Millicent and Gordon

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Part two

Twenty seven- Her man. His woman.

In the quiet of their sail Gordon embraced Millicent, not with the stiffness of his tuxedo, and she ran her hands around his broad shoulders, and rugged chest. The noise of the reception faded, but in the distance, I could still see the octagon structure aglow, imagining how alive, and active the reception party must have been, from the last twinkling of light. Gordon popped the cork of the champagne bottle, and then poured his wife and himself a glass.

Twenty minutes adrift the captain came down to deck to meet the newlyweds. He was a peculiar sort, and seemed to be at sea his entire life, sun scorched, and wrinkled.

“We will drift this evening at seventy five miles an hour, but it will be full steam ahead as soon as the sun rises.” He paused, adjusted his cap, scratched his flaky bald head, and choked in an answer.

“Nevertheless, you two will have to be out on deck by one in the afternoon. We dock, one thirty.” Millicent was excited, but held onto Gordon’s arm, because the captain seemed seedy. She looked at him, and his Steward who followed, since they were there.

“Where are we going?” The captain had his lips locked, turned, but from his back he spoke.

“I knew you were gonna ask me that.” He looked as if he could not open an eye as wide as the other, his tone was gruff, he was blunt, too blunt, his voice commanding, and not eagerly friendly.

“I’m sailing this trip only because the other captain got sick. Steward, you tell these folks where we are going, ye hear?” The steward stood in his place, and the captain went back up the stairs.

“We, we can’t tell you that order of,” he pulled a piece of paper out of his apron pocket and unscrambled it.

“Ah, Mr. Mm, Mun Sherry.” His demeanor, much better than the captains. “Does that name ring a bell?” He held a droopy look on his face, was under-shaved, hair thick in his dimple, and then stood in almost a grin, as if embarrassed, and apologizing for the captain, and swiftly brushed his overgrown, scraggly brittle bangs to the side, wanting to appease the couple, as cold as the captain was. Gordon already hand signed Millicent, him an asshole. She looked up at her husband and he knew they were on the same page. The look on Gordon’s face told the steward that the intrusion of the captain’s attitude was a turn off.

“Yes. The name rings a bell,” said Gordon. Since the steward had that much information correct, he respected the man’s honesty, and handed an envelope to Gordon who peeked inside. The captain disenchanted them.

“Tomorrow afternoon when you get to where we’re going, a flight on charter 773, will come to you there. “You see. We understand, this trip was supposed to be hush, hush, if you get my drift. I’m Cory by the way.” Cory was a meek man, and nudged a sort of smile from the left side of his mouth which moved his leather- like cheek.

“That there was Captain Mike,” he said, “Congratulations on your wedding.” Cory seemed a lonely person, not so strange, but added, “Have a smooth sail, the captain is good at that, and have a great time. Tonight, as you can see, is gonna be mild. Nothing but smooth waters.” Before Cory left, they thanked him, but after he left, they looked at each other bewildered, and then shrugged their shoulders. The beautiful boat was fully equipped. The lower deck had a romantic candlelit table setting awaiting them before their suite.

“A toast!”

Blissfully on their own, Gordon locked arms with Millicent as they sipped their first glass of champagne. They drank the bubbly straight down, and poured another. The sweet cool of the burning bubbly fruit, nutty liquid was a tasty, a palatable sensation. Unaware of the extent of their honeymoon trip, Millicent’s Duffle bag was packed by her mother, and although all Millicent’s hopes, and dreams came true, neither of them knew what honeymoon surprise was in store.

Gordon knew of the amenities of their honeymoon, but no more than it being a holiday paradise, and did not forget to pack swimming trunks, nautical equipment, and cameras. They were going on a trip of a lifetime, they deserved it, and Gordon poured another class of champagne for them, and they snacked on an array of cheeses on a tray of white grapes, crackers, caviar, and shrimp cocktail, Gordon’s favorite, and ice water. Sighing in relief their big day was both overwhelming and complete, Looking out into the distance, they were on their way.

Neither of them thought about luggage until Gordon spotted his and hers down the base of the stairs, below deck. Of where they stood they enjoyed gentle sea breezes, Millicent moving her body to face her husband, her hair got in her eyes, and then all of a sudden she felt that they were not alone. Gordon felt her body jerk in his arms, and followed her eyes. Gordon turned around, saw Millicent disgusted, looking at the lustful eye of Captain Mike’s face. Gordon was willing to attack him.

