Millicent and Gordon

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Basil Vaughn

Thirty one- Home.

That night, Millicent, and Gordon were a happy healthy couple, but in the morning, anxious to hit the road. They had close to a three hour ride ahead of them, and no telling what might be ahead, but so far, the ride through the countryside was beautiful, with an air of relaxation, and no worry, approaching the private hospital, they thought it was very clean, and inviting. Entering the facility, their first impression was good, the staff looked professional at the front desk hopefully helpful, with hopes they wouldn’t keep Base too long. They walked over to the front desk, and the phone rang.

With a finger, considered abrupt, the woman at the desk asked if they wouldn’t mind waiting for a second. Their visit was not an emergency, so Gordon nodded to her politely, to go ahead and take the call, and Millicent knew the woman’s gesture pissed Gordon off. Millicent looked up at her husband, and just smiled in an assuring way, things would be okay, and clenched onto his arm, and he placed his hand onto hers. Millicent was worth keeping, and Gordon intended to keep her. His wife is also his friend. The pleasant sounding professional woman hung up the phone, and gave them her complete attention.

Gordon was completely out of his mind because of the one finger she raised without looking at who she raised her finger to, when he began to speak. Okay, so she was a robot. Her loss. Gordon mentioned to the headless woman, he’d called ahead, and showed the woman his identification as the guest who wanted to see Basil Vaughn.

“Oh yes. Gordon Miller,” the woman replied, and handed them hello stickers. She wrote their names on, and they went up in the elevator heading to Basil’s room, and found their barings, and saw Basil’s room ajar.

Smiling down at his wife, Gordon regained control, though Millicent knew Gordon did not know what to expect, and neither did she. From around a corridor a woman was coming towards them. It felt as if a confrontational clash although the woman seemed she could be civil, and held a cheerful expression on her face. It was Mrs. Vaughn. Gordon was amazed at how well changed. She looked happier than he remembered, and Gordon hastened his steps towards her, and wondered if she would recognize him. Millicent kept up with her husband, who would not let her arm go.

“Mrs Vaughn?” She stopped almost in front of Basil’s hospital room, and suddenly, her peaceful look went away. She lost her smile, and responded nastily to Gordon, and Millicent looked up at him.

“Mrs. Vaughn? It’s me, Gordon. It’s Gordon Miller.” Mrs. Vaughn’s eyes focused on his approach, and felt that by no means had anyone getting past her, and started walking slowly, and looking questionably.

“Gordon?” She moved closer, and studied him hard. “Is it really you, Gordon?” She went closer.

“Gordon! It’s really you!” Millicent felt a big sigh of relief, because she thought there would be trouble, or that Mrs. Vaughn thought Gordon might have had something to do with her son’s demise. He was relieved Mrs. Vaughn responded the way she had, and Millicent almost cried. He sighed, and understood Mrs. Vaughn’s apprehension. Gordon rushed to extend a huge hug to the woman, and they stepped back to have a look.

“Gordon, how good you look.” Gordon smiled modestly, and blushed too. He was hearing that a lot lately.

“Thanks Mrs. Vaughn. I barely recognize myself.”

Gordon was cordial as always, and then her eyes did a quick shift to Millicent, and Gordon hurriedly introduced his wife Millicent. She came out from the shadow of Gordon and extended her hand.

“Hello Mrs. Vaughn,” she said, “It’s very nice to meet you.

“This is Millicent, my wife.” Happily Mrs. Vaughn shook Millicent’s hand, and was surprised.

“Your wife?” Mrs. Vaughn was smiling from ear to ear, and Gordon knew Mrs. Vaughn would be proud of him.

“Yes. She is. We are just off our honeymoon when...” Mrs. Vaughn took note.

She could tell what Gordon was trying to say, lowered his head and continued humbly. “I mentioned to Millicent how much it would have meant to me, if Base was at our wedding.” Millicent stood close to Gordon, and she, and Mrs. Vaughn were about the same height. “Millicent was the one finally, who told me on our way back from our honeymoon trip yesterday, and what happened to Basil. I didn’t know, and asked all over town even, but now I know some of what went down,” Gordon explained, and then gestured towards Millicent. “My wife followed the case back when it happened.”

Mrs. Vaughn was equally happy to see a familiar, and friendly face, as Gordon tried to explain why she is just now seeing him.

“By the time I had gotten back from school, there were a lot of changes. I even asked those clowns if they’d seem Base, but even Dutch Sturgis claimed he didn’t know, and he might not have known where base was, but he knew what happened, and none of them said a word to me about him. We are so sorry this happened to Base Mrs. Vaughn.”

“It’s Goliath,” she said. Before they approached the hospital room, she warned Gordon that Basil was not fully recovered.

He still had work to do to get well, she sobbed, and Gordon consoled her.

“It’s all right. I’m just glad,” Gordon held in a choking thought. She, and Millicent could tell he was deeply emotional. Gordon had to stay strong for himself, because he was not sure what he would be walking into. Changing the subject, Ms. Goliath suggested, “Ah, well, Mr. Vaughn was careless. He decided he was unable to deal with the severity of Basil’s condition, who now has no respect for his father, and I don’t blame him. He’s been out of a coma and in recovery at best, three months,” she stated.

They fidgeted, and then Ms. Goliath explained that Basil has been doing well. “Basil is asleep from therapy, and his morning medication.” At seeing Base, it was hard. Judging from the amount of drugs plunged into him on the street, was beaten unconsciously into a coma, he was doing well. “Mr. Vaughn stopped making visits to Basil long before he became conscious.” The conversation was sour, but with smug Mr. Vaughn out the way, who cared?

