Millicent and Gordon

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the Mon Cheri'

Eight- Wedded Bliss

Phillip was glad his daughter set up a business proposal. They were not present day d’Anise, and wanted Millicent to become comfortably self sufficient. Her heart was with the development of summer schools for deaf, and blind children, and Gordon was as interested as she was. They had room for her endeavors at the plaza but Millicent thought of something intimate like land, and lot’s of space, grass, trees, and a far off lake. Millicent and Gordon came up with plans that would cultivate both their talents, and set themselves ahead so that she could finish her field of study sooner, and Gordon put the plaza’s business plans to work.

When Phillip met Bernadette, he promised he would never let her go. At twenty seven, he thought he would become an old selfish man, fighting over a piece of gold. Phillip would not treat Bernadette less than a diamond, nor could he have loved her more, and she felt the same way about Phillip. They were head over heels in love, and have been together ever since they met. Millicent has been the love of their lives. The house tour Phillip took Gordon, he enjoyed, and thought the grounds had character, and especially liked the tall hedges surrounding the tennis courts, and the paths to the swimming pool were cool also.

Gordon, and Millicent started taking themselves more seriously. They became less vulnerable, less inwardly emotional, and as friends, Millicent appreciated the pace they went. They engaged in themselves lightly, and after that first dinner at the Mon Chéri’, Millicent knew that Gordon cared for her more than she could think. He showed his feelings for Millicent, kissed her in front of parents, they would rather see signs of affection than think a person was sneaky. Ethically, Millicent and Gordon were similar, and their hearts were becoming one, and realized that they once were lonely, but not alone.

Millicent, and Gordon were a good look to Phillip Mon Cheri’. Mutually, Millicent, and Gordon felt they were where they needed to be. They were at peace, and both of their futures looked bright. Gordon had become a man, and there was no turning back. Worship, and purpose was inspiring for them, and as a little time went, the exclusive couple became an item, and outward with their feelings for one another. trusted their daughter but had a very hard time trusting other people. Millicent had a good heart that was taken advantage of. Too many times her parents thought they would step in as far as her feelings were concerned, and at worst, of Steven Bonanza, but their daughter was finally free of him, and they thought they were too. Millicent had a bashful start, and until she met Gordon, the man in her life, she didn’t seem to be closing in on any gems of men, friendships, dates, or much less, marriage. The Mon Chéri’ were curious about the type of promise their daughter had with Gordon, correction, Miller-d’Anise.

They hoped Millicent wasn’t a passing fling, and were glad she was pleased, but filling her time with Gordon, had their best interests been compatible? To know how hard Millicent worked for her status in the medical field, they did not want her emotionally bitter. The last thing they needed was for Millicent to be toyed with all over again. Finding the right person to be with was not easy. Her parents wanted an intelligent person for Millicent of course, who was as bright as her, but many proved to be a disaster. With heels, Millicent was taller than many men, but became more beautiful everyday.

In the past, she thought of a few people she would have liked to date, but some people didn’t know she was alive until Jenna had a sophomore year college party. Edam Garret, and Caleb Manse were at the party, and granted, they changed into more handsome men, and they knew it. Yasmine’s sister Laius and their cousin Aunri Mohegan, walked over with Daire Fergus, someone Millicent had a crush on in high school. She was nervous. They had too many jokes about her back then, so she didn’t know what she was up against, but now, they liked what they saw, standing next to Padime.

They remembered Padimye. Whether they knew her or not. She was tall also, very beautiful, had thick, straight, long dark, shiny waist length hair, and who could forget her? Jenna was hostess, and re-introduced everyone.

“You remember Millicent Mon Chéri’ don’t you?

“Millicent? Are you talking about that big fat ugly girl from high school?” Edam, Laius, and Daire stared at Caleb. He was just as daft as he was, and still apparently as insensitive as he was back in high school-some things never change. Millicent realized that one of the three candidates she had a crush on, an afterthought.

She hadn’t responded to Caleb’s question of her once being fat, and with the silence of it all, he stirred, and they managed to drown him out with a nervous laughter, and Jenna had to say something.

“Well, if so, that was a long time ago. At least she’s not an idiot like you will probably always be,” said contritely. Millicent turned her head, and no one said anything else. Repulsed at the word fat, she managed to keep up with all else at the party. Edam, and Caleb were too immature, superficial, and Millicent pulled Tracy Adams sunglasses off her face, and braced her hair with them.

Millicent decided their company would never be worth her time, and fell out of the mix for a while, yet found new places, and other artists, she could focus her free time, it was more interesting. Most artist’s considered others, and were decent. Artists were better at public places, and she did not have to worry about anyone leaving her with a bill. After Steven, Millicent had gone to finish college. It was as though other artists, no matter who they are, got along. Watching couples hand in hand started to grab at Millicent’s soul. Millicent was not tempted to go backwards. A few people knew Millicent was back in town from college.

