Millicent and Gordon

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The Affair

Twenty five- Beautiful by Design

When the limousines pulled up, Gordon was humbly amazed and at the sight of the church grounds festively decorated for his, and Millicent’s honor, and her cars had then been signaled to head for the church. When they were five minutes away Gordon, and Dane took their places, which was five minutes toying with Gordon. On purpose, Dane was the first to look at his watch.

“She’s not coming,” he sang in total tease mode. In reality, Dane wondered how his wife was getting along. He missed her the night before, loved Gordon, but anxious to see his wife.

“Be quiet,” Gordon ordered, knowing how futile he sounded, and a moment later, Dane couldn't help himself, teased Gordon, and and started cracking jokes.

“Well, maybe you are uglier than I thought.” Dane snickered, and then chuckled evilly too, harassed Gordon, who looked blank for a second. “She’s not coming,” Dane said flatly.

“Ha-ha, very funny.” He snapped back, sarcastically giving Dane and Ruben, sitting in the front row, his time in response. Gordon was not nervous, and hoped Millicent felt as good as he, but didn’t know what to expect. Seeing Beryl in the second row blabbing her mouth off was no help, but so far, so good, and as promised, the wedding planners did a spectacular job dressing the gazebo at the back of the grand white church'

Its stained glass shines with sparkle as with the oak doors, and brass kick plates on the French doors, and handles shined. The church had beautiful settings of flower arrangements. At the gazebo, the Pastor stood atop its platform, and the wedding party stood down three levels of steps to the base of the gazebo, and the sheer chiffon flowed in the rhythm of the chimes swinging. There was a sweet floral scent of the easy surrounding breeze on that beautiful day.

They duplicated floral settings for the isle pews with autumn flowers in grassy peaks leading to the gazebo, and obvious from afar that the affair matrimonial. The scent of autumn flowers hanging onto the draped decor made the ceremony look that much more special as the guest started filling in the empty spaces in anticipation and marvel. The left slate walkway the bridesmaids would march, and on the other side, the groomsmen would coordinate with them, until they were in position.

Meridian would approach the gazebo, center isle, and Millicent, and Mr.Mon Chéri’, would flow after, center ceremony. Everyone was a star that day, as the video cameras kept rolling, and Gordon, and Dane placed unflinching. Now they could see Enid Rae and Charles sitting just off behind Ruben in the second row. Enid was a little angry about Beryl when she arrived, and since she and Vernon had not too much to say on their drive, Vernon paid no attention to Beryl trying to flirt. He was not in the mood to pacify, or patronize her, there was too much business afoot.

Vernon was too happily occupied, and without her, the plaza would do well within itself. Beryl wedged herself in between Enid Rae, and Charles when they arrived, and Vernon saw what Beryl had done. Practically sitting on Charles’ lap, he slid onto another chair, and took his seat on the other side of Enid Rae, and luckily at the time, Gordon had not seen the stunt Beryl had done. He would have stepped off his pedestal and pulled her plug, and if he caught the looks that penetrated between Enid, Charles and Vernon, because of her.

Gordon would have had Beryl escorted away from the premises. Charles was up to his ears with Beryl too, and Enid thanked Vernon for his courtesy, but he did not want to chauffeur Beryl around from then on, and should certainly afford to get her car fixed, because that day was as far as Vernon would go. The plaza was not opened yet and she had already been making a salary since she decided to accept the job after her vacation at the boutique, Enid Rae’s baby. Vernon, less than passive, wished so badly for Teale with him, and hinted to Enid that he was through with her.

Beryl was already partially drunk, and she looked, and smelled flamboyantly. Enid discovered Vernon did not make a fuss when he landed a spot on the other side of her, and at least Enid had company. Beryl was as if a child playing games. She looks around, compliments the visual display, and so she was entertained, and apparently, no longer sore with Gordon, surely she has accumulated her weight in men, she told Enid, who decided to hang in there with her, since she was not taking cheap shots that day. She was lonely. Enid knew that Beryl was not invited to either affair.

