Millicent and Gordon

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Dinner Date

Nine- the Mon Cheri’

Gordon guessed Millicent’s parents would be curious about him. He, and Millicent were going steady ever since Dane, and Meridian got married, and all the Mon Chéri’ knew was that Gordon lived in the mansion almost ten miles away. The d’Anise family had a reputation for being good people, but still, their daughter was involved. They wanted to hear what Gordon had to say for himself. They wanted to know that he went to college, if he had money, preferably his own, and they needed to know if he was a moron or not. Gordon had his own support system, and climbing.

The Mon Chéri’ did not know him personally, so his motivation for Millicent was their concern. What exactly kept their daughter occupied on her dates, away, but he was very concerned for Millicent’s endeavors, and her study time. The Mon Chéri’ wanted to know if Gordon had the same ambitions as his brother, and of what if anything, were his future plans, and anxiously also, what exactly had Gordon Miller from the d’Anise mansion see in their only daughter Millicent, that would keep her head over heels about him? Was he a young man who might interfere with her studies?

On first visit, the Mon Chéri’ thought well of Gordon. They enjoyed each other’s company, added with extraordinary pleasures. Millicent, and Gordon were very much into each other, and continued working on the success of their hopes, and dreams. The time they spent together was precious, special, and even Gordon was getting used to Millicent popping up at the mansion as often as he liked. Meeting Gordon, she became more social than she’d been in a long time, and he had enough vigor to satisfy the probes of her friends who approved of Gordon for her. All he wanted was nothing but Millicent’s happiness.

He was not the type having to be slapped for being too bold. With Gordon, Millicent no longer had to put up with male immaturity. He was more her speed, and expectations. He sent bushels of flowers to her door steps, and doted on her anytime day or night. Gordon wanted to assure Millicent’s comfort, and in his presence he was very protective. Meeting her, Gordon thought about how Basil had not yet met her, and wondered if Base would be as happy for him as Gordon was becoming. Sure, Gordon thought Basil might be having his share of loose women too, but Base missed Dane’s wedding.

Basil was as much a part of the d’Anise family as Ruben was. Who were his friends now, and where? Gordon knew Millicent was shy, and did not press her. He let her move at her own pace, and that much of her he even enjoyed. Gordon hoped Basil was having some sort of a good life of his own as well, as Millicent, and Gordon were getting to know, and understand each other, an important element in a relationship. She experienced Gordon’s wit, great personality, and sense of humor. Gordon was just what she needed to release her true self, and allow her light to shine, and so Millicent became out of the darkness of shyness.

Gordon was intelligent and they complimented each other well, where Gordon would normally be bashful. Millicent’s youth blended well with Gordon’s chemistry, and they rocked as a couple! Millicent saw his underbelly, and did not want to make Gordon blush, but with the happiness they shared, it did not matter. The doorbell rang, and Gordon arrived at the Mon Chéri’. After the day he had, he looked charming, and smelled nice to Millicent. Gordon showed up with a batch of flowers, and a box of chocolates for her, and a bushel of mixed flowers for Mrs., and a bottle of wine he handed to Phillip Mon Chéri’.

The gifts were a good gesture, and seemed, cheerful people. Gordon took in the delectable smells coming from the kitchen. He was hungry. Millicent had not seen Gordon in a few days so she was pleasantly surprised to see him with a fresh haircut, and his mustache, sideburns and beard neatly trimmed, and he looked very handsome. It pleased Millicent him bringing gifts to her family, it broke the ice. Millicent was the happiest with Gordon, and could not control her smile, or his daydreams. They kept eye contact, held hands, and bestowed a tender kiss or two.

When it came to compliments, Millicent’s willingness to become playful, overshadowed her timidity. Padimye was ecstatic about Millicent’s happiness. Millicent bragged about Gordon, and Padimye thought she had a true friend in him too. Gordon was polite, and Millicent was happy her parent’s saw that for themselves. He went to their house as good looking as he was at his brother’s wedding.

“Dane, and Meridian send their hello, and want you to visit the manor for dinner.” Gordon thought having dinner with Millicent’s parents would be awkward, but it was not.

He thought them to be just as nice as the first time they met. When Millicent got a lump from her throat, and butterflies in her stomach, she knew she loved Gordon. They sipped wine quietly, and with not too much to say until dinner, they talked for twenty minutes while Bernadette checked back, and forth on dinner. Gordon held his own, and seemed at ease in her parent’s house, and it pleased Millicent. She, and Gordon ran crazy in the mansion. They played loud music, amused themselves between her studies, and in Gordon’s suite, Millicent enjoyed the living space.