If that was enough, the captain was moving down the stairs towards Gordon’s wife, and thought Captain Mike wanted to touch her. The captain had to snap into things quickly, from drinking too much. He was tired, sleep walking, and probably hallucinating. Captain was used to a vessel that size, but replaced his nephew who is sick.

“Well, I see ya’ got ya’ table in her all set up good,” he said, and wanted to ask for a drink, but suddenly realized he did a bad thing, busting in on them like that.

“Yeah, looks like it.”

A chill in Gordon hit him cold, though he was supposed to be steering the boat. Earlier, it was he in such a hurry, why be cordial now? Millicent thought to break the uncomfortable silence, but the captain seemed captivated by Millicent’s innocence, accentuated by youth. Gordon looked at him, and made him rinse that shit eating looking smile off his face, and so the older man became gruff in his rude way again, and no, the couple was not charmed or dazzled by his creeping down on deck to them as he had. In as large as the boat, surely he could have found so many other things to do, places he could have been.

In fact, he could've cleared his throat, or coughed to make his presence known. Forget the, ain’t love cute bullshit. Since he would not before, Gordon wanted him to answer his bride so that he could ask him for privacy from that point, until that boat trip over. The captain needed to concentrate on the question at hand, not taking squinting glances at Gordon’s bride, standing too close, in case the boat shifted, and threw him into them, but he noticed it was cruising. Captain Mike was drinking heavily, otherwise not as sturdy a man on his feet. Gordon was ready to knock both men out unconscious, and set the boat adrift.

In a lot of water, and a fair amount of darkness, if the man’s uncorrected gesture towards his wife Millicent, had not stopped there, there would be trouble for the captain.

“What are you doing?” In his tracks, the captain indeed stopped. Apart from his size, and the look on Gordon’s face, he saw he had invaded their space, and stopped where he stood. Of the cigarette smoking man, he was quite sure at that point, Gordon stood for no nonsense, and so, the captain had no room for mistakes. Gordon had no use for his type. He was too weird, but did finally answer the question.

He belonged sailing a yacht of that magnitude, and definitely the skin of a pirate. On that withering plum, periwinkle evening, the captain up against Gordon, would have to change his tune. He softened his facial expression, and Gordon set Millicent on the other side of him, checking out the captain. He needed to leave, and should not have crept below where he was on deck without making himself known.

“Well look er, little lady,” Gordon dutifully leaned in to listen to the man’s words. Poor old Captain got the feeling he should stay planted back on that step.

His mannerly steward, knew better. Subconsciously Gordon moved Millicent behind him, to lock the sight of his wife from the old Geezer. Mutiny! Gordon could defend himself from both men if he had too, but pictured where his gun is set, because the captain, they did not ask for. In that situation, if the fish man came any closer to his new wife, he was done. Millicent shuttered at the captain’s approach. He was loosely behaved, but not deaf, and his answers snappy, short, and gruff. “That’s for the pilot to know, and you to find out,” he tried to soften his tune, although the question asked was what had he been doing?

His piercing lightest gray eyes held a snotty pitch, oh, Gordon thought, was that supposed to soften things up? Gordon really stopped to look at him. The captain’s Irish brogue imitation sucked, and after grandpa Seashell, or whatever his name was, winked at them, he stepped upwards the steps he belonged. Gordon cooled off internally, only to be in a rush of anger. He would let the boat drift afloat, and it could sail itself, even though he could sail, until the latent captain became conscious again. The reclusive man was a sore sight behind Gordon’s lenses. Forget the pomp, and circumstance.

Gordon’s next thoughts were through the rush of adrenaline-surging heat through his body along with flame. With flame, came a cold stare, and it froze the captain’s testosterone level, and when he left, they locked themselves in from the top step, or them out of the lower two decks, and if Gordon sees either of them again, surely they would have to square off in Gordon’s wrath. Now they enjoyed the smooth sail, and misty breeze in the peacefulness of the quiet night, whooshing water, talked in the moonshine, with intervals of warm kissing in between sips of champagne, and the night became comical.

They spoke, well about their friends, held in each other’s arms, and in love, full of love, looked upon the warmth of the sea, and had calmed down from the nerve of the captain. The entire year, or so before they met, they inspired themselves to better themselves, and it all paid off. They looked and felt better than ever, and both are physically fit. Pouring more champagne, they admired the beauty of their whimsical night. The stars shined, and they felt free, laughing, and signed about Dude, sailing the boat, and then Gordon made his face, and mimicked his tone.