It was wiser for Beryl to better go with protocol, because even her presence was not too welcome, just before their silence stayed to a point. The occasion was joyous, and no one was going to tolerate Beryl spoiling it, apparently Dane caught the three of them mildly entangled in the awkwardness of Beryl, imposing, and watched her attitude, but Vernon, and Charles expected the worst to come out of her later. The wedding would start soon, but the church served no booze. Listening to the live band, and Beryl cackle with all that hairspray fuming in her hair was difficult.

In between them trying to get in a word, or two edgewise, they gazed at the tall cedars peaked in the background of Gordon, and Millicent’s wedding, and politely rolled their eyes way up into the private cascades of the evergreens, to play her off, begging for a moment’s silence. Again as Beryl rattled on, they thought to admire the green blades of grass lush, fragrant in its fresh plush cuts of the season, what Dane saw, and that others, was very gracious to attend the ceremony. The humidity settled, and the temperature was most comfortable.

Beautiful light breezes flowed through the tops of the tall fragrant green bush trees, and the wedding guests were filling in, and so no longer had Beryl felt superior in fashion, sense, or anything, and certainly no one came boozed. The wedding planners communicated on their headphones, and took private interviews of guests with invitations, caught on film- Beryl missed her fifteen seconds of fame. Thank God, the exit doors to the church opened just after Beryl broke the silence, again, and Enid, and knew who would get together later. Beryl would have to catch up, or catch them later.

People started to wind down from the dancing music’s smooth sounds of jazz, and the ceremony was about to start, Gordon, and Dane was standing, and Enid Rae, and Charles crossed their legs towards each other, Vernon, and Beryl sat on opposite sides of them, since Beryl moved. Vernon was fine with the arrangement, as the band hushed, and then played a soft contemporary tune. Vernon thought for sure Teale would have appreciated the affair. Teale would have danced with Vernon in as much as the many couples on the lawn partaking in the music he loved.

A slight applause hinted towards the dancers as the musical tempo switched into a jazz rendition of the traditional wedding march. Gordon was rocking on his heels back and forth, and watched the couples finish their dance, and clapped for the couple’s, and then Dane, and Ruben razzed his sentiment.

“Right. Old farts.” Gordon acted as if he had to smirk, or slap both of them. He could not believe they were joking at a time like that, but Gordon was only joking too when Dane looked at him.



“Yes you are.”

“Reject.” Gordon blinked, and then the jazz melody deepened. He tightened up a little, the change of music caught his attention. Only a few moments ago the limousines pulled up in front of the church. It was bad luck for the groom to see the bride, so it was time for Gordon to face the pastor until the proper time. Arriving at the church, Millicent looked absolutely modern, but felt as if royalty. She was stunning, when a chauffeured hand held for her aid, out of the limousine. Awaiting his daughter’s arrival, Phillip approached his daughter, from the church’s front.

Guests went to the matrimonial grounds to enter the ceremonial floor. All the hoopla had primarily been for Millicent, and Phillip was taken by his daughter’s beauty, and told her she looked so. With the widest smile imaginable, Phillip squeezed both her hands, and was very proud that day. He was losing a baby daughter, but to a good man, and thought, God’s gifts blessed them overflowing abundantly, and knew that nothing could stop the unity of their handsomely sacred occasion. Quickly, the wedding planners directed their every step. The wedding would begin in three, two, one…

Everyone was standing, and at the instant the double doors at the back of the church opened, it filled the lovely vision of the bridesmaids and groomsmen, and without interruption, or cue, the wedding march started, and the wedding procession started walking up the side isles, every third step, and looking very chic. Each bridesmaid dress was unique in the wedding color, and splendid for that September affair. The groomsmen’s suits, and shoes were identical.

Before the church doors opened, the bridal party made jokes which took off the edge. They complimented one another on how well they cleaned up. Birds seemed to chirp in time with the wedding march, which symbolizes peace, and harmony, and then people already started sniffling at the beauty, and reality of the magnificent affair, their loved ones, friends, and spouses. Outside of that, Millicent, and Meridian were gorgeous, composed, and no one seemed nervous walking up the isles, aside their partners, opposite isle across the congregation.

