Millicent and Gordon

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Meridian Michel'

Seven- Cool Cucumbers

Millicent decided not to make a royal fuss for the wedding occasion, and just be her for the towns noble, Daniel d’Anise, and how do you pronounce the name of the bride to be. Millicent let her dark auburn wavy curly hair drop, twirled her locks into ringlets, brushed her hair back on the side, secured behind her ears, and used a beautiful silver barrette to hold her bangs neatly to its natural side. She, and her mother were very pretty to look at. Millicent wore a deeper shade of peach lipstick that day. with a peach, pearl floral fluid dress, pearl purse, and pointed toe slingback sandals.

In the Sultry lands, the weather was still very warm. Millicent, and her mother, Bernadette spent the morning having their nails and toes done. Bernadette had her thick, wavy hair trimmed and blow dried back into style, and Millicent did wear the strapped sandals with her dress, a matching clutch, and carried a long pearl colored sweater trimmed in pearl, and peach sequins, just in case of a chill. Her outfit, subtle and her father Phillip loved it. Millicent looked adorable and beautifully sophisticated. The less theory applied, proved successful.

Millicent needed never to use a lot of makeup. A little mascara on her already thick red brown eyelashes was enough for the occasion and could wow a crowd. Millicent had great bone structure and now, beautiful skin. Her pretty features were a compliment to her witty, bright personality, when she was not experiencing a touch of the blues. For that day, Millicent focused on the expectations she designed. A step ahead, her dreams and aspirations lay clear in her mind. Millicent had a vivid imagination, developed a flair of style, and had a healthy glow in complexion.

At first, she may not have been entirely sure what she wanted to do with her life entering college, but knew what mattered in helping people. She dressed for the wedding day, canceled hanging out with Jenna, and her new boyfriend, Millicent hated being a third wheel, and last time, she felt like a sore thumb. Yasmine, and Bier were busy in college, and they too, had boyfriends. Padimye’s, and everyone’s schedules crossed, and as time moved on Millicent was sometimes okay with being bored, because lately, she, and her friends, hit or missed each other. In being lonely of friends, Millicent was never despondent.

Millicent would be in the mood to do artwork, or finishing art projects, one of her favorite past times while she pursued her goals. She got herself ready, and accompanied her parents to the wedding event at the d’Anise mansion of Daniel Wayne d’Anise. Since he was one of the richest men his age at the time, it was big news, and a big deal. How stuffy, she thought, but liked her new clothes, makeover, and felt better. It was a good day out with her mother, she, and Bernadette had been best friends since her birth. She was cool, but it was some time since Millicent thought of something special for herself.

When Millicent, and Gordon met, it was as if they’d come from out of a pile of rocks! There was a warm attraction between them, and a rarity for Gordon. As a part of the wedding party or not, from the second floor, when Gordon saw Millicent, he let her know, and she looked back. She noticed too. He was looking only at her from the second floor, and saw nothing else. Gordon let her stare away, something amused them, and when Millicent looked forward, they were focused on the wedding. Afterwards, Gordon’s intentions turned to Millicent, and after the ceremony, walking from the wedding party, Gordon headed towards her.

Millicent’s life was just unfolding beautifully, and with new meanings, so she needed not anyone else to fuck it up. Millicent angrily teetered a little, but redirected her emotions. Millicent obliged her parents, and didn’t need, or want anything, or anyone else to mess up her mood. For Millicent, in a second, Gordon would have added up to nothing in Millicent’s mind; easy come, easy go, but there he was. Gordon could add up to greater changes in her life. Gordon could not help himself, and could not pay attention to Dane, at his wedding ceremony. To her, besides his good looks, Gordon was different, and she was right.

Gordon was well rounded, and not stuffy. He’d not been known by most of the people at the party, had a very playful side, and captured Millicent’s attention. To Gordon, Millicent seemed the type that would appreciate his form of communication. There was something about new things that can make you forget old stuff. It was Dane, and Meridian’s wedding, but to him, it was Gordon’s life, and as people disassembled, Gordon barely congratulated the couple before he took the back stairs of the servants quarters to the first floor to pursue Millicent, touched on the elbow. She looked up over her right shoulder.