“He was an asshole,” Millicent said aloud.

“A moran,” Gordon agreed, and enjoyed their time, for crying out loud, and hand signing too, in case of eavesdropping. Gordon was making Millicent laugh on purpose, hard, and uncontrollably, silly. He knew that from that point, she could not control herself. Millicent spit chuckles, at Gordon making silly jokes, and tried to reason with a straight face, which was funny too.

“Hey Babe? Do you believe we stayed out here talking till now, it’s three in the morning?”

“No,” Millicent was in denial, and in their lack of time, lit a bulb in Gorgon’s head.

“We’d better get out of these clothes, before something bad happens to them.” Gordon tickled Millicent’s heart. She sobered into an all too straight face, nodding her head, yeah, at Gordon, and her eyes practically crossed. Millicent could hardly understand her own name at that point. They kind of lost their sea legs. Millicent had barely been awake, and then snorted, started laughing at herself, and Gordon thought that even funnier, imagining what he looked like at that point too. They were laughing, as if Gordon had to shush them, but could see they lost composure.

As silly as they were, paused for the genius plan created, Gordon’s top secret plan. Genius! They would change their clothes. That was a great two bottles of champagne. Gordon held out his arm.

“Well, shall we?” Millicent could not resist, so she grabbed onto his massive forearm, plum silly.

“That we shall.” As gay as could be, Gordon swung the remains of their champagne bottle, and went below, its lowest deck. It was elaborate too, and so they tip toed, and will later laugh about that too.

Managing to rummage through their things, snorting with incapacitating laughter at the lack of coordination, and balance of things, they spat out, and laughed more. Millicent rummaged the Duffle, as never before, and changed into a nightshirt. Gordon stripped down to boxers, and a tee shirt. Down in their suite a large basket of fruit and another bottle of champagne awaited them at the breakfast bar. They dimmed the lights, the couple lay awake in arms for a moment, closed their eyes for what seemed seconds, adrift on the smooth wonderful waves of the ocean, and sailed the rest of the night.

Their yacht trip closed in on a tropical island. They missed sunrise, and an hour later, they saw paradise bobbing up, and down, with sun all around it. That morning where the sun beamed most, they pulled the flaps down to retard the blaze, still feeling the effects from the champagne the night before. They wanted their honeymoon to start right, and so they drifted off to sleep again, Millicent in Gordon’s arms, and slept another nap, and woke shortly before noon, showered, got dressed, packed their things, and went onto deck into a gentle warm breezes misting the coastal waters of warm weather.

They had blue skies, clean air, and smelled delicious food cooked in open flames. Their yacht adventure would end soon, the Captain’s party is over. The horizon!

“There they are!” The crazy man sang. The captain and his Steward became creepier, as if out at sea too long, and Gordon thought he would have to punch one of them out, before they docked off the beautiful boat. He did not like the condescending attitude of the captain. Gordon thought he was too shitty, a real asshole, and because of him, they were happy to get off the yacht. Once they let the stairs down, off they went, and the captain went back up to sail. Hooray! They will be flying to Necker Island! The Steward gave them a rundown of the activities on that small island until their flight was due to leave.

He said his pleasures, and tailed the captain upward. Millicent, and Gordon were in beautiful waters, on a speed boat that took them on deck, looked over, saw their flight, which looked jet fast, and the port bellmen collected their belongings. They were a happy couple, good travelers, and looked good in plain clothes. Millicent wore a hair barrette, lip gloss, and they had two Duffle bags between them. They wore Izod, Levi, Nike, Speedo, Danskin, they could still dress up or down. Gordon mentioned that if they happen to have time on a beach they would go scuba diving, now, they were determined.

On the island beach, the aroma of the native cuisine took them. They will eat at award winning restaurants, and was handed a plate of delicious food, oxtails, its roux, white rice, plantain, and a frosty, fresh cocktail, surrounded with plenty of fruit served on a platter on two lounge chairs under banana leaf trees, among other young couples going the same way, and Millicent, and Gordon had simply been in love with authentic street food. They were headed to a small paradise called Necker Island, located off the British Caribbean Isles, totally thrilled, and so far, the adventure was great!