They coordinated, represented knowing smiles, and each of them possessed a sense of elegance, and maturity, coming together in holiness. Their pride, and happiness rang with joy, and confidence in spirit, and in appreciation of serving the occasion, they were blessed. The elders were amazed at how well the young people could make such positive things happen if they wanted too.

“A little work wouldn’t kill anyone,” an old timer supposedly whispered to his spouse. It was a proud moment for the parents of the wedding party too.

The cameras never stopped flashing, and the videos kept rolling. Everything was in constant motion capturing every moment, and every angle of the affair, and so far, the event was money well spent. The wedding planners were excellent, getting their jobs done right, even if Dane was still playing. He antagonized Gordon through the bottom half of his teeth, but could not wait to see his wife Meridian, whom he missed the whole night through.

“Blah your wedding my man, I wanna see my wife. Oh, buy the way, Dumb-dumb.”

Gordon’s eyes shifted downward, and his ear up towards Dane, whom he knew not his next gag, to hear him. “Millicent bought you a wedding ring. We forgot to shop one for you.” He glanced at Dane who pretended he was not not playing at his brother’s wedding, again, and gave him the weirdest, corkiest smile. Gordon’s eyes met Vernon’s in a cold stare before he gave a slight smile, and Vernon winked back at them, glad the boys were having a good time. All eyes would be on Millicent, but Dane would search for his wife. Gordon whispered to Dane who was gaming to play on.

“Just joking, but what if I kick you in the back of your knee, make you fall forward, and roll down those stairs?” Dane tried not to act out too much, but took one hand, and they openly brushed each other off as parasites, and most of the wedding party shushed them. Padimye, in her subtle way, begged them to stop playing. They looked at her, straightened their tuxedo’s at the same time, and then Padimye’s eyes shifted towards them, again. Before she knew it, her actions spoke better than words, and then they stopped, and so had the stare of Padimye, she wanted to kill them.

Now that the wedding party was in place, awaiting the bride, the music alternated. Meridian came from the side of the open doors and then took the first steps up the middle. She held the flower basket, tossed autumn flowers, looked radiant with her wedding ring glistening, and walked the aisle, pregnant with Dane’s children. Her diamond stone was certainly large enough to remind many of their wedding. Meridian was happy, healthy, and best friends with Millicent and Padimye, and getting closer with Ombrielle, and Arden in friendship.

Seeing his wife, Dane’s emotions practically overcame him. Dane balled a fist to his bottom lip, at the sight of his wife. His heart warmed and he fought back an emotional head rush as his woman stepped closer up the aisle.

“That’s what I’m talking about,” Dane muttered.

“Calm down,” Gordon spoke, his teeth clenched, playing with his brother whispering words tight lipped, cool as a cucumber. Dane’s eyes searched Meridian’s as she walked up center aisle, dropping rose petals on either side of herself. The sight of his pregnant wife was beautiful, and she smiled at him.

Dane stepped off the stairs to greet Meridian, and his move was unscripted, she rather curtsied, and he rather bowed, and the act unrehearsed stirred a positive reaction, and Dane knew his brother would react.

“Give me a break,” Gordon muttered.He was instructed when to turn around, when Dane replaced himself, because Millicent, and her father, had just entered the ceremonial grounds, and sniffles came from everywhere. The Mon Chéri’ aisle walk made Gordon’s eyes somewhat misty as well. When the wedding party pivoted, Gordon turned, and stood handsomely in his tuxedo.

He was a vision out of Gentleman’s Quarterly magazine, now understanding why they were wearing, “such an offbeat tuxedo color,” instead of traditional black and white. From the stir of the audience, Gordon was super-proud of the attention concerning Millicent, and then Dane spoke for Gordon.

“Wow!” Dane had not seen Millicent more beautiful. In an instant, she came into view. Millicent astounded Gordon. He felt his bride breathtakingly beautiful, and the most amazing bride he’d ever seen in his entire life. Millicent was his queen, and looked as if one.

