Millicent and Gordon

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Steven Bonanza

Twenty two- Guess What?

Speaking of paths crossing, Dutch knew that Gordon felt he was a cop out, especially since he was friends with Basil too.

“Yo’ man. I’m just callin’. No. I ain’t seen Basil, man. Later.” As suspicious as the message sounded, Dutch finally had not totally ignored Gordon, he just had not been sure, after all that time, he wanted to return Gordon’s call. What Gordon had, Dutch needed. His skin never looked as bad as it did, his hair didn’t shine, and he needed a bath. He looked and smelled dirty, and that was not how Gordon remembered him. Dutch had no conversation for Gordon that time he’d seen him.

He hadn’t checked his messages in a long time, and when he heard Gordon’s message, he decided not to have the free time to call back. Dutch hadn’t thought about Gordon in a few years. Talk about crossing paths.

Millicent explained to her mother that they found beautiful gowns, dresses, shoes, and accessories. Beautiful! At a glance, the boutique was right up Bernadette’s alley. Millicent’s gown will be as alluring as she looked beautiful in the color taupe, which suited her well. The soft shade was stunning, light, and laid on her long, shapely figure. Her gown draped from a v-neck, snugly double breasted, with sequins at the neckline, bust lines, opened into a full side split, and the flowing material of the gown accentuated her full shapely leg. The sequined clutch she chose with an open toe shoe, will look great with French manicured toes.

Eagerly, Bernadette, and Meridian were impressed with the ambiance of the bridal shop. All of the elegant gowns, and dresses intrigued them, and they had a delightful visit in the bridal gallery that day. Enid had tried getting out of an awkward conversation with her once or twice, and Millicent raised an eyebrow. Beryl was prying, when she discovered the new housekeeper. How cold Beryl was to Enid. Beryl was simply not everyone’s thing, and since she said she wanted to work part-time at la Boutique, she would have to abide by the schedule there too, after Millicent, and Gordon’s wedding.

Gordon thought that by then, Basil was off to see the wizard, but what mattered most was the happiness Phillip brought to Gordon obvious. Gordon could tell how much Millicent appreciated him. She was attentive, and loved Gordon. Neither of them saw the flaws their peers emphasized during their growing years. They looked good to one another, and some might say, they just looked good. Millicent, and Gordon could fill each other’s day with love, peace, and honesty. It was getting late when Gordon kissed her soft cheek, and tucked her into the throw which sat beside her. Gordon slipped from Millicent.

He felt how much he loved the beautiful woman in the cute pajamas when she slept before him as an angel, and he’d been cramped in his body when he rose. Gordon must have slept wrong, fished for his keys, and scribbled, I love you, on a sketchpad, and laid it beside her. The door locked shut. Millicent wanted to hide the truth about Steven from her fiance. Little did he know, Steven was calling her parent’s home again, and asking to speak to Millicent. Hadn’t it been clear, she had not minutely been interested even in the sound of his voice, therefore Steven’s call was redundant.

To her parents, he would not say what he wanted, and did not want to leave a message. Obviously, he had not known that the Mon Chéri’ knew what he had done in their home, and he seemed as if he wanted to treat Millicent as though nothing happened. Steven violated Millicent’s privacy, and the Mon Chéri’ home, and with someone she had known for at least six, or seven years. Steven was no one Millicent needed as a friend. He was cordial to the Mon Chéri’, and the Bonanza’s had still gone to church, but the Mon Chéri’ had not seen, or heard from Steven in over a year since the incident.

Millicent would let Gordon know if Steven keeps calling her parent’s home. As a matter, or fact, if Steven calls at all, because he’s rude, she will tell Gordon. For all that’s taking place, Millicent thought not to make a mountain out of roadkill. The Mon Chéri’ looked at her because she sounded too distant, and thought she had better use discretion, and wit. Millicent, and Gordon were similar in mindset, and Steven was too much for her, and the Mon Chéri’. Twice, Steven was sneaky, calling at too late an hour, and the very mention of him, told Gordon the guy made trouble for himself.

From the last phone call, Gordon knew Steven was going to try something behind his back. Defensively, Millicent knew there was nothing she could do to help Steven if ever he pissed Gordon off. It was the third time Steven called, so then, Gordon had an up on the situation. He would catch up with Steven, and the groin to straighten him out. Gordon stopped through the Mon Chéri’ one Saturday, on his way back through town, he had some last minute dealings to handle at the plaza. Gordon was leaving the Mon Chéri’, and would be back to collect Millicent. The front doorbell rang.

