Millicent and Gordon

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Sweetheart's Honeymoon

Twenty eight- Sunrise, and Sunsets

On the veranda from their bungalow, Millicent, and Gordon could see the glow of pool, and beach parties faintly in the distance. They heard the sounds of music on the beach behind them, gazing out onto the waters, sipping cool drinks Gordon mixed for them. They snuggled, nuzzled, and Gordon traced her neck with his nose, and nibbled a kiss with his lips. Fresh warm breezes blew through their clothing. Gordon placed his wife between his legs, leaning on the arm of a chair. They were gazing back into each other’s eyes, and she loved the way Gordon handled her.

He made her feel natural, and Millicent was unrestrained, and very secure. Aside trash stories she heard about sex, for Millicent, making love with Gordon was different for both of them. Millicent trusted Gordon. Her husband was willing to wait for her passions to grow with, or without his help, and confident he would not hurt her, as they tumbled in the fact of their unison. In Gordon’s innermost moments he looked at Millicent, and all he could see was beauty, it surrounds her and the feeling of his soul touches her. She stops, seizes a look at her husband who would remain silent with the best thoughts of Millicent on his mind,

She can feel it. Millicent knew he loved her for some time, and thought Gordon was a beautiful man. He was. Millicent smiles, married now, and with every fiber in her body, expresses all she has loved in Gordon from the very start, and responds just as inwardly. Gordon strokes the lightest hairs on her body, and by then, there was nothing on Millicent’s body Gordon’s lips did not know. Millicent loves the illustrious engulfment of her husband’s love, and responded to his touches. As if they are magnets, and without fear of letting their passions go, life on their honeymoon became very real to them.

Gordon did not want to make her feel boxed in, and Millicent’s heart raced. She was so much in love with Gordon, that she could stay in the lair of his arms forever. Millicent’s core got hot again, and she leaned into her husband, and buried herself in the massiveness of his chest, and with that, he swooped up his wife, lay her down in the middle of their patio lair, and dropped the sheers. Millicent would wake hours later after she, and Gordon were making love, and watched her husband asleep. Adoringly caressing, and stroking her eccentric husband, he wakes to her smile, he smiles too, and collects his wife up in his arms.

Gordon could feel Millicent becoming less tense, though he had not fully patterned her yet. Warm baths, massages and swims on the beach for hours helped her physically to relax. In many ways, Gordon took her slowly, careful not to hurt his new bride, careful not to scare her with intimacy too vigorous, careful not to give her too much too soon to endure, but at a pace he thought they could be comfortable, until eventually Millicent’s feelings would take charge. Millicent reached the jest to her passions, and Gordon did not ignore her. She had become more aggressive in movement as time elapsed.

Following her lead, their love became deeper. The next morning after a night of making love out over the seas, Millicent, and Gordon were the only couple of their bunch, to leave on the early speed boat. It was huge, and the sun rose, and the couple decided to take another journey, and had a great time basking in the richness of good spirited people, food and had the most fun, partying in town with the natives. Life there, at Necker Island was great, and they hung out at Peek park, enjoyed Devil’s bay diving, ate delicious cuisine at Mosque Island, and explored Peter Island, amazed, and mystified at the glory of the sea.

Underwater, was a part of life that made love go round. They traveled to Sprat Bay Island with its lush greenery, resort, watery beaches, and spa, in time to sunbathe. They could smell delicious food cooking as Margarita’s was handed to them, straight off the boat, resting from their dive with a one hour delay for snorkeling. Their honeymoon was gi-normous, having choices of different affairs to attend. It was overwhelming. They sat, ate, and drank inside one of the cultural restaurants before they left the island. They loved the sumptuous cuisines, and interesting art galleries.

Millicent thought to look out for great artwork, and authentic things, and exchanged business cards. She too shopped spices from the Moroccan, and British Isles before they headed back. A chartered boat set off to Musha Bay again, and it was romantic. The island’s cuisine, customs, and guest shops were beautiful, and so they shopped for more gifts, and dried spices handpicked for Meridian, which Millicent thought she forgot to pack. Gordon reminded her, which bag she packed the spices, and made certain he’d seen her do it, and so Millicent was relieved. He had her back, and brushed a kiss upon his cheek.

“That’s what I’m here for Babe. I watched you pack it myself. I knew you would feel badly for leaving it behind.” In their bungalow, several newly wed couples took photos together before they would call the last night an evening. They again had not known how they would manage to pack their belongings, and make their arrival to the charter in time, but they had. Bernadette and Padimye thought to pack an extra Duffle bag. They were still half-giddy, tired from their last days in paradise. The look of the morning connection of flights was dressed, in dark sunglasses, and managed to board their planes successfully.

The flight home was as equally lovely as the flight to paradise, and from then on, Millicent, and Gordon would no longer have to wait to be together. A feeling of sadness loomed while they watched out of the plane flying over paradise. Millicent, and Gordon visualized the moments they had in the past month, and hugged in closely. The thought of having each other as husband and wife, and their lives as one, went home with them, and after the last time they made love, Millicent understood, and called Gordon, Great.

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