Being acquainted, they had three hours to play on land or in the sea, and could shop souvenir shops. An hour had gone by eating the fragrant foods of the beach which was tempting, but had already eaten, and deep sea dive as soon as they could. Grand native affairs of music, and dance entertainment came from live band musicians who brought every house down in the warm breezes of the tropics; no ticket purchase necessary. People moved along and rubbed elbows across the region, euphorically, a very warm Indian summer wind blew, the sky noted transparent patches of feather light peach, and lilac cloud swirls.

The air was clean with thinly visible in tangelo skies smiling through light pale blue, pushing warmth and misty air downward from around the sun, kissing their limbs. Gordon walked by and hit the volleyball over a net. Millicent smiled up at her husband wearing a pair of Ellen Tracy sunglasses, smelled of copper-tone too, which intoxicated the beach. She was off in space, with a smile on her face, and then ran over, and saved the ball! Gordon snatched off his sunglasses and looked at his new wife competitively.

“Wow! Way to go! Way to go Babe!” They looked hot!

Gordon grabbed his wife from out of nowhere it seemed. “Hey! I thought this was volleyball, not tackle,” Millicent giggled, and could see herself in the faint cast of Gordon’s shades, and held his wife snugly onto his arms and chest, spinning her off her feet.

“What’s on your mind, Milady? You look as if you had something deep going on in your mind.” Well oiled, Gordon pretended she slipped from him, dug in, grabbed his wife and wriggled, because he would tickle her. “Oh, you think you could get away! I got you! Surprise!”

“Never let me go.” She let out a shriek that time, but Gordon caught up to Millicent, who was out of breath.

“I will never let you go. You, me, this is surreal.”

“That it is,” MIllicent admits. They kissed each other again, and Gordon enjoyed chasing his wife, wearing her out before the pleasure watching her blush insanely with color. With the world around them gone, except for the sand, water and sky, Gordon tickled Millicent into insanity. He laughed at her in a frenzy until he knew when to let go. Millicent loved the scent of her husband, who swept her off her feet, and carried her up in his arms, she closed her eyes, and rested her head on her husband’s shoulder for a few seconds, and took it all in.

Gordon wisped away the hair that stemmed from her widows peak. The sweet kiss of Gordon’s lips felt cool against her forehead. He places her down, and they dance, and twirl, and stay close for a time at the cabana meeting people, until flight 773, that waits for no one! Onto the charter holding frosty margarita’s. When they settle into where they are going, they will quickly change into scuba diving outfits and bring the underwater cameras to explore underwater sea life. Millicent thought she couldn’t be more attracted to her husband, only moments ago. He was full of fun, life, and adored her.

Partaking in the first snorkeling adventure together underwater, they took photos, the sun blazed across the waters surface across them illuminating all life beneath the sea, and their skin glowed from the top deck. The water temperature is warm, and perfect. They snapped, shot everything, and themselves. They had fun full body contact, and Millicent was practically nude. They enjoyed the tease, became aroused, and as they had finally started to relax, Gordon was bating, and Millicent did bite. Necker Isle’s enchantment had kissed Millicent, and Gordon’s kisses, and they played having underwater fun.

As lovers do, flirtations of the type, had no longer been forbidden, yet the deeper they dived into beautiful sights, and soon, their timers went off, it was their time to come up. Above water, their eyes connected, and their hearts raced. Gordon was flirtatious, thinking to himself how tenderly well he would make love to Millicent, effortlessly. Since his apprehension with captain Mike on board, he did not take a chance having his wife exposed under those circumstances, and still waited. Their time together was worth a thousand times in the hay, but alone, they will not dawdle.

The couple had time in the romance of the sea, and caught beautiful sights of underwater sea life they would never forget. The weather was stress free, happy they took aerial shots, above Necker Island Bay, of its deep inlets, and shallow waters. Island tours went out several times a day. The music from the island thumped on the beat of the St. Thomas rhythm at a place called Rock City. When they wisped off in racy mobiles, they saw giant iguanas, six to seven feet long on dry land, Gordon’s thing, and early one morning, witnessed giant tortoises coming onto shore, dropping eggs, or looking for a mate.

In the sunshine before the beach becomes too active, flamingos over five feet tall, walk pecking along the shore for food. The bird vacuums, seemed to be as fascinated with people as people are with them, and their place of abode floored them. Their loft was a bungalow cottage Bali Hi styled with open bamboo shades rolled up on all four sides upon a cliff. Their two thousand square foot spacious habitat for two, had progressive decor, even in the bathrooms. That year, the islands endured a much longer summer. Sailing near the secluded mountain, lush green mounds of grass were fragrant against the emerging blue shores.

