Millicent and Gordon

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No Cold Feat

Twenty four- Best Friendships

The engagement dinner was fabulous, and until Millicent arrived, Gordon wondered if Base still wanted to be a doctor. Love was spinning all around Gordon, and his best friend had not shown. Millicent knew that there would be at least one wish in her life to come true, and Gordon flattered Millicent. He wanted her as his wife, one hundred years ago, but had to stay composed. Their time was near, and Millicent often dreamed of her wedding night with Gordon, glad they caught Victor Cache' trying to break into the d'Anise plaza, and very thankful the Meridian's illness was only morning sickness.

The wedding was close, well planned, and Millicent’s smile kept her hazel brown eyes a misty gray. As a dream comes true, with Gordon, Millicent will forever be smitten, and time to secure the wedding fittings, as Meridian’s belly starts filling in quickly. Knowing Meridian had only been pregnant was a blessing for everyone, and especially for Dane’s sake, and now had leeway for uncle Nathan’s bad deed, to make plans for his family’s future. The joy of knowing Meridian was thankful she was not going to die, and everyone else thought they would too, if she had.

Meridian, and Millicent seemed to be the heart of all of them, and Gordon shed a tear on a personal level, looked at Dane, and gave him, I told you so. Meridian was handed a towel rather quickly, because she threw up, as simple as that. Ruben stayed at the plaza’s crime scene to wrap things up, and finally reached the hospital in time to hear the good news, shook Dane’s hand, hugged Meridian, and congratulated his dear friend for his achievement, and he saw how much Enid Rae was thrilled. Now, there was nothing that would stop Meridian from being happy.

She was glowing, and finally felt like eating from that time forth. Her pregnancy had begun to show, and the twins’ appetite caused Meridian to grow double. With each twin taking in their full share of nutrients, they grew strong, and healthily. Dane glowed even more as healthy as Meridian was. It was no wonder at her last doctor visit, both siblings were identical in size. Her symptoms decreased so that she no longer felt ill about her body changes, and began to enjoy the growth of she, and Dane’s love, and now, they felt twice squared, in love.

Enid Rae had an array of blouses, dresses, and suits to wear for the wedding, but joined the women at the bridal shop, just in case she found an accessory that would help her choose what suit to wear, and managed to find a very pretty barrette, one she not seen in the storage rooms of la Boutique, for her hair, and also bought a new pair of Bellini sling back shoes to go with her autumn brocade skirt and jacket, and the perfect scarf she found later in the mall made by Ellen Tracy, and all else, from out of her walk-in closets.

Hair stylists, and makeup artist’s are to go to Millicent’s guest house brunch hour on her wedding date with photographers, and camera people for the entire wedding day. They had gotten a lot of the wedding plans out of the way. Bernadette was happy with her fitting for the formal affair, Enid was tired, and Meridian was starving again. The last time Millicent, and her mother went shopping for an occasion was when Millicent met Gordon, at Meridian and Dane’s wedding. She had to go home and cook dinner when Padimye asked if she could borrow Millicent for a moment.

She said they wouldn’t be long, and so they ended up at her uncle’s bakery on the other side of town, to pick out her wedding cake. Millicent had not thought about that either, and probably the last thing the Mon Chéri’ thought since their bakery goods were always fresh. Padimye’s uncle asked that Millicent accept the wedding cake he will create, in as many layers as the tiers could handle the base, as a gift to her family for her wedding, and Millicent did not know what to say, so Padimye, said, “Good. That’s settled. So now let’s decide how, and what you want in, and on it.”

The wedding party attire looked as well as it fit. Dane’s suit arrived perfectly. He is Gordon’s best man since Basil was unavailable to be in the wedding party, and just unavailable. Dane and Gordon’s attire was specially ordered because they’re extra big, and tall, and the three of them carried off the best looking cufflinks. Gordon, and Dane joked and acted out in the store as they typically do, the day for them was fun. The haircuts, they’d gotten the day before will look great on the wedding day, with fresh shaves.

Millicent and Gordon were holding hands, taking a slow walk on the d’Anise grounds, the day before the wedding, and as tradition, Gordon delivered Millicent to her house before six pm. It was bad luck to see the bride before the wedding. The honeymoon trip still was a surprise, and they had both been happy their day has finally come. Millicent invited her wedding party to stay the night at her guesthouse the night before her wedding, and her foyer was as if the bridal boutique itself. All the dresses for the wedding party, shoes, and accessories were laid out, and ready.

Meridian ended up spending the night too, and the next day will be glorious. All Gordon wanted to do was please Millicent. Yasmine and Ombrielle ordered the first rounds of pizza, and they ordered another, since Meridian had always felt hunger. Bernadette, and Phillip went to check on the girls before they said good night, and saw that the girls had plenty to eat, and then returned home.

“Okay girls,” Bernadette said, “If you need anything, you know we’re just a phone call, or cobblestone away.”

“We’re fine!”

The girls replied, and always had a crush on the mild mannered, and distinguished Mr. Mon Chéri’. He had never been short of handsome, and his salt and pepper hair seemed unchanging, and his mustache had always given him a mature and attractive aura. Bernadette gave Millicent a kiss on her forehead, and Phillip hugged his daughter tightly, and did the same thing. Bernadette expressed her best wishes, crossed her fingers, and they wished her sweet dreams.

“Get plenty of rest,” they tried to offer. Gordon was great. He, Dane, Charles, Ruben, and Vernon drank toasts until midnight.

Charles was well enough to join Gordon’s celebration, and Enid had long excused herself for the evening, prepared for the day, and fell fast asleep by ten thirty. Gordon went to sleep with a smile on his face, and his brother retired right after him, but it was the same old pajama party in the guesthouse after Phillip and Bernadette last checked on the girls.

Giggling laughter and pillow fight between six girls was funny, and while Meridian fell fast asleep by eleven, everyone else chatted until almost three in the morning, while Millicent gave herself a mini facial, and sliced a cool cucumber to put on her eyes before she slept.

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