Millicent and Gordon

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Trial of Terror

Thirty three- Peek a Boo!

“Sick Bitch,” Gordon mumbled. “She’s out!” Gordon thumbed the motion over his shoulder. Okay. Millicent looked at Meridian watching the kids, and then spit her milk into her kitchen sink. She could not believe what Gordon just said.

“Did you say what I think you said?” Gordon had not wanted Beryl around since before his honeymoon for sure, and when he discovered Millicent pregnant, it started the end of Beryl working for them- period. The woman was through, and Gordon was firm in his action. Millicent secured her glass on the counter, chuckled, and tried to shush her husband.

“Yeah, I said it. I don’t like that wicked woman!”

“Calm down,” Millicent said, gave him a frowning look. At la Boutique, Gordon called Beryl to the side. She knew her jig was up, for some reason, she had already been defensive. Gordon was close enough to touch.

“Beryl, I don’t have to have an excuse to give you for this,” Gordon handed her an envelope, and asked her to sign for her pay. She did, and he tore a piece for his records. His approach baffled her, she remembered signing a commission check the day before. In it was her severance pay because she was fired, and a restraining order Ruben obtained for them in case Beryl decided to be more trouble. What she did at Teale’s fashion show, leaving the store unattended was dismissable.

“You are fired.”


“Yeah. You can leave the premises immediately,” he coaxed.

Before Beryl could bat an eyelash, Gordon said, “Go ahead, take me to court. That’s what you just signed for anyway.” Gordon turned, went to the boutique’s front doors, and said, “Come,” and held the door open for her to exit the boutique. Beryl sauntered, and could feel him breathing down on her. Is he going to watch me leave? She turned around to say something, and noticed Bernadette, Teale, Millicent, and Meridian, with their arms folded, looking at her, knowing she was fired. In the parking lot, Beryl felt them watch her pull out of the premises, and watched them disperse.

Peek-a-Boo! Craig, Rob, Kyle, and a few others identified as Basil’s attackers looked sorry, but in court, Rob and Dutch did not. Dutch was a case within himself. Handcuffed behind their backs, dressed in jail cell orange, they entered the courtroom. They seemed fine at first, but Gordon cleared his throat, causing them to look his way. He was there to testify if he had too, since the identity of the accused matched. Kyle, and Rob sneered when they saw Gordon, and he sneered back at them. They held their faces in a smart ass way when they saw Basil had come to testify against them, and thought he would be scared.

Basil had already fought them, and like Gordon, he was not not a scary person, they just liked to stay out of trouble, so their stupid heckling them in high school science classes during presentations, was not important. Basil had too much at stake to become thin-skinned. All through school he, and Gordon knew the majority of what stood in that courtroom were creeps, except for Dutch, who by the looks of him, had fallen out of acceptable grace, and four years, wear and tear. Basil eyed them back again, and they knew he put up a good fight. Dutch did not strike Basil, but gave up the needle they used to dope him.

The culprits were in handcuffs, and knew Gordon was just short of plunging a fist at them, but he stayed cool, like their parents were, watching them about to go away for a very long time. They had blank stares on their faces, and the television cameras kept rolling. After the trial, Gordon waved good-bye to them. They were guilty, and as they walked by, Gordon held a sarcastic, sorry, puckered lip look on his face. Rob, Kyle, and Craig shrugged, putting up a fight against the police officers who escorted them out of the courtroom, but Curtis went peacefully through the steel doors, and back to jail in handcuffs.

Curtis had been in jail before, and knew he could do anything, once in police custody. Dutch looked hopeless. Apparently his stay in the trial was not his best escape. He’d been horrified in jail, and looked terrified going back. The other people involved were sought by Kyle, and Craig’s confessions. Yes. The town could breathe again, and Base was happy the trial went well. It was hard to believe all that happened to a guy like Base. It was astonishing how much he grew over the years away at college, and then internships. He’s smaller that Dane, and Gordon, but out reaches Ruben at 6ft.

“I really dislike those pricks for what they did to me, but glad I have a life at all after that.” Meridian held onto baby Dane, and Denim was held in his father’s arms, at the cottage Meridian’s grandmother left her. At the front door, Meridian handed Dane to his uncle while she reached for her keys, smiles, and jingles them.

“We’re here,” she sings. Basil was overwhelmed by the beauty of Meridian’s inheritance. It stood beautifully with its naturalization, stained glass accents, peace, and serenity. Her property was breathtaking. Ms. Goliath had gotten used to what it was living on her own, making her own money, and wanted to fare well, happy of the blessings that brought her son back, so she wanted to continue the way she was. Inside the cottage, Base would not believe his eyes. It was a treasure trove of happiness, love, and life concealed in space. He particularly loved the grounds, the pathways to the beach, and then the lake on the other side.