Phillip signaled Gordon, one moment, and he waited. He opened the door, and to his utter surprise, tilted his head, it was Steven who would stand before him. The sight of him had no bearing on Gordon because he didn’t know what Steven looked like. Phillip opened the screened gate, shook Steven’s hand, asked, what gave them the pleasure of his visit. Steven had not yet seen Gordon standing in Phillips’ living room, but Steven said he came to check up on Millicent. Mr. Phillip put his ear towards Steven, and asked, “Check up on her?” When Gordon heard this person mention Millicent’s name, he stayed where he stood.

He had a side view of the person standing in the front doorway, and Steven was as nervous as any liar, and cheat should be. Phillip stepped aside as if to invite him in.

“I men, I just wanted to see how she was doing.” Steven accepted the invitation to step into the foyer, and see if he’d be offered to pass through, but thought he’d choke, seeing the massiveness of Gordon Miller standing there. Gordon decided he was yet going to leave, and needed to know what that kook wanted with Millicent. Phillip knew that situation was sticky since Gordon was there, but it just may be the thing to get rid of Steven. Closing his front door, Phillip remained diplomatic.

He would be aware of the circumstances that could come between Steven, and Gordon, his chips were on Gordon who stood at attention with his hands crossed over his chest. The sound of his fiance’s name coming from a person he didn’t know interested him, and wanted the details of his visit. It could be hard to say what Steven’s motives were, or why he came, but to see Millicent wince, would have broken her parent’s hearts. Popping up at their house, Steven certainly had a plan, a reason to disturb the refined couple of their only child. Oh boy. What kind of day has Gordon been having now?

“Well, it seems my Millicent is a very popular girl today,” Phillip paused. “Her fiance was just leaving, now, here you are.” Phillip left the floor open, and Gordon had a feeling it was Steven Bonanza. Steven looked surprised Phillip had a guest at that time, because Gordon parks his car behind the property, and would not risk the wiles of Steven in the Mon Chéri’ home. Steven was slender, and not too tall, but Gordon was not playing, and unamused. Steven’s left brain went sarcastic, therefore his right brain stupid, and Gordon chose not to entertain his stupidity.

“Oh, I didn’t realize you had company,” Steven said.

Phillip was swift, and acted wiser than wisdom, and interjected quickly. “Steven. Bernadette did not mention you called to say you were coming.” He knew Steven hadn’t called to announce his visit, and Gordon got a look at him. To hell with chivalry. Gordon could tell, he was going to have to bust Steven’s ass, because he played dumb. As far as Gordon saw, Steven had nothing special about him to make Gordon feel insecure, and Phillip responded rhetorically.

“Yes Steven, we do have company. Say, how are your folks doing these days? We have not seen them in a month on Sundays.”

Phillip finished shaking Steven’s hand a sentence ago, and noticed his palms were sweaty, and probably felt like shitting on himself, but instead, struggled to maintain conversation.

“Oh well, yes Sir, they’re doing fine. Dad had a convention he attended with his company last week. Steven was sounding phony, trying to seem respectful, and intelligent.

“He took my mother with him. They’d been gone two weeks before that for my uncle’s wedding, but perhaps you’ll see them this weekend.” Phillip Mon Chéri’ pictured a few funny things in a split second, but answered the little twerp, “Perhaps.”

He paused a second, and then returned his attention to Gordon. Looking into Steven’s eyes, Phillip casually introduces his new son-in- law to be, and with whom he is happy.

“Steven, I want you to meet my future son in law.” He hesitated again. Steven’s name was a flash, and Gordon was not too short from leaping bounds on Steven where he stood, and tried to act as if he was innocent, and not a bother, with that stupid look on his face. Steven had come with bad intentions, and by the size of Gordon, he was trying to find a way to back out the visit.

“Steven, this is Gordon. Gordon Miller,” he stated.

Steven was good. He was choking, but no one knew, and a good thing he didn’t let his bowels go.

“We were settling wedding plans.” Phillip patted Gordon on the shoulder, showing Steven his approval of his daughter’s fiancee, and looked at Steven as though he should automatically feel that way as well. By the gleam in his eye when introduced to Steven, Phillip put a firm hand on the shoulder of Gordon, and had a proud look on his face, twice sincere. “And Gordon, this is Steven Bonanza. He might have been a friend of Millicent’s a long time ago.” Wow!

