Millicent and Gordon

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Denim d'Anise

Four- Him Alone.

Ruben did his homework after uncle Nathan died and they found the mess he made. He decided to look into Dane’s fathers personal papers- no way can a lazy old man have that much power over Dane’s father’s estate. Nathan was so jealous, the senile couldn’t remember who was who, as to which brother was which. As Dane became a man, Nathan couldn’t tell Dane wasn’t his late brother, and in his senility, only remembered how much havoc Denim reeked as a teenager, until his father finally put him out. He was a terror, and a “Chucky” of his time. He snuck liquor out of the house to his friends, and gambled.

Denim chased girls, and would make them swoon, and even had two pregnancy scares before he turned twenty. Denim would not go to school, so college was never going to happen. He worked. He first took a job unloading boatloads into warehouses, and he liked to work with his hands. Denim earned peanuts compared to his wealth, and became respectful. It was his greed for alcohol, gambling and women that caused him to lose the job once or twice, but still he maintained his little abode off State Street. Denim could eat, drink, and gamble only a few doors away, and a good thing he was lucky at cards, except once.

It broke Dane’s heart when Denim got himself kicked out of the mansion. Dane was only nine. Denim would once in a while sneak to see Dane. He’d whistle, and Dane would meet him on the blind side of the mansion. They’d sit, talk, toss a baseball, but that could only be it if he was not invited. He, and Denim met like that until Dane went away to college, and only their mother Sheridan knew he’d visited, or else his uncle’s would persuade his father to have him removed. Denim could not resist his mother, nor she him, but Sheridan knew it was good for Denim to find a life. He itched to be away to run wild.

His uncle remembered what trouble Denim caused the family, and how his father had long since replaced the glass Denim broke for not listening as usual, and how heart broken his father was over him, messing up his pride and joy, of the three story green houses. Uncle Nathan lived through Denim’s death, and remembers why Enid Rae, and that kid moved into the d’Anise manor. Nathan labeled Denim a killer although he died. He hated Denim for telling him the truth; and like it was. Uncle Nathan was a bum. Denim hated uncle Nathan just as much, and told him, so that never went over well.

Denim called his uncle selfish, and the reason his wife left him. He was useless. Denim called him pathetic for not helping his daughters, that once they called, and Nathan yelled back. He pissed Denim off with half truths, and Denim lunged at his throat after he talked about what he didn’t know.

“You got that girl pregnant! That’s why you married her!”

“So what if I did! What’s your business?!”

“Where’s the baby?”

“I ain’t got no baby you lousy clod. She ain’t having a baby.”

Nathan tried to do his own thing, but a few years before he went insane, he became friends with some town officials, and put the mansion up for grabs, with the stipulation of who he thought was Denim, Dane had not an heir within five years after his death that the mansion would be given to the town, and so Dane blew his mind and had to take a leave. He did not want the town to turn his home into a brothel, a firehouse, or anything they could run the highway through. He lived on many acres of land, and his house was in the family from the ground up, and seen from afar during the holidays.

Uncle Nathan was trash! Ruben was a part of Dane’s family since he and Dane became best friends in elementary school, and through thick and thin attended the same university. Nathan could have been mourned, but not as Dane’s mother Sheridan was, after Denim died, or his father Denim. Each death was a constant reminder of Denim, except for Nathan. Their other uncles gave them a sense of themselves, except Nathan. He was the oldest, and grumpy. He didn’t help his father build the premise, nor contribute to anything, and never cared less. It was out of the goodness of Dane’s father’s heart to let him stay.

That stay lasted twenty years. The mansion had certainly been large enough by then, and Nathan, jealous of his younger brother for that too, had his own little world in it to do what he did best-stay away. Denim strayed, liked living on the edge, and in fact how he ended up with Enid Rae. Dane was very sad at the death of his brother, which broke both his parents’ hearts. Sheridan revered Denim’s wife Enid since she had almost been twelve. In church, Sheridan noticed Enid Rae, and her siblings so well mannered, whose mother passed away long ago. They were clean, and smart in school.

Their father worked hard, and in turn, the children kept each other. Enid Rae had four sisters. She was next to last born, and had a younger brother but that didn’t count for the other three brother’s who care for him. Enid Rae missed her mother, loved her father, and her siblings too. Her two oldest brothers, and their oldest sister held jobs in town. Enid Rae was pleasant in the head, and slightly different. After a lifetime of teasing, when she became twenty two, Denim d’Anise ended up marrying her, and she stayed in the cottage he bought for her, and she kept until he died, and came to live in the d’Anise mansion.

She, and Denim were still married. They had an arrangement peculiar that suited them well, and a friendship that would have been everlasting, and hadn’t touched each other since. Enid would cook recipes and because she had a large family, and many of Denim’s friends were friends of her brother’s, and life felt secure, and close. Life was fun for them, and neither Denim, nor Enid Rae thought about having children. Denim did drink, but together they were just friends. As lousy as Denim was with women, he respected Enid. He would never do to her what he would do with other women he paid to disrespect.