She opened the house up to show him, and everyone made themselves at home. The place was inviting, and just as beautiful as she left it. Ms. Goliath could not be happier for her son. He and Linux bought an area at the plaza for their practices, and in their collaboration, Padimye will work with them. They’d been officially engaged since Millicent announced her pregnancy, and will soon wed. Millicent, Meridian, and Teale are arranging a beautiful wedding for Padimye, and Linux. Millicent will be maid of honor, and Gordon wants to sit out the affair. Standing in a wedding besides his own, was not his thing.

Their new baby will be in a few months, which he’ll probably be holding while eating prime rib steak, baked potato, soups, salads, and breadsticks. Base and Gordon were like brother’s again. After the tour of the cottage, out back, Basil took a deep breath.

“You know, we’ve been taught to let love be your greatest sin,” Base began. “I guess that’s the reason why I can forgive what happened to me.”

“Yeah well, them in jail helps too,” Dane added.

“I feel no love for them, but should I be ashamed of the anger I feel towards them?”

Gordon knew how Basil felt and, he was deceived too.

“No one blames you man. We all have emotions, and feelings. Heck, they lied in my face, and I will always want to punch them.” Basil looked at his old friend. He was recovering greatly, using a cane but in a matter of time, he would not need it. In the future he might suffer arthritic pain but most of Base’s physical storms subsided.

“Until you make sense of your circumstances, do you think you can get over the anger?” Gordon, and Dane were listening for what felt, and was thinking.

Base shook his head. He felt an overwhelming love that felt comfortable.

“Wow. This feels like home.”

“It is your home.”

“Welcome home Buddy!” He was as secure with the d’Anise since he could remember, and before he woke over, and over in that coma, his head churned what went on before he heard his father’s call to him, blurdly seeing his father’s attack, fall, and both of them being dragged off in opposite directions so that his father could not see him.

“Yeah. I can. I mean, it felt like death after they were beating the shit out of me, and it had to be the drugs that kept me sick, and comatose, like, they beat me even after I couldn’t feel it anymore, and unfortunately, like others, I now have a story, and will know what to do, and how to treat any victim.” They were digging Base’s vibe, and he was in love with his surroundings.

“Now I know what a real ass-kicking feels like. It’s messed up for any to have to go through, but I’m so glad you guys did not leave me lost.”

“Oh no, man,” Dane, and Gordon assured.

From all over the cottage, Base could hear everyone welcoming him. The art gallery is a diamond in the sky that planked the corner end of the plaza. It too, was a show piece of success, and the aerial view was spectacular. Meridian did not know it then, but she would embark on an effort to expand business. Base’s medical practice will be ready in three months, Linux’ business cornered his. Although he kept an eye out for “thee” woman, Base was happy for his mother. She was seeing a Chiropractor named Clarence Darrin, he kept her smiling in comparison to his father, and was a better man for her with good intentions.

Gordon lifted a twin amazed, weighing him out. Meridian had put the other one to sleep.

“Hey man. What are you guys feeding this kid, steaks?”

“You should talk,” Dane retorted

“This kid is practically as big as the entire house!”

“Impossible! Your head takes up that much space.”

“Home again,” Base sang. Gordon handed a sleepy Denim to Meridian who put him down for a nap too. Cherishable breezes flowed through the roomy cottage that day with whispers of love, swarming of promises, hopes, and dreams.

For Basil, and his mother, peace, and prosperity thrived for them in the sultry lands, and both had beautiful future's ahead. The mansion rang with love, and life did move along well, but for his sake, Victor Cache’ was sure to get out of prison a lot sooner than the twenty- five years he was expected to serve, and will seek new things to do with his freedom in mischief.

In the meantime, Millicent was due soon, and her parents could not get enough of Gordon. His bumper cars, candy, and comic book store, faces the part of the property rebuilt into playgrounds, pavements, bicycle paths, and basketball courts in the park filled with paths, trees, grass, bathroom wash houses, and sprinklers on quite a few private acres of land. The d'Anise Plaza Square made revenue, and charitable donations throughout the years. For Gordon, and Base, Sunday night dinners with best friends at the cottage, the renovated mansion, or anywhere was best Base's mother was fine, the holidays were joyous and life was sweet.

Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, life is what you make it. You can’t do better than your best. Gordon thanked God, Base had a chance to do life again. As they, time, life, and everyone’s love for all, and everything grew, all was well in the midst of them being happy campers, and overall, it was NOT-

the end.

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