Gordon’s heart felt as light, as Millicent looked like an angel, flowing towards him in her beautiful wedding gown, different from where their friendship began, in rough blue jeans, and oversized plaid shirts, and tees. The gown’s fluidity accentuated her stunning figure in her ever graceful movement. Of her, Gordon thought her autumn wedding bouquet exquisite. It was lovely through the golden sunshine. Since after her proposal, Millicent had become firm in her desire for a happy, everlasting marriage, and to please Gordon is what she wanted too. She was eager to become a woman; Gordon’s woman.

Millicent wasn't hesitant, and knew Gordon would love her, she could see it in his eyes, taste it in his kiss, and felt it in her heart. The thought of how much Gordon loved her, was as much as Millicent wanted to give herself to him to have. In that beautiful September breeze in the sultry land, Millicent would finally take his hand. Millicent, and Gordon acknowledged each other with warm regards, which made a very handsome statement for all who witnessed them.

“Jeez Millicent,” Gordon said in a rush of her beauty. His visual intake of Millicent was a match made in heaven.

They smiled together, and the apples in Millicent’s cheeks, and eyes showed. There was not a dry eye in the house. Gordon’s rendition of thanking God, lent a few chuckles from the first two rows, and Lady Keats, the Pastors wife, fanned herself at the Jeez outburst of Gordon. Millicent was a beautiful, full-figured, curvaceous woman, and Gordon could not resist his gasps of temptation, seeing his bride up close and cameras flashed, as if a spread for the cover of Vogue magazine.

Millicent thought Gordon had dressed to a tee. He was. Phillip winked at Gordon when he released Millicent, and had already given him the thumbs up in admiration, and approval of Gordon’s good looks, when he arrived, Phillip signaled his bow tie. Gordon recognized the compliment, pointed to him, and gave him a thumbs up too, and finally able to formally shake hands. They gave each other a knowing look, and firm eye contact when Phillip gave Millicent away.

The atmosphere became silent, as even the birds said a prayer in that moment of silence, before they sang again. Millicent stood at Gordon’s side, Meridian at hers, and Dane at Gordon’s. Padimye started to cry, and Linux in the second row, asked her to chin up. Enid sniffled, along with a witnessing host of friends and relatives. Thin satin trim in taupe color accentuated the Grecian double breasted bodice, of Millicent’s wedding gown. It flowed endlessly, and danced alone where she stood.

Her strapped sequin taupe sandals was lovely, and silently gripped the slate walk. The music had gotten to everyone’s sentiments romantically, and Charles supported Enid by cupping her hands. Vernon rolled his eyes at Beryl, but she did not see him do it, and the music stopped, and the Pastor started the ceremony. Millicent’s hair flowed beautifully, as it was time.

“Dearly Beloved.” The love expressed between Millicent and Gordon glistened. They reminded many married couples that day, of themselves at their weddings. It was impromptu.

The matrimonial vows they wrote brought the congregation to tears. Millicent’s wedding ring glistened most beautifully around the inner case of the large, precious stone, and Gordon’s wedding ring made of platinum, consists of a row of blue ice diamonds. Younger than all of them, Meridian was playful, but lovelier than a kid at heart. No matter what, she had gotten the information she needed for Millicent’s sake, and in truth, Gordon liked the ring. The wedding ring complimented him well, and then they said their I do’s, Gordon was not timid, indeed grabbed his bride, and kissed her.

The kiss between them was unbelievable, as guests witnessed from every angle, and of adult ages. The newlyweds were lost in the moment, and then finally came back down to earth, and realized their guests were mystified, and between them gave a chuckle. All through all the excitement, the wedding planners guided their steps, and then motivated them to turn and meet their guests, and there was a series of applause. When the last guest acknowledged them as Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Miller d’Anise, they started up the main aisle together as husband, and wife.

