Millicent and Gordon

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Wedding Day

Twenty five- Tricks of the Trade

After the sun rose, at seven-thirty, the coffee maker brewed coffee. Slowly, the wedding party at the guest house began to wake, and one by one made way to the kitchen. From inside the refrigerator they pulled out orange juice, milk, cream cheese, bagels, and eggs for breakfast, Padimye and Arden scrambled. They had delicious pastries from Padimye’s uncle to ease the pressure of cooking more than just eggs. At eleven o’clock as scheduled, the makeup artist, and hairstylists came, and nothing had gone wrong, from the second Meridian, and Millicent set foot into that bridal boutique.

Their entire company really did seem to believe in fairy tales, and made everyone’s experience pleasurable, by simply wanting fairy tales to come true, everyone sure to look lovely. Breakfast was good. Everyone already had a bite, excited for Millicent and for Gordon too. Practically all done with bathing, Meridian needed a tad more to eat. Padimye saved her jelly- filled donuts, and an apple-filled one too. She already ate two cheese Danishes with dates, drank orange juice, a tall glass of milk, scrambled eggs, applesauce, and sure to have at least a cream cheese bagel before the hour.

As it was, she did have another tall glass of milk, after she ate another apple-filled Danish before they left. Millicent’s place had the most cheerful din of happiness, and the spirit of the day was in order. It was a perfect, sunny day for Millicent’s wedding, and the guesthouse, and so the camera crew took no time setting umbrellas, and equipment, with spacious, open rooms for them to work. They shot the makeup artists putting special effects onto the women, they had already taken turns bathing, perfumed, bathrobed, ready, and waiting. Two hairstylists worked at a time.

They mastered the up-do hair creations discussed during the final consultations at the fitting of the bridal boutique, Bernadette had her hair, and makeup done at home, and dressed, after the two artists slipped away, and ready for Padimye, and the next two hairdo’s, and then the artist’s work, and the rotated people until Millicent. She’d shampooed, conditioned, and dampened her hair, as asked, had a glow, and then applied a scented body-veil shimmer, which smelled mind blowing. Millicent walked out of her powder room with a smile, and already looked as if a doll.

All of her friends all looked good, and as happy to be there, as she. Relishing all the chatter while she was getting ready, the hairstylists was ready for Millicent as the makeup artist finished up, and stood by. Before Meridian and Padimye helped Millicent into her dress, before she layered a dab of the body-veil’s woodsy floral perfume on her pulse points, and then dabbed it’s powder. Inedible, yet delicious! Bernadette was made up, dressed, and looked stunning when she went to check on the wedding party, and gathered to compliment her.

Mr. Mon Chéri’ gave her almost every diamond necklace ensemble she owned, and for the special occasion, Millicent wore the brown marcasite ensemble with a matching bracelet.

“Mom, you look gorgeous!” Meridian clasps her mouth, and Millicent had not even been dressed yet, when she returned her mother’s compliment. She was happy with the appearance of the bridal party, and told Meridian she looked beautiful. The staff was pleasant, moved quickly, and professionally. Once Millicent was ready, they helped her dress, and would be time to leave.

Bernadette, in the midst of organized excitement, finally caught a glimpse of her daughter. She was amazed at how Millicent was before her a never ending beautiful woman, and her eyes glistened, and so she had to fan herself, proud at the sight, and achievements of her lovely daughter, and clasps her hands over her mouth. Millicent noticed her mother’s approval, and tried to shush herself before she would cry too. The camera flashed because both mother and daughter were picturesque, and beautiful, Millicent’s look different from everyone else.

The special makeup effects, and the scent of her in that knock-out fragrance, had made her signature look pop, and breathtakingly radiant. Millicent had beautiful bone structure, height, shape, youth, and a beautiful woman blossomed into bloom, and her photos remarkable. All the artists had done a clean, and tremendous job well done, in a short organized, and cooperative amount of time, and a signature of beauty. Both the hair stylists and makeup artists did phenomenally with the looks they created, and photo after photo was flawless.

The artists designed the wedding party in hues of lilac, taupe, smokey brown, and peach hues of natural color, and a sweet and tender moment for Millicent and her mother. Meridian admired their closeness, as Padimye always had, because mother and daughter were best friends, and everyone knew how deeply they regarded one another, as the photographers captured magical moments. The host of photographers were waiting to take pictures of the bride. Millicent’s bridesmaids were helped into the stretched limousine and when the chauffeur helped Millicent in, she did not look back. `

The six limousines sent from the d’Anise, well accommodated the Mon Chéri’, the wedding parties, and even a few friends. The atmosphere in the d’Anise mansion was quiet and serene. None of them boasted, made havoc or fussed, after midnight, and it seemed everyone had gotten a decent amount of sleep. Enid was at a mellow age, all things were in order, and everything in its place, and no need to worry, the wedding hadn’t been until two thirty. Outside the d’Anise mansion grounds, Gordon noticed photographers, and camera people standing around, and smirked.

Dane, Enid Rae, and Gordon were in their chambers, getting themselves ready since after Cook, who’s always on time distributing mealtimes. As instructed by Dane, he and their new houseman Laise, not to let any of the photographers, or cinematographers into the front entrance door until one-thirty, and mention they could set their equipment anywhere, on the first level. The day before, Gordon, and Dane had gone all around the first floor locked doors to suites, and the elevator. The hired crews could not wait to enter into the grandeur of the manor, and appreciated the restroom from the outside.