“He gave up on both, his son, and me, and ran off with one of the guests at our house, after the night we were attacked.”

Gordon puzzled, frowned, and knew Ms. Goliath needed to get that bit of news off her chest. She was beside herself, but who wouldn’t be? She considered them family, and the truth was what set Ms. Goliath free. Gordon’s visit made Basil’s mother feel better. She was very lonely and alone, staying as strong as she was, wondering if her son was going to wake, which was the worst feeling she ever felt.

“You know how I found out?” Gordon naturally said, no, and with his eyes wide open she commented. “A friend of mine finally told me.”

“Some friend she was,” Millicent said, Gordon nodded in agreement. Ms. Goliath noticed Millicent, and wrapped her arm around her waist, and grabbed the water pitcher with her other hand.

“Nope. I don’t think she was my friend either, and I hadn’t heard from her since. She hangs out with Mr. Vaughn, and his girlfriend too, so good luck to all of them.” Gordon grabbed the ice cold pitcher of water from Ms. Goliath, and said, “Unbelievable.”

“Well now, Millicent. I can see I’m going to like you very, very much,” and then Millicent smiled.

They gave a light, rat-a-tat-tat, at Basil’s door, and waited. No response, but at her guidance, followed Ms. Goliath into the large very pleasant room, not an old stuffy place to suffer. The room brightly lit from the sun was imaginably cozy in the evening, and Base had a fresh pot of flowers, on his night stand, and just waking from a short nap. Gordon reached over to pour Base a glass of water. Seeing Base lying vacant in his expression, only brightened when he saw his mother. Base had a feeling come over him, but did not recognize who Gordon might have been, accepted the cup and drank.

Refreshed, Base throws his head back, breathes, and says, thank you. Sitting up with his head back on his pillows, he hoped his mother would explain who the people were, looking at him, and had a question mark on his brow, mumbled something, cleared his throat, focused, and looked at his mother who smiles.

“Hey mom. How long have I been asleep?

“Not long at all.” She tries to fluff Basil up a little. Basil glanced over her shoulder, and tried to focus. Gordon was silent in that brief moment, and when he knew Basil could see him, he spoke, and Millicent stayed by his side.

“Hey Buddy.” Ms. Goliath too, was smiling, and Millicent, and Gordon was anxious to be introduced. Basil looked somewhat dazed at Gordon. He seemed more confused than Gordon thought he should be, so he moved in closer, and said, “Basil. It’s Gordon.” Basil blinked his eyes slowly, as if trying to withstand his medication.

“Gordon?” Basil choked, and his voice was a little weak.

“Yeah man,” Gordon smiled, relieved his friend was all right, blinked, and knew he shouldn’t wait for a response. He saw his friend’s face still badly bruised, and his weight nearly nothing.

“Yo man,” Gordon added, “It’s been a wild witch hunt tracking you down, trying to find you, man. I found out yesterday from Millicent no less, what happened.” Basil looked at Gordon funny but spoke.

“What happened to you man?” Gordon choked up, because Basil’s speech slurred, but he said, “You look different.” Gordon did not know, Base had not known all the time he lost, and started to chit-chat with his friend as usual, and said, “Well man, It’s me. A lot can happen in a period of time right?” Basil still looked confused, and kidded Gordon too.

“I could understand the haircut, but the weight, man. I cannot understand how you seem bigger, but lost so much weight.” Basil wondered what surgery, or wonder drug had Gordon taken to have transposed himself so quickly, and as a doctor, he needed to know.

“You look so healthy, in what, four months time?” Gordon was modest, and replied just as modestly, and Millicent could tell it was a turning point for Ms. Goliath, while Base and Gordon started talking. She nervously busied herself in the hospital room but overheard Gordon mention how things changed.

In time, she knew her son would probably take things hard. Ms. Goliath knew that the two friends would come to conclusion inevitably, of what Basil did not know.

“Oh gosh,”Gordon said, “I wish.. Try three years,” he smirked. Gordon had not noticed Basil’s face change, and how quiet he, and Ms. Goliath had become. Mrs. Goliath turned her face away, and couldn’t face Basil at that point, as Gordon settled in a chair, and kept talking.

“Heck,” Gordon pointed across his shoulder, “I met my wife Millicent at Dane’s wedding.” Basil was thrown off.

“Wait. Wife?”

“Yeah man. Oh, I’m sorry,” Gordon apologized, and made proper introductions, but Base was off base, and his confusion raised evidence.

“When did your brother Dane get married, yesterday?” Gordon thought Base was joking, so he chuckled.

“No man. He got married a little over two years ago. In fact, he and his wife are expecting twins sooner than two months.”

“Yes,” Millicent said smiling, and nodding.” Basil was thrown off, but didn't want to seem so.

“Millicent and I just got married last month, although it feels like yesterday,” Gordon smiled. “In fact, we got off our honeymoon just yesterday from the British Isles.” Ms. Goliath moved into Basil’s bed area and joined his friends. Gordon, hunky dory as usual, hadn’t noticed his friend’s confusion. “It’s been that long,” he nodded. “It was as if pulling teeth, trying to find you. Pointless. I’m just now finding out.” Gordon hesitating, and then added, shaking his head, “This is quite a blow considering how many times I asked around for you, and the last time I checked, just before Millicent and I got married.”

Basil started to derive conclusions, he looked over at his mother, and then back at Gordon.

“Over two years man?”

“Yeah man. Right by my calculations.”

“What do you mean?”

“If this is 2019, then, yeah, I got my calculations right,” he nodded, “Almost three Years.

“2019?” Base replied.

“Yeah,” Gordon said, and Basil’s speech got better. He said, “Shit!”

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