Gordon was no snob. He was handsome, humble, smelled good, naturally easy going, and his mannerisms had not frightened her. Gordon was something more than Millicent could hope for. Gordon’s eyes said he was eligible, and Millicent saw something astonishing in his eyes too. Gordon had decency, Millicent might have thought lost in all men, and it took less than thirty seconds to see how deeply interested Gordon could be in Millicent. She was a virgin. Millicent signed hello again, back after she turned completely around. Her attraction to Gordon shamed the flutter of butterflies in her core, until she felt very warm inside.

Millicent was as genuine as Gordon, and two people open, and awakening for the first time. They had to trust each other. She smiled sheepishly after she signed him, and on the other hand, wanted to talk to him as well. They were silent about that. Gordon’s expression was a good impression, and Millicent was the first woman to discover his sign language secret. What a shoe in! They walked off together. During the entire reception time together talking, laughing, drinking wine, and sharing ideas about the world, they clicked, sitting off, with thoughts about what could help the world be a better place.

Gordon, and Millicent were a good connection, and as the Mon Chéri’ began leaving the reception, Gordon escorted Millicent to where they stood. He’d introduced himself as the brother of the groom earlier, and that he, too, lived at the mansion, and offered anything they would need before their departure. Although they wanted to stand off, but in his honesty, the Mon Chéri’ were impressed with Gordon’s mannerism. Since they seemed amused with him earlier, and Millicent agreed, Gordon asked if he could see their lovely daughter again, she was a good conversationalists.

“I’d like to exchange telephone numbers with Millicent if I may?” Millicent was of age, and a picture of health, and elegance that day too. She had perfectly straight white teeth, clear skin, thick shiny hair, class, intelligence, and style.

“Oh,” the couple responded.

“There is a new movie opening this Friday. Millicent, and I would like to go, and see it.” Gordon was genuine, and when he turned his attention to Millicent, she had a peaceful, delicate look on her face. Phillip said it would be up to his daughter. Duh! Millicent nodded in agreement to her father, Phillip Mon Chéri’.

Phillip reached into the breast pocket of his suit, handed her for Gordon, one of his real estate cards so Millicent could write her telephone number not imprinted in it, and Gordon appreciated it. She wrote beautifully, but he knew she would. Through the foyer past the menagerie of silver and white packaged wedding gifts, Gordon pulled two white flowers from the many bouquets they passed, and handed one to Millicent. Through the stained glass of the front French doors, Gordon accompanied the Mon Chéri’, awaiting the valet, and gave Mrs. Mon Chéri’ the other flower, and thanked them for coming.

They seemed gracious, and Gordon liked Millicent’s smile. He handed them a gift from the table labeled, guests, and then their car was pulled up as Millicent strolled closely behind the Mon Chéri’. She didn’t know if it was the food, the occasion, or champagne, but she felt as though in a fairy tale. The affair was altogether a real life dream come true. Not only had the mansion been decorated in whimsical elegance for the affair, but as well, Millicent met a very handsome Prince. In Gordon Miller, she felt light headed, worry free, and even giddy. They mentioned once being ‘obese,’ and that they had acne.

All Gordon saw in Millicent that day was an angelic vision of a young woman with a beautiful soul that Gordon wanted to keep. He somehow wanted to be a part of Millicent. Both of them endured the awful cruelties people dished, and have physically, emotionally, and mentally overcame downfalls, and talked about it. On accounts, they’d gone through very similar shortcomings from people who hurt them, and in life, were over it, and in full bloom. Gordon called Millicent the following day. Millicent could tell Gordon liked her, and he was very happy he could make that first call.

In truth, after that night at the wedding, Millicent stayed awake, and then finally dreamed of a wedding of her own. When Gordon called, she was finishing a project in the art studio of the property guesthouse. She could stay locked in there for days, and it was a great place to study. Sometimes she went to visit friends, other times, they’d visit her. As something Millicent could taste, with every breath she took, she was happy to know that Gordon had manners. His mannerisms were something she could trust, and he was unchanging, and they were imprinted into each other’s minds.