“His father and I worked for the same Realtor when we got our start.” Steven stood still, and Gordon finally got to see who Steven was, and he looked like a creep. Phillips’ stern voice continued, looking at Steven, “Great guy, your father is.” The truth was, the Mon Chéri’ only tolerated the Bonanza’s. Steven’s father was a shiesty womanizer, a wonder his wife had not found out about his antics, but word had it, she had been just as flirtatious. They were a mess of a couple, fair weathered, and headed for divorce, having not gotten over the seven year itch. Gordon saw that look in the eyes of Phillip.

He appeared differently than what he really felt about Steven’s parents, and would not leave Phillips’ side. If Gordon’s memory served him well, he had already spoken to Steven over the phone not too long ago concerning Millicent, sure, his memory served him. Not too long ago, Gordon told Steven that Millicent was not interested, but extended his hand to Steven and they shook. Steven could not help notice Gordon’s handshake, and his eye contact was serious. Gordon had a great set of eyeballs and a hell of a grip. He was anxious to know how far his conversation would go, and waited.

Steven immediately got a sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach.

“Nice to meet you.” Steven recognized Gordon’s voice, and got nervous. Seeming to be polite with one another, they knew how to act. Steven decided he did not want to intrude, so he began to excuse himself.

“Oh, I didn’t know you were going to be busy Mr. Phillip. I don’t want to intrude,” and then Steven looked at Gordon a little too sarcastically, and said, “I can call back later, if it’s not so much of a bother.” Gordon saw where Steven was full of crap, and definitely needed his ass kicked.

Phillip had to interject, “Well, that was a short visit.” Phillip knew his two guests were in opposition in his home, and Steven was determined to get out the front door as quickly as possible. Knowing who Gordon was, Steven was uneasy, especially after the brief words of the first conversation they had by telephone. Steven shook hands with Phillip again and said he’d stop by soon. “Do.” Phillip did not want to say anything more, and took him in stride. He knew that Steven’s sincerity was farthest from the truth, but would stop by again to try and see Millicent anyway. Mr. Mon Chéri’ was getting on mid aged, and Steven was a parasite. He did not want to say what he was really thinking.

Gordon spoke up.

“Hey man. I’m heading out too. I’ll walk you down the driveway.” It sounded good to Phillip. He thought, what the hell? As soon as Phillip closed the door, Gordon started in, “So, you came to see Millicent.” Steven was strutting, and acting like he was cool.

“Yeah man. I wanted to catch up on old times.”

“What old times man?” Steven didn’t know what to make of Gordon.

“Millicent said you fucked up, and that was that.” Gordon was already through with the conversation.

Steven never thought Millicent would ever mention what charade went down with him, and Bier, and relied on her naivety and silence. Steven was trying once again, to get into Millicent’s pants, to make another notch on his belt, practically admitting it to Gordon, who didn’t sound as steamed as he was. Steven tried to smooth his situation, and gave the impression of his visit, just a guy thing. He was trying to validate his pathetic self, the best way he thought he could.

“Well man,” Steven said, “No use crying over spilled milk. She could still date can’t she?”

Gordon was shocked the guy would say that. Did he not know how much hurtful damage he caused Millicent? Steven should not be kidding.

“Hey man, I don’t want you around here anymore looking for Millicent,” Gordon interjected. Steven looked at Gordon as if he knew him, and . thought he could get some drama started. He was getting underneath Gordon’s skin.

“Why not man?” Gordon kept his cool.

“Look man, I don’t mean to bust your bubble, but like I said, over the telephone, Millicent is not interested.”

Gordon was tight, edging not to knock him flat, because Steven was not trying to get what Gordon tried to tell him, he would get his ass kicked. Steven played obliviously, and should have been on guard, instead of having a lot of nerve. His immaturity, and the company he kept couldn’t save him.

“She’s not interested? Let me be the judge of that,” Steven argued. Now, Gordon knew he was crazy. In Gordon’s eyes, he blatantly started a fight with him by telling him to step aside his fiancee, and was not having it. Gordon let Steven know it was the last time he bullied his way into Millicent’s, or the Mon Chéri’ life.

“Look man,” Gordon said, “I know you don’t want any trouble. Just stay away from her, she’s my fiance, and I don’t want you around her.”

“Well, until everything is final, it’s every man for himself.” Steven still wanted to argue the point, and being a smart ass.