Those people who kept tabs were not her real friends. Steven periodically in touch with her parents, but after he showed his true colors, Millicent did not talk, or accept his phone calls for what he’d done, she didn’t want to hear another phony apology. Steven burned her confidence, and luckily she hadn’t slept with him. For Steven, there was no turning back. He’d exhausted Millicent’s pleasantness with him. Steven, since grade school, watched Millicent go through changes with the bullies in their school. When she was young, she couldn’t even wear frilly dresses, because kids ruined her clothes.

Phillip, and Bernadette doted on Millicent, regardless of the expense, and it broke their hearts when Millicent told them that the kids mistreated her because she wore nice things. Millicent suffered cuts, and bruises, and again, the Mon Chéri’ hearts had broken to know that on a daily basis Millicent was insulted, and her chair pulled from her, countlessly. Her crashing down on the classroom floor, to certain classmates, made her pain comical, but Millicent didn’t want anyone to think she was not a good sport. Nevertheless she endured severe punishment either way, and it was humiliating.

In elementary school, Millicent began becoming overweight, and many girls who felt better about themselves, teased her. They got a laugh out of watching Millicent roll onto her knees so that she could stand. Millicent couldn’t resist, sweets, expensive sweets. weets would do even a shorter person badly at that age. In falling, sometimes Millicent was hurt, but played along, and in high school, someone made a comment that her dress resembled his families, camping tent, and at that, Millicent tried to become comfortable. She went to school wearing blue jeans, and preferred sweatshirts, and jumpers, instead of blouses.

She wore moccasins, long jean skirts, and carried a purse on her shoulder, yet the girls who pulled pranks, and tried to ruin her, and she hung her head to disappear. In reality, there are only a handful of bullies in the world. Most people, even though we may not know them, are decent. The neighborhood girls Millicent grew up with, were not not good to count on. From elementary school they would only call Millicent if they needed someone to turn a rope, play tug of war, or invite themselves to swim in her swimming pool, and yet, they ignored her. They played how they wanted to play and did what they wanted to do.

By the time Millicent was thirteen, she realized they were not as real friends should be, not like Padime at all, or even Jenna. Very rarely did the neighborhood girls invite Millicent shopping, roller skating, or to a movie. If Millicent had been invited to go out with the neighborhood girls, she knew she’d be in for disappointment. Phillip and Bernadette were proud of Millicent, and agreed to stop allowing those girls to come into her house. They broke toys, spilled paints, and disrupted her doll collections, but the one thing Millicent didn’t like, was anyone jumping on her bed. With, or without shoes on, she detested the act.

That kind of filthy behavior not only grossed, but freaked her out, and some of the children in school were no better. They, too, would show up for her birthday parties, out of greed. Only Padimye, and Jenna always gifted her, and would stay to help cleanup. It was hurtful for the Mon Chéri’ to see how many would show up to Millicent’s birthday parties just to receive goodies. Away from the neighborhood, Millicent joined the girl scout’s and with that, spent her time on substances of meaning, had pride visiting people in hospital, and was sensitive.

With other junior scouts, by the time she’d gotten older, Millicent earned all their girl scout badges, and during camp times away from home. She developed good ties with the scouts in the other troops as well. She shared her crafts with sick children in hospitals, and taught them how to needlepoint, crochet, and taught them art projects that would occupy their time. Millicent knew she wanted to make a difference in the lives of children, or somehow contribute a beneficial difference in their lives. She loved to babysit, and entertained smaller children by reading, and doing puppet show acts.

Children needed good people, and she would be useful because she could be. worked on collages with kids and bit by bit they would finish, and show their own puppet shows together, and since then, Millicent learned why it was important to hold her head up high, despite what the odd numbers think. When Jenna started to visit Millicent she told the neighborhood girls off. Overweight, Jenna was scary, and was not afraid of anyone, and made you pay for your opinions. Jenna never stood for other people’s junk, and played Millicent’s spy, to help her weed out the bad entities in her life which was a help.

Millicent was too friendly of person, and Jenna let her know who backstabbers were, and then Millicent began to lose the nervous weight she carried, and became as shapely as Jenna. Millicent’s skincare and makeover taught her confidence, and better self esteem. In high school, she received negative popularity because she was looking better, and excelled in her studies. Goody two shoes, is what some students said of her, and they were right. She received honors for her successes, and won science fair projects, above average in creation, and naturally excelled in art and writing classes.

Millicent grew into her body senior year, and all of a sudden, her weight didn’t matter anymore. Bier, Jenna, and Padimye were supportive of Millicent. She had innocent bones that would not hurt a fly, or flirt with boys in school. Crystal Stanton had always drawn negative attention to Millicent, and hadn’t realized how badly it showed her for what she was, pathetic. It was why her so-called best friend Shannon Delray, who was no better, played her. See. Looks aren’t everything. The Mon Chéri’ were outraged their daughter was mistreated in school, discovered her bruises again, and brashly concerned for her safety, bought her a car.