On Necker island, the dives are zoned where barracudas are not a threat. They normally do not attack humans, because humans are not their favorite food, but seeing people as food may be caused, until they realize what they have bitten. The clean air, and green channels stretched thirty miles, was beautiful. Cars moved in and out of town traveling on the left side of the terrain, and giant slushy Drambuie Kablooey drinks were popular, and cooled their pallets, and the island’s workers attended to their equipment, and all their needs. The base of their bungalow sat high up on the mountain cliffs.

It was also attainable from outside, down onto their own private seas. The clean sea air and coral reef formed a perfect lagoon, and on the other side overlooking the cliff. They took deep breaths, and could hear the silver seas smacking against it. Underneath them, they fell in love with the sight of the clear blue waters, and a few times after dinner, they hit the shores. The first evening after they ate, they danced, had a few stiff drinks, and swam. Millicent, and Gordon felt at home, living on shiny wood floors that glowed, the leather futon-style furniture with fluffy pillows in modern orange colors, had a fresh, stylish appeal, and was comfortable.

The end tables held beautiful lit lamps that romantically glowed in the evening, and each day, they were welcomed with a freshly made bed, and turned down sheets at night with chocolates on their pillows. Their kitchen nook cooking area was seaside, included a wet bar, and many amenities, and the smell of cherry-wood on the furniture was fresh. In the morning at six am, the coffee pot automatically simmered. It was a quiet night according to them, and they went back to their bungalow, to a quiet evening set on the veranda. The newly weds had not gotten out in almost four days.

They smelled delicious outdoor food wafting through the air each night, eat, and dance into the night with other couples. They constantly took pictures, and video of their island’s adventures. With a few key people, newlyweds were able to enjoy themselves outside their vacation villas. They had access to full body massages, and VIP. spa, any time of the day, and in their quarters, a masseuse will visit their bungalow, at any time. They bathed in sauna, took mud baths, had facials, massage masks, and took advantage of the scented gifts, and bought what was offered in the gift shops.

They bought an array of scented soaps, body oils, and candles for Millicent’s parents, Padimye, Enid Rae, Dane, and Meridian, and Gordon paid for everything they did, which made him feel great. He wanted Millicent to have anything she wanted for herself as well, and in the rising dim of the romantic Terracotta skies, soon another day would end and their lives begin. Besides making love for days, scuba diving was one of the greatest experiences they shared. Snorkeling, they swam by giant coral reefs that produced billions of reef-let polyps. They took lovely pictures of marine life, emergingly picturesque.

They tucked themselves securely into their cabin in the mountains. Open air whirled through it, and the warm sea danced under them. They sail on warm, fun action packed adventurous days in colorful scuba diving equipment and windsurfing, zipping across endless water waves, laughing out loud with each water wipe out. Fascinated on the island, as well as the town, they mingled with large populations for the land being so small. Spending days in the warm winds and sunshine wears them out, until they race down to their mica stairs covered in sand, and out to plunge themselves into the ocean, many nights on the island.

Their life was surreal there. The water was luxurious and just right for a late afternoon swim on the beach until the sun dropped. Shopping was phenomenal. They loved the many cuisines, and the people in the cities they visited. At the end of their island journeys, they lavished themselves each night in marital bliss. In their honeymoon sanctuary, Millicent, and Gordon made love among the stars, and the sounds of the sea, and rocky cliffs glistened in the romance of the moonlight. During the day, clear blue waters underneath powder blue skies were breathtaking.

Millicent, and Gordon were uninhibited. Of kegs, rounds of drinks, and plenty of food kept fun going, and extraordinary nights kept them in love. Night after night, Gordon slowly made love to his wife until dawn, and lavished her with the business of being one. Slamming crystal water waves crushing against the lush green mountains crevices, they could see the waterfall. Some nights, they slept in Gordon’s arms adrift in each other’s dreams on the veranda. Gordon did eat, sleep and dream Millicent. On the veranda was a canopy lounge bed, with sheer curtain panels to shield the sun, or catch the breeze.

In the warm, comfortable light swirls of air, sky, distal plateaus, and the mist of the ocean, they made love. Millicent fell asleep in Gordon’s arms by nightfall, and they drifted out into the abyss. Padimye missed Millicent so much, it hurt, and when she received a postcard from Millicent she cried, it seemed an eternity, she’d see Millicent again, they made love, and had dinner on the veranda.

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