Millicent was confident with Gordon, and could tell they could become at least friends, but they were attracted to one another, and so their conversations soared around the truth. Millicent discovered that Gordon is a happy man who had playful ideas in mind for business, and good intentions. He didn’t seem fake, because he was not, and simply told Millicent that he wanted to see her. On the telephone he expressed them chatting together over coffee. They had a lot in common, and after that first meeting on common ground, Gordon thought a date with Millicent could turn into a second, and a third, and so forth.

Being with Millicent was what Gordon wanted. He was articulate, and with her, the feelings were mutual, and she found him easy going. Gordon too, was easy to look at. He was all testosterone as explained to Padimye, and when it came to sports, Millicent liked the jock in him too. Gordon was traditional, but moving in the real world. Since he liked the traditional quality in Millicent, he asked her out again for ice-cream, which turned into a movie, and then a coffee. Dating, Millicent admired Gordon’s sense of style, and good taste. He was at least a head taller than Millicent who was at least five feet nine and a half inches.

He was a few years her senior and didn’t want to seem creepy. The moment Gordon saw Millicent, he broke out his shell. He knew he would pursue her, and in the very instant they met, Gordon wanted to step down from the bridal party and claim her. Gordon would only want to care for Millicent. He held doors, made sure nothing would happen to her, and Millicent could bank that Gordon wanted her around him. In her presence she liked his cheerful way of speaking, and he had a pleasant voice. He was talkative enough, and indicatively, Millicent enjoyed Gordon, and nothing bothered him.

He shared his ideas, and stories with her. They hand signed a lot, and Millicent was at ease. Gordon wasn’t boring, and gave no signs trying to have his way with her. He had a six sense about Millicent, and thought she could be well worth his efforts. He’d be happy spending his time, and money on her, and would take her to very extraordinary places that many people their age had not discovered. With Millicent, Gordon had a playful, coddling way with her, and she with him. Their good qualities were one of the reasons their friendship developed, and they got along well. She liked dating a man with intelligence, and integrity.

In their togetherness, Gordon would take off his dinner jacket to keep Millicent warm. If she needed to step over a puddle, he would carry her over. Gordon treated Millicent as if she was a precious jewel, she was, and it made her feel as if so. Underneath, their feelings for one another was fierce, but for the time being, they were actually giddy, as a method to madness and enjoyed getting to know each other. Were their intentions obvious, or their reasons, and feelings for certain? Playing things safe was good after Millicent’s bout with Steven, and could tell by the tone of Gordon, he cared more deeply for her, than Steven ever would.

Millicent thought of Gordon that night, and before she slept was thankful he was a nice person who had her best interests at heart. She would owe him nothing, they were very considerate of people, and she was happy he’d been playfully succumbing to her whims. They communicated in the most beautiful ways, had the ability to produce greatness, and relatively, time went into a few months, and they realized how harmonious they were. Things were as if they could read each other’s thoughts, and Millicent would kiss Gordon good night. Their dinner dates were classy, and at the manor, their nights were filled good food, laughter and wine.

They too, were an innovative couple, motivated and playful, and soon, their true feelings for one another would surface, and it became possible that their relationship would change into more. they were something endearing, meaningful, more solid, strong, and yes, sexy. Millicent cared for Gordon, and her heart was open to him, who well enjoyed her company. She touched him in a caring way, and when he caught that cold, she nursed him, and never had he felt so cared for by a woman he had feelings for before. He lifted weights to keep in shape, and she knew Gordon was only kidding about all those aches and pains.

The Mon Chéri’ knew Millicent had to be fond of Gordon d'Anise. His masculinity matched her femininity, and as the weather changed, she felt as if she could better herself around him. She, and Gordon felt at home with each other, and were close, and Enid Rae appreciated Millicent’s company around Gordon. Millicent did not appreciate Beryl though, their housekeeper as much. She seemed to sneer, and the air changed when she was around. Even the cook enjoyed Millicent, and anyone knew Gordon had good intentions for her, yet the Mon Chéri’ hoped she was not too out there with herself.

Although they knew good things about the d’Anise family, they knew nothing of Gordon as an individual, and did not want Millicent head over heels for disappointment in as much time as she spent with Gordon. They worried if she was neglecting time from her own life, her studies, or the couples' lives? The Mon Chéri’ missed Millicent, and didn’t want her carried away, but she and Meridian had a lot in common too, and liked each other very much.

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