Millicent and Gordon

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Thirty-two- First Base

“Millicent, are you okay?” She could not shake her fatigue. She admitted she and Gordon were up late, and their new place still had them amazed, but Meridian’s heart raced, for fear Millicent looked peaked, and the twins jumped. They must have awakened, she just short of delivery, and a lot more love going around. Meridian gave birth to twin boys named Denim, and Dane Wayne d’Anise, healthy bundles of joy. It isn’t known whether Dane, and Gordon switched titles to the mansion, but someday that would come. They waited very little time at the hospital for the twins arrival, tired of being stuck in their cocoon.

Millicent and Gordon were steadily visiting Base, plastic surgery for the scar that almost tore Basil’s eye out with a weapon, came out great. They almost blinded him, but after the surgery, he did not suffer visually, and only a slight slant in that eye, but recovering well. Base began to gain extensive use in both his hands, and legs, and would most likely have a slight limp when he’s older, but only time would tell. Millicent and Gordon kept company with Base throughout his rehabilitation. With a haircut, and shave, Base cleaned up well, and appeared as the handsome young man he is.

Three months before the holidays, Base regained his speech, and was standing on both feet. His eyesight regained as with his hands, and feet coordinating. Ms. Goliath was thankful Basil still had a friend in the world. She was convinced Gordon was the reason for her son’s speedy recovery. All what Meridian, and Dane considered a shame, they made sure Ms. Goliath spent time, and holidays with them. It was only a few weeks after Meridian got home from the hospital, Millicent fell sick. Gordon took her to the hospital, because she practically fainted in his arms, so he was very sick with worry.

Gordon, Phillip and the entire family waited for her diagnosis, while a nurse handed Millicent a cup of ice. Millicent became pregnant, and in a little more than five months, little Dane, and Denim will have a new baby cousin. They honored the blessings they have. Gordon was worth keeping, and Millicent intended to keep him. Base was rehabilitating, and had not gone home, yet will find out they moved, and that his mother had to take a smaller space. Ms. Goliath’s department store job, and alimony turned out very little since Basil’s father started a new family with his mistress.

They didn’t know his whereabouts, but in time for spring, Basil went from the care of the hospital, and made strong preparations for the trial ahead. Millicent received news of zoning her daycare, and summer camp for children at the Meridian property up in the hills. It would only be negotiable upon fifty reasons they would have to alter the property. The information made Millicent, Gordon, and everyone else lose interest, but that cottage cabin seclusion was something Meridian thought Ms. Goliath, and Base could use, especially hearing how she would sleep on a couch after Basil’s release.

Millicent still had work to do with children, and could not be happier Meridian would find a host for her property. The land, trees, beaches, water, and fresh air surrounding its lushness was sound. Primarily, the cottage was a distance out of the way of the mansion, yet in close proximity to the nucleus, the d’Anise Plaza Square, and ten minutes from the highway in either direction. The new year was promising now that Base was alive, and moving about, and the police rounded up all the names they took from him. His speech had come together as with most everything else, and the trial was coming for the assault, and leaving him for dead.

Basil’s news was talk all through the week. Beryl was in peril. Enid Rae was super busy since Charles had another heart attack, as he hung in there with his disease, she visited every moment she could. Gordon shadowed Enid Rae, making sure of her safety. Teale’s Designs boutique, accessorized la Boutique. Both stores remained busy since they opened, and was a huge success. Teale, and Vernon were making plans to solidify their future, and a good thing Vernon never brought Beryl to his huge, lovely, and immaculate home. Teale’s fashion show at the plaza opening at her new store, was crashed by Beryl.

Phillip, and Bernadette called the police. It was a long time since they saw her, and it seems, nothing had changed. Beryl had come to the fashion show garish floosie style, and heckled the show. Only those sitting in the back heard the disturbance, but Enid Rae recognized her voice, and spotted her standing at the back of the lot, making jokes, apparently drunk. She was not excluded from the show, but something ticked her off at their place of business, and Beryl did not possess a good look. She tried to be a stopper, and said, “It would be funny if they all fell on their faces,” she sloshed. Beryl was jealous of Vernon, and Teale.

She was loud, but tried to play off her game. Swishing up to Enid, who was ashamed to see Beryl acting the way had. Beryl was a pushy disaster at work, and teetering loss of a job. People heard her at the fashion show even over the music, turned, stared, and hoped the woman wouldn’t try to ruin the spectacular show-with lights, and special effects. Beryl certainly was a clown. Enid thought Beryl was acting like a child, and rolled her eyes, and all some people could do to keep them from slapping her. Her jealousy of Enid Rae, and Charles’ relationship soured her, and knowing Vernon, paraded his sleek young beauty openly.

Beryl wanted Enid Rae to think she needed her at the boutique, but she was too rude, bossy, and even fought employees over sales commissions. Beryl created a rigid atmosphere, unlike Enid, and brought unnecessary grief upon herself, and her actions were inexcusable. She had either been hung over, or drinking, and she arrived to work late that late morning. Midday after lunch or not, getting drunk while at work was unacceptable, and Beryl would not take a hint, yet Gordon asked Beryl to knock off the spirits at la Boutique once before. He said it was bad for morale, against company policy, and that if his brother ever found out, she would be gone, and that’s the truth.

Dane would put Beryl out. He already didn’t like her, and if he actually smelled her, he might have her arrested. He would not tolerate that woman being intoxicated on any level, at his place of business.

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