They were guided out, into the limousines, headed for the wedding reception. Birdseed sprayed up in the air. The occasion was joyous in anticipation of the beauty of the rest of the day, heading towards the wedding reception hall. Vernon dreaded driving with Beryl to the reception. He was on a slow roll through the church, ahead of Enid Rae, and Charles when all of a sudden, Dane grabbed him, asked where Teale was. Vernon explained she went to New York for a high paying fashion gig, but that the earliest she thought she could get away would be on the red eye flight, back to the sultry lands.

“That means you’re stuck with the Hag?” Vernon laughed at Dane’s humor, and appreciated it. He felt miserable without Teale, and dreaded having been stuck with Beryl. He thought he would probably have to drive her to the affair, which made him even more miserable, hoping she would instead squeeze a ride with Enid. Vernon had had it, especially with her condescending attitude, sure to spoil a good mood and a great time, and Vernon was just short of backing out on the reception just to avoid her.

“Well, since you put it that way.” Dane sensed his worry.

“Look,” he said. “Why don’t I get rid of the old Troll, oops, I mean, old doll? I’ll make sure she squeezes in with Enid.” Vernon did not know why Dane was making those gestures, but was glad. “There is someone here I want you two to meet. Give Teale a call, and ask her if she wouldn’t mind coming out this evening if she gets in, and please tell her that it would mean a lot to us, and especially Meridian, and Millicent if she did,” and so Vernon was feeling better already, but knowing Beryl, he would not want Teale uncomfortable. Dane called back to Vernon, and his look warranted a response. “Make sure she comes!”

Teale had gotten wind of Beryl, and in general, thought she might sit out the affair, and even fibbed about getting to town probably after the reception, even in as much as she wanted to see Vernon. Beryl was a shit show, selfishly ruining things for people. Teale had just gotten home, and sensed that Vernon wanted her to be by his side, in as much as she wanted to be there. When she received his call, he did not expect her to answer, but that her machine would, and accepted his invitation. She lived only twenty minutes away, bathed, and could arrive by way of Vernon. There was no telling what Beryl would do at the reception.

Beryl actually thought she was a perfect person. She, who Vernon enjoyed least, was no Teale. Millicent, and Meridian loved Teale. Of Beryl after the wedding, Vernon felt sick in his stomach, to meet the task of transporting Beryl alone, and if he could, he would have spit. Everyone gave Beryl too much. Everyone looked around silently to see who extended her an invitation, and it was not Enid Rae either. Beryl crashed the wedding, and reception on her own. Millicent put Beryl in the loose woman category a long time ago. Her true colors came across as raunchy reactions, and although she tried to be, Millicent never thought Beryl funny.

Teale was grateful for Vernon’s phone call, and he was happy she was home, and to hear her voice too, Vernon’s call had taken her by surprise. Teale had not met the woman Beryl yet, but somehow was a part of conversation once or twice, and in Teale’s presence, and quite unconsciously without meaning any harm, Charles shook his head and rolled his eyes, at the mention of her name. No one else gave his gesture a thought, but Teale had. Her first impression of the woman was not in Beryl’s favor. From what Teale could grasp, Beryl was rude to most everyone.

She harassed the cook often, and developed an impression after seeing the look on everyone’s face. Teale was an especially beautiful woman, and Vernon had not a desire to socialize with Beryl at all. Vernon thought her too incessant. Beryl didn’t have enough substance for Vernon to want to have sex with her, let alone love, and he was no man whore. He resisted, and would not indulge her. Vernon wanted a decent woman, someone he could have meaning, not someone that anyone else could have.

He wanted someone he could grow with, and spend a lifetime. Vernon was familiar with enough loose women, to know he’s not pegged anymore. Dane made his move towards Enid Rae and Charles, and Beryl followed closely, and Enid Rae was her bread and butter. Discreetly, Dane asked Enid to invite Beryl to ride in their chauffeur car. Enid cracked a smile, and then Dane looked at her and then ahead.

“I will explain later.” Dane had to escort Meridian who was at Vernon and Padimye’s side, when Vernon made the call.

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