They avoided her being cut down, and pushed into fights after the high school day ended, a car was best because they were mostly concerned for her happiness. Millicent, Padimye, and a few others were busy, focused, and did positive things despite the riff-raff of what loser kids did, like pushing Millicent out of line, holding her down on the ground, or spilled paint all over her clothes or shoes. Those things done to her were a laugh to the people who inflicted embarrassment. They hated watching Millicent begin to live her life’s dreams since artwork, as well as her scholastic achievements too, made her popular.

Getting through all that was an achievement itself, and after another series of events Millicent did more eating than before to comfort her woes. She was stood up for prom by Boris Bodil, and it was as if the last laugh of senior year, high school. As usual every senior in high school was going to the prom excited.

Bernadette took her daughter, and they went to find an outfit that was appropriate for the occasion, and when the time neared Millicent went to have a facial. On the day of prom she had her makeup and hair done by professionals with Padimye, treated as as a gift, it was her birthday and she was a good friend. That night, Millicent was radiant, thank God, and even had her nails done. Both girls looked as if they were completely different people. Millicent’s otherwise Gothic look vanished, and her true radiance showed. Jenna called, and said through the grapevine that Millicent’s date with Boris Bodil was a prank.

Zuni Patton planned with others to start trouble at the prom. How immature had that been? He wanted to make trouble no matter what, and referred to Millicent as fat. Zuni did not say she was talented, neat, clean, or nice. Bear in mind, Millicent was at the head of her class, and he was an asshole, plain and simple. He planned to make mockery of Millicent, and was hurt by the comment, but again survived the ridicule. Jenna, Herb, Millicent, Padimye, Scott, George, and Yasmine went to get pizza, when they saw some of their classmates coming from Prom. Millicent and her crew headed to the roller rink.

Ally chose to go to the prom from Millicent’s house, but was in just as much trouble being with Keith Mason, and her new found friends. Ally was cool at first, but soon became fair weathered, and too bad. She didn’t like Padimye because she was jealous, and so she, Keith, and Stan Wells went to the prom without them, and Bier was still missing in action. At the prom, three fights were happening, and since that breakout, the prom ended immediately. Ha! Millicent and her friends were at the movies when that happened, and went to get pizza before they went to rollerskate. They were very lucky they missed the prom.

Padimye thought for sure if they had gone to prom, they’d have walked into treachery. She was happy the way things turned out, and would have felt too overdressed for the affair’s simplicity of classmates. Out of Millicent’s small group of friends, Padimye was the most beautiful. Girls picked on her, and her sister because they were smart, and because most of their relatives graduated school already, they were open game. Millicent tended to look good. She blossomed. Millicent seemed to come alive, and her talent in art astounded people. In high school, she had college credits before entering the curriculum.

At school’s end, Millicent was promised a future, and knew what she wanted to do, and finished her first year of college earning her associate’s degree. High school graduation meant the end of the wise guys, and their wise cracks. How wrong were they? Millicent began to prepare for her bachelors degree, and didn’t believe Steven showed interest. Not! He was acting. Steven couldn’t handle Millicent, and like Sheila Revell, she accelerated her studies. Millicent blossomed, and Steven was out of college, and taken under his father’s wing in real estate, but wasn’t doing well, and might have only scored company leads.

He still hadn’t sold any houses. He’d no ambition. Millicent developed the poise of her mother, and passed all her classes, while Steven was still getting his feet wet. He had no conversation, so his act was a pledge sort of pact, which made Millicent think that her life was important to him, and that together they can really change the world. Steven never mentioned buying property to support lower income families, like Millicent had, but perhaps they would get there. He knew she’d be away at school for some time so he wouldn’t even see her. Steven wanted to get to know Millicent that summer.

Because of the way Steven dressed, and carried himself when he was around Millicent may have given the impression they aimed at the same things in life, but he was just all talk. Still playing games, their parents traveled in some of the same dinner circles. Millicent, and Steven’s parents had gone overboard, and brought up, them dating. Talk about awkwardness. Their parent’s even spoke of marriage, and that they were at that age. Millicent, and Steven were seated across from each other, and blushed, and obviously the subject needed to change. Millicent felt nowhere near ready to marry, and resented the subject.

After dinner, the “couple,” took a walk, and Steven sat and let the hearsay seep anyway. The subtle nudges from their elders, only made him smile out of politeness, and couldn’t openly decline one another.

“Our parents practically have us living together. Is there a need to rush into anything?” Millicent complained. Steven asked Millicent for a stroll after dessert, and he was polite. They weren’t having fun hearing their parents fantasies of their future love lives. It felt like their cue to leave, perhaps unnoticed. Millicent’s parent’s noticed Steven, but kept their smiles.

The Bonanza’s seemed optimistic about them, but with them, Millicent would be downplayed. They could not afford Millicent, but still, Steven played into their wondrous world knowing Millicent seemed to reject the idea. He knew in reality, she should have no real interest in him, and in many ways, they were in separate leagues. Millicent was only gracious for the moment, but Steven pressed only to play childish games, and a sneak trying to do whatever he could, to see if he’d score. He was a parent’s plight.

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