“Yeah man, and for myself, there’s Millicent.” They finally approached Steven’s car when Gordon had to make him clear. He put Steven in a choke hold, and slammed him into the side of his own car. He had no more tolerance for Steven, who bounced off, and in a split second, threw Steven at his car from the ground.

Gordon, and spoke to him through clenched teeth. Steven went limp, and then tried to squirm, but Gordon had a tight hold, and one hand on his throat. The movement happened so quickly Steven could not speak.

“I’m not sharing her, get it?” Steven got it. Gordon was annoyed but he made things more clear.

“I get man, I get it!” Color came back into his eyes.

“Good, I’m glad,” he said. “And if you do not get it, you will.” When Steven’s eyes went numb, Gordon jerked his neck loose. Steven was petrified holding his throat, and struggled for breath.

Gordon watched him go, and was sure the Mon Chéri’ would not see Steven Bonanza at their doorstep again. Gordon’s muscle car had more power than Steven’s, and was nicer looking too. Phillip, and Bernadette went running out of the house at the commotion of Gordon, slamming Steven into his car. As fast as they reached the curb, Gordon had his words, and let him go, tossed him, and Steven yelped as his body clobbered. He seemed not to have any nerves then, Gordon had him in a hold he would not let go, and Steven could not lose. With that, the Mon Chéri’, looked at Steven as if he lost his mind.

They were still, unhappy with the way he treated their daughter, and their house. He drove off. Millicent heard later how Gordon put Steven in his place, and shocked he had the audacious gall to come by the Mon Chéri’ house, to take advantage of their hospitality, possibly their daughter too, and the thought frightened her. Steven was on the top of their shit list, and needed not to make any waves. He should have thought about the risk he took. Gordon told Steven to lose the number. Steven had serious problems. Gordon didn’t like that the Mon Chéri’ were nervous with Steven’s tenaciousness.

Somehow, Phillip Mon Chéri’, needed to keep a sharp eye on the new young couple for a while. God forbid, something shady goes down, and while Gordon visited the Mon Chéri’, they concluded the plans for the perfect honeymoon. Gordon is tall, top heavy, as Hercules, bottom balanced, and will protect anyone who needed it, and had a pit bull effect when it came to them. The Mon Chéri’ are thankful that now, Millicent can see right through Steven, and never have anything to do with him again. His charades were gross, and he’s lucky she didn’t press violation charges on him. Why had Steven so much time to mess up people’s lives?

The Mon Chéri’ were not going to let Steven hurt Millicent again, and exceedingly grateful Gordon came along when he did. Next time, the Mon Chéri’ would make Steven’s life a living hell if he tried anything else.

“Perhaps don’t let him in the house. He frightens Millicent, I don’t like him, and she doesn’t like him either. She explained him to me, and I explained us it to him already.” Phillip asked Gordon not to feel an ounce of shame. Phillip thanked him, and admitted Steven was trouble. He, and Gordon would do anything to keep their families safe, even if it meant putting a bullet in someone.

Phillip asked his future son in law to be aware, and very careful.

“Over the years, the sultry lands have changed,” and humbly, shaking his head, Gordon agreed.

“Things seem a lot backwards to me too.”

“So hey, Gordon. When is it a good time for us to go over the guest list for the engagement dinner?” Phillip, and Bernadette are having a dinner party in Millicent, and Gordon’s honor, and Phillip looked almost whimsical. “And we want it to be spectacular.” That evening, she and Gordon spent time reading the books they purchased for leisure, and sipped wine.

Gordon asked himself, was that woman Beryl being for real, or was she crazy, while he wondered what happened to Base. Now, excited for having Millicent, and the small business he created, Gordon no longer felt depression, and knew his brother was fighting demons all around him, inheriting the title as Master of the d’Anise mansion. Dane’s position made Gordon think about responsibilities, whether Dane was there or not. Gordon wanted to keep the assets straight. Greed did not rule Dane, or Gordon, so in Dane’s time of need, he surged the strength of his brother to help him.

Gordon wished he was half of Dane, who is sufficient, and quite an accomplishment. Dane was a good man, a great person, and Gordon admired his brother’s strength, and achievements. He met with the people concerning the race track, skate park, and the bumper cars which Gordon put south side the plaza, and everything placed will pan out. In his opinion, the playgrounds will be centered in the right place, once the comic book store, and everything else is set.

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