Enid Rae had her television on while she sipped a hot cup of tea, already had a bath, wrinkled in the bathtub soaking in fragrance. She had all but dressed, wearing a robe, and her eyes, glued to the television watching Sinbad’s Seven Voyages. When Enid was ninety-five percent ready, she would give Charles a call so they could collect him in the limousine. He, and Enid Rae were harmonious. Dane phoned to check on Enid. He was uncertain she’d been moving with the order of the day, and barged in, and said she only had to put her clothes on, but to keep her more focused, he asked her to phone Gordon for him, because Dane told her he was too busy getting ready.

Dane wanted to know what Gordon was doing since he hadn’t seen or heard from him since breakfast. Enid assured Dane that she was moving along, and would phone Gordon for him. The early afternoon shone throughout the manor, and then finally, Enid could hear chatter from the camera people from her second floor abode. Outside of her bedroom television, the chamber room was peaceful and quiet.

Dane spent a few minutes straightening the paperwork Ruben handed him the other day, before he finally went to sleep, since Meridian spent the night at Millicent’s, but woke fuzzy at first. Enid phoned Gordon.

“Yes Enna. I’m getting dressed,” and then Gordon asked Enid to ask Dane to call him. Gordon was fine, so Enid hung up, and rang Dane, and told him that Gordon said to call him. Dane asked Enid what Gordon wanted, and why didn’t he phone him in the first place, and Enid said she didn’t know.

Dane thanked Enid, and Gordon was fine on his big wedding day, and it had almost been time. Daane phoned Gordon who picked up the phone, already showered, shaved, he looked definitely into shape, and as solid as a rock. When the phone rang, Gordon already knew it was his brother.


“What? What? Enid said to call. What’s the matter? Are you having trouble with your zipper or something, Clunk head?” Dane made Gordon smirk at what he said, so he retaliated.

“Ha-ha. No. Nothing is wrong. You ready?”

Dane was clipping his cuff link. He was cheerful.


“Did Cook mention the guys are here?”

“What guys?” Gordon decided to shout aloud to his brother as though he senile; hard of hearing.

“The camera guys, you Dork!” Dane figured Gordon his normal self so he ignored his remarks. Dane had a deep, calm, smooth voice. He looked into his camera monitor, and saw them.

“Oh no, I did not. What is Cook doing here anyway? Isn’t it his day off?”

“I don’t know, wait. Wait, hadn’t he been here for breakfast?”

“Weren’t you here for breakfast, what, You don’t remember?” Either of the men cared for the camera operators.

“Oh yeah man,” Dane nodded. “That’s right. When are you coming out? Do you need me?” To Dane, Gordon shouted out loud again. He was being sarcastic noticing how excited his brother was getting, so he teased him.

“No! I don’t need you Clunk head!”

“No. Good. Forget the cameras.” Gordon was ready, and couldn’t care less about the cameras either.

“I’ll be out in half an hour.”

“Ask Enna to phone me when she’s ready, then I’ll come out.”

“The cars are outside.” Gordon saw them through the atrium at the greenhouse.

“Cars?” Dane looked in the quad monitor. “We only need one car. I’ll send the other two cars to the Mon Chéri’, but the other limousines better be at the church later on.

“I know, yeah. Good idea. I’ll ask Cook, or tell Liaise to send the other cars to Millicent’s. They could probably use an extra car or two over there. See Bro-ski, you’re not that dumb after all.”

“Yeah, Yeah, I’m really proud of myself,” Dane said. They hung up. Not twenty minutes later, Enid Rae received a call from Beryl, asking if she, or Charles knew if Vernon, would be available to pick her up for the wedding. Her car was stalled, and she hadn’t gotten it fixed yet.

“I called him, but had not gotten an answer,” and needed a ride to the church, but in truth, Beryl dragged a tree stump the other day, driving home from a pub. Beryl felt the bump, the car stalled, so she put the pedal to the metal, and burned the clutch. When that didn’t seem to work, Beryl put her car in reverse.

She wanted to loosen whatever, and thank God, not whoever from underneath her car, and it worked. The branch snapped in half, but puncturing the gas tank, muffler, and a couple of pieces of her car. Enid was not going to ask if the limo taking four of them, switch direction to take five. Yes, Enid thought it would bother Vernon to have to collect Beryl. She was throwing cheap shots, and vile accusations lately. Charles phoned Vernon, and he answered, and knew how many times that afternoon Beryl called. Teale had still been away in New York.

She’d be there until much later that evening, or the next day, the reason she missed the engagement dinner, and so Vernon felt stuck. If he had not done the task, Beryl were to make her way to the wedding and see him, she would make an ugly scene. She’d been on her vacation, and on the last day her car broke. Vernon had not wanted to be bothered with Beryl, or her true colors, but naturally for Enid and Charles’s sake, he would do the favor. Where Vernon lived, he could take the highway, and escort her from there, and Enid knew better than to ask a favor to Dane, or especially Gordon.

Neither man would not make the limousine take a detour for her. As it was, Beryl had never received a formal invitation to the wedding, or reception, but by way of Enid Rae she included herself, in as pushy, as she’s become. Vernon said he could drive in the direction of where she lived, he just hated to do so. He just met Teale, and because of Beryl, Vernon hadn’t wanted to involve her in the reception, even if her plane she got in early enough, reluctant to say yes, about Beryl, but kept peace. Teale was away in New York, modeling in a few fashion shows that week.

Teale wasn’t sure if she could return before the wedding reception. Vernon almost could not bear collecting Beryl after all that time. They had nothing in common, and she had probably still been pissed off, when earlier that year, he’d fallen asleep over the telephone, and rather feeling sorry the next day, but Vernon made no excuse. Beryl wanted to use him, and he knew it, complaining about her life, so he would feel obligated to fix it, but had long since been tired of her sad songs, Beryl needed to apply common sense to the game. She knew nothing of Teale, who was in Vernon’s circle with everyone, for months.

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