Millicent and Gordon

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Enid Rae d'Anise

Twenty one- Cherished

As Charles was an inspiration too, he was shy, and he and Enid Rae were typically in their own worlds. They were not bird watchers, but if not addressed, they did well without too much information. Gordon had a way of keeping Enid Rae’s name, Enna, and when he was a baby, she was as if a nun, nanny, or aunt to him. He had as much respect for Enid Rae, as if she’s his mother, and was starting to get the idea of Beryl a loose cannon, just through her conversations, and in the background of her home through the telephone. In other words, Enid saw that Beryl wanted to be ravished by any man, or boy who would have her.

She was the type to frolic with the milkman. Beryl said what was on her mind, and Enid was done listening. Her fantasies about Vernon wore, and Enid knew that Vernon was too refined in comparison to men Beryl appreciated. A man such as Vernon Shelby, wouldn’t have a woman like her, and probably wouldn’t pay for one such as her, either. Enid thought about the things Beryl spoke of, none of her business, especially since she talked about everything with anyone. Enid Rae knew that until she showed her true colors, Vernon liked her.

He had a soft spot for her, whom he pampered which she did not deserve. Enid knew that Vernon wined, and dined Beryl, and she would suck the life out of him. She felt sorry for Vernon when he saw what kind of a woman Beryl was, and could tell she had already been through a few types of men on her own. Vernon was no fool, and Enid saw it too. Beryl was more interested in people as closed minded about life’s wonders as she had been, complaining all the time about how life sucked, and loved talking about being down on one’s luck. She had a, take all you can get attitude which was offensive to people used to giving;

Beryl would have been a cheat to those in need. Vernon was a man of refinement, and did not need Beryl drunk. He called her for what he thought she was worth, which meant no call at all. Through the telephone, Enid heard some man Beryl was with, call her a loud talker, belly guzzler, and no friend to anyone. Vernon was happy he put his thoughts about her to rest. He would not help Beryl with money or anything, because she’d drink herself to death. What was worse to Vernon was to let a drunk drink, and kill herself. His better thought was to keep company with someone hi could enjoy.

Vernon did not want involvement in Beryl’s lifestyle, and was smart enough to stay out of her entanglements. If Enid Rae’s husband had still been alive, Beryl would be the type of woman he associated with. As Enid watched when progress was going on all around her, she was more than willing to do her share. All the activities kept her less depressed, but Charles, started experiencing health problems. Enid cared for him, and Cook sent her with soup to visit, because Charles became feeble, and even Enid could see that he was not himself, and in the hospital, Enid refreshed his flowers and fluffed his pillows.

The hospital ran tests to help find his problem, hence, the solution. Enid made sure he had plenty of sunshine, kept happy, and made certain he ate his meals. Enid Rae sat with Charles, and he looked forward to her coming to play cards, and bring the newspaper, and he appreciated it, until he checked out of the hospital. Vernon collected Enid, and they went to collect his old friend. They helped him home, and stayed a while, until Enid Rae saw to his comfort. Charles would need plenty of rest after his doctors visit, because his tests were extensive, and inconclusive with all the blood drawn.

The physicians still had not pinpointed the root of his problem, and yes, the days were becoming more action packed for Enid, and she came alive again, and her family couldn’t be happier. At night, Enid would fall straight into slumber, and wake to give Charles a call so that she can check up on him daily before she went to la Boutique. Beryl, and Enid’s phone calls, had become few, and far in between. Ruben recommended another housekeeper, they hired her, and so Enid, and Beryl’s paths, barely crossed.

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