifully white wood furnished bedroom lit with skylights.

Her windows were practically ceiling to floor, and held an array of intoxicating foliage outside of it. Together, comfortable, and happy with her Millicent’s art business will soon bloom interest, if nothing else. Gordon would marry Millicent that very moment if the justice of the peace were present. It was nice how Phillip assured him, they were confident in him for Millicent. The Mon Chéri’ were married thirty loving years, still very deep in love.

“However,” Gordon said, “I would not deny Millicent a honeymoon.”

“That’s my point, big fellow.”

Phillip slapped Gordon on the shoulder, invited him in further, and assured him it would not please them if they eloped, he chuckled, and offered Gordon something cool to drink.

“Oh, I see what you mean,” Gordon agreed, and said that they hadn’t thought about that either. Phillip, and Gordon walked onto another part of their house, and expressed that the cost of their daughters happiness was not an issue. Gordon said that the church, and any wedding arrangements were not an issue, either. They were like minds. Phillip was saving for his daughter’s wedding since she was born.

He made a few dollars more than he ever expected he could in his career of over twenty-five years, and wanted to spend it on his daughter.

“You guys’ wedding means as much to Bernadette, and I, as it means to you,” Phillip contended, and Gordon nodded his head.

“Well then, Millicent, and I set the date Phillip. I thought you guys already knew. We’d settled on it last night, playing a game, I mean, if it’s okay with you.”

“Gordon! My Boy! What’s a wedding without the support of family, the ones we truly love? I’m glad for you guys, really.”

They toasted to it, nodded their heads, and mentioned her graduating, after all that work.

“And just yesterday, she complained only about a hair trim. Gordon looked at Mr. Mon Chéri’, and said, “I convinced her not to cut it. Have you seen the length of her hair lately?” Millicent’s hair was the last concern of her on his list, twisted his lips together, and then hand signaled Gordon to come. They went to his man cave, where he offered Gordon a drink at his mirrored wet bar, and Gordon took a seat, grabbed a napkin, appreciated it and complemented Phillip on the soft lighting.

Phillip was drinking his second cool Skotch, and then offered Gordon a special request too. Gordon sat, and could not think of anything more special than Millicent. Phillip went to his desk, turned on the desk lamp, and picked up a bunch of brochures. He went to socialize with Gordon, who said, “Millicent’s happiness means a great deal to me too. Anything good she wishes, will be my command, but I haven’t got a clue, and all I want to do, and would do anything to make her life amazing.” Millicent had still been indecisive choosing a honeymoon destination, and Gordon wanted her to decide, but she was so busy taking exams.

She was finishing up for graduation, and Gordon needed help, because Millicent clearly said to surprise her. Gordon was happy for Phillip’s help. He decided to go with what Phillip said, he heard wonderful things about, and Gordon was all ears. When all was said, and done, Gordon was pleased with where they'd go for paradise, he, and especially Millicent, would enjoy. They smiled, shook hands, and Gordon was proud of his fiance because she is extremely smart, meek, yet going to be powerful. She was so beautiful, talented, and will be successful because of that too. Millicent had a lot on her plate, but was consistent.

She was diligent to the end, and Gordon loved her more, because she remained full of life. Becoming husband, and wife was an exciting time for both families, and things started to take course. Wedding invitations had gone out since last month, and they were, a togetherness obvious, and clear with a friendship that would last among the ages. Before too long, they were going to experience new heights, and as the time neared Dane, Ruben, Phillip, Charles, and especially Vernon inspired Gordon. He was humble, and imagined himself, and Millicent wonderfully.

He was looking forward to the future, with a lifestyle he appreciated for the beauty it was. Gordon did not want to spoil the engagement, why he set the wedding date with the Mon Chéri’ as soon as he had, and neither had they wanted time to let love linger. With Millicent, Gordon found better things to do with his life, and importantly their willingness to become independent. Dane, newly married, and loved by his wife, perplexed Gordon, of his concerns of having an heir, the least of his worries. He just wanted to please Millicent as much as she hoped she could please Gordon.

Dane confided things in life, which surprised Gordon. He never knew Denim, but was surprised uncle Nathan would do such a bad thing to Dane’s dowry. Ruben suggested Nathan had always been an imp, even since boyhood, and the thought of Nathan’s hateful way did not surprise him. Ruben told Dane to sell the mansion to Gordon, for a penny before the ghost of Nathan appears in their lifetime. It was a good idea, and a funny thought uncle Nathan turning in his grave. Ruben thought Dane, too overt until he told Dane to sign the mansion over to Gordon since he didn’t have to use the d’Anise name.

Dane could sell the mansion to whomever he liked, and at whatever amount, but Gordon shook his head, and left, confident Dane could produce at least one male heir before the time allocated and the documents reversed. Dane was as healthy as an ox. He was fit, trim, and of sound mind, and Gordon thought the notion more ridiculous than uncle Nathan, himself. Dane was working diligently on the various projects at the plaza, but he, and Meridian are a happy couple, although probably not realized they haven’t taken a break in some time.

Dane was not too sure if a son was to come from their union, because so far, nothing. The look on his brother’s face, Gordon could not see, but Dane felt reason to feel under pressure, and Gordon already said, not to worry.

“You haven't been married a year yet. When the time is right, things will change.” Besides, Gordon knew that in private, and separate accounts, they had enough money to last a lifetime. Even without all the businesses he owned, Gordon and Dane had money to live on yet, the d’Anise manor, and its property was their home.

As a partner in the business, Gordon prospered, and was amazed at how much revenue they should expect at the end of the year. Ruben knows how much they are spending, but they are still well in the clear with the services they will provide. Not Gordon, Dane or the Mon Chéri’ hurt for money. Millicent was just driven, and Meridian had developing passions, and they had strong family values, love, communion, and community. The Mon Chéri’ were eager to make wedding reception arrangements, and Gordon felt that things would go as well as hoped, but so far, dinner on Sunday at the mansion, or at the Mon Chéri’, was the best.

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