Enid Rae was a gem. Back when Dane’s great, great grandfather owned the miles, and miles of sultry land property, and everything in, and on it, the surrounding community did not know if his land was inherited, purchased, or given, but for sure the written deeds belonged to the d’Anise. Now, they have no heir, and had a lot to do with the furnishings of that entire town, all the highways, and then some. They began, rich in lumber, agriculture, real estate, and agribusiness, for over two hundred years of farming. Denim senior learned horticulture, in other words, he tilled the soil, before Denim, and Dane were born.

The d’Anise had farm animals that were all sold over fifty years ago. Now, the land was cultivated. Denim senior learned horticulture from his grandfather, and studied well in school while his older brothers were off doing whatever they wanted to do. Only Hamet, and Henry helped in the expansions of their home. Before Gordon returned, he was unable to feel what home would be like without the chatter of old men, sometimes their quarrels. Their oldest servants were not handling the sorrow of both of their employers’ deaths, and Dane was gone too, yet the death of young Denim messed with all of them except Nathan.

Denim was only thirty two when he died, and Miss Gladys and Mr. Fogerty needed to retire. They were too old and needed care themselves, although Enid Rae was younger than the servant woman. She was unqualified to help, was almost fifteen years older than Dane, and could barely keep up herself, besides, she being a servant would be out of the question. Enid Rae is a family member. Luckily she brought Gordon to the mansion for her to care for, and even then, he was the servant’s responsibility. Enid, had not a clue but Enid if she could, was no bother, but did not bother to bother.

In fact, until Enid’s clothing boutique soared, after Denim’s death, she was a blur. Enid, as Dane and Gordon, were used to hearing more voices chattering in or around the manor. With Gordon gone away to college, the manor was too quiet. Except Nate, all their uncles and relatives loved Denim even when he was out of control. Both boys were beautiful, and Sheridan’s dears, and no one had a bad or indecent word to say about Dane,who was not judged by his brother’s actions. They would have always been different, and anyone could see that eventually Dane would succeed as heir to the d’Anise estate of affairs.

Dane was respectful, and came at a different time in life. They considered Dane, a pioneer of the land, but as heir, Dane grieved harder than ever. He missed his parents and Denim very much, feeling lower than he thought he could ever feel until he felt it. Uncle Nathan was a crook, and his brother, mother and father were gone, and Dane suffered from greedy relatives. Ruben grew up with Dane and his family, and knew they owned accounts called mega. Ruben took a look at the mansion after his relatives stayed for Nathan’s funeral too long, and suggested Dane took a hiatus to sort things out.

Although he wished things would iron its way, Ruben told Dane he would look at his accounts while he’d gone. Ruben protected Dane’s finances and historical bonds after Dane’s father died, and never trusted grumpy Nathaniel, and smelled a rat. Ruben protected Danes’ business plans, his abode, stocks, bonds,and business’ in the final stages of Nathan’s death, things Nathan could never touch, and most of which he knew not. He was not a business person, just gruff, and a shrew. While Dane was gone, and around the time Gordon returned, Ruben found fortunes, and refiled all their properties, and business.

The d’Anise owned businesses all over the world, as Ruben dug deep into the documents Dane’s father asked him to keep in his chambers, and studied. He found out that besides the land they lived, Dane owned through inheritance so much more than they ever knew existed, and from Sheridan’s death, her husband asked Dane to keep the chest a particular secret. The mansion was nothing compared to what he had, and uncle Nathan never knew about his brother’s other fortunes. Dane took his parents’ advice until the day he became threatened with an heir, and never mentioned his father’s fortune chest.

Now had uncle Nathan have access to enter the chambers of Dane, or his parents without Dane’s consent as stipulated even before the will, which stated his father’s possessions. Dane had a few ally’s to oversee the mansion, and watch over things while he’d gone, to come back strong, and took that time to think. He knew when he returned he had a lot to do with his home, it was part of his, and Nathan’s family that really desecrated it. The servants were not so well, and Dane really missed his father, mother and brother, something fierce. Sheridan was a good mother and wife, and they were good men.

After Denim died, Gordon had the hugest of their heart, and Dane in mind, body, and spirit. He was extremely handsome, and he and Gordon never had any bad, or particular issues. Before Dane’s return, and after Gordon’s, Enid had Gordon take a bulletin asking for a housekeeper. Meridian Michel answered the ad, and turned the d’Anise mansion back into a home again. Meridian realized Dane was the master of the mansion, shied, and they stayed out of each other’s way. She only worked at the manor for four days a week. Meridian put in at least six hours those days, and the pay was more than fair, she was new in town.

She inherited a land of property her biological family left her. Meridian Michel’ had not known she’d been adopted by the only parents she knew since birth, and they recently died in a tragic car accident. Finally, she and Dane realized one another, but first with much stubbornness of both their cares, and concerns of Gordon. They dated, fell in love, and discovered quite a few things about Meridian’s past. Dane, and Meridian got married, and that was where Gordon met Millicent.

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