On his giant screened television they watched movies, and at times, Meridian and Dane joined them to watch sports in his living room. Enid Rae just loved, love, and enjoyed all the activity. She welcomed all the commotion that went on with the young people in the mansion, and it seemed that everyone was happy-except Beryl. Even as much as Enid, and Beryl conversed, Enid noticed she strayed. Millicent, and Gordon were alone in the kitchen when the final additions to dinner was ready. Millicent set the dining room table earlier, and since Bernadette is great in the kitchen, Millicent didn’t have to help.

She, and Gordon were catching up on the few days lost, having a hard time concealing their feelings for one another. After a day like the one Gordon had, Millicent was just who he needed to soothe his soul. She was a vision of loveliness, Gordon said so, and gave great compliments to their home. He told her parents that their home was inspiring, they tastefully decorated their home. Gordon was sincere about them, and their home. They were both guests of the Mon Chéri’ that evening, when Bernadette answered the telephone from the kitchen. Her hands were full, so she asked the person to hold.

She called Millicent to pick up the receiver In the living room, Millicent sat right next to the telephone table. She excused herself from Gordon’s conversation, casually answered the call.

“Hello?,” she said pleasantly.

“Hey Millicent. This is Steven. How are you?” Millicent’s eyes turned a funny shade of green. She squinted, but recognized the voice right away, and did not want to speak to Steven on the other end. He badly hurt her feelings in the past, and made fun of her too. Millicent was past it all, but the sound of his voice, and the thought of his calling her cunning, and it sickened her.

Gordon took notice of her and saw that something was wrong, and could tell that Millicent had a sinking feeling in her stomach, and wondered why, after she asked him not to call her ever, he had to say for calling her? Millicent had not spoken to Steven in almost three years. As far as Millicent was concerned, that time was not long enough. She disliked Steven Bonanza because he was a complete waste of her time, and she really didn’t care what he wanted, his phone call only brought back a bitter, hateful, and hurtful time. She was just shy of hanging up on him. Gordon was with her, and had a spine.

Millicent knew she could count on him to battle things out for her. She never thought she’d be interrupted by Steven ever again, but she guessed she was wrong. He was too much, and the sound of his voice was a shrilling thing to her. Steven was a despicable type of man, and Gordon knew the type. Millicent was glad Gordon was at her home when she received that call. Steven could have been knee deep in shit, easily forgotten by all the hurt he caused, and wrong by the dirt he did. Millicent was not into Steven, a slut of a man. His masquerade of charades was unwelcome, Millicent heard rumors, and held her suspicions.

His charade of acting coupled at family affairs was lame, and acreep is a creep. Steven was ruined, and rotten. His brothers exposed him to the seamier side of things. Steven couldn’t handle it, and obviously he, and Millicent will never happen. Millicent handled that situation long ago with the help of her friends, and bowed out gracefully, but back then, some of the hurtful comments people made were mean, but Millicent was independent, could handle her freedom, and had a level head. Steven by that time, wanted something he could not have, and Millicent was not a loose woman.

No one was going to let Steven think he could get over too cheaply either. How dare he call her! Steven never made any physical demands on Millicent. He just wanted to feel her out before he did. She felt weird as if he’d try to make a move on her, and no one was having that. She declined the invitation to meet, and did not ask for a rain check. Steven would be the type of person that could fuck up, and blame his selfish ill actions on alcohol. Steven seemed suspicious, and Millicent couldn’t put her finger on it. His personality was strange, and even her parents did not have to tell her that he would sink, seeking his level.

Her third year of college, Steven was sneaky. He had a thing for her but would not admit it. With his friends, he acts too rudely, and had become an uneasy drinker, and could slip at any moment, a wonder he, and Millicent, was not a love connection. Steven’s personality was aggressive, and he asked too many questions. In his inquisitiveness, Steven was bullshit, and could care less about people. He is heartless, and could never become enterprising, he only thought of himself and wanted someone to take care of him. The monogrammed earring given to Bier one holiday turned up in Millicent’s bed!

Each of a group of seven girls received them. Padimye vouched for Biel’s earring. She and Millicent were friends with Bier, what seemed long ago. Bier dwindled off a long time ago, but stayed close, hanging out with new friends they supposed, and Millicent’s parents were in the house when she called Steven to confrontation. They stood in the foyer of their home. He was supposed to be doing the family a favor, letting the pool guy in, checking the mail, and feeding Fe-fe because Millicent hadn’t been due from school, and the Mon Chéri’ was stuck at a convention another day.

The Mon Chéri’ wanted to trust Steven. They knew he would not sell their house, ha-ha, but house sit, until the pool guy left, set the alarm, and secure the key back in the security case. Well, he did. Steven secured everything after he played his stay, and did more than he should have, being led into Millicent’s bedroom. was a hurtful, humiliating thing, and true! For having sex in Millicent’s bedroom with someone they all knew, Steven actually tried to have an excuse, but could not. Millicent did not bite. She found Steven to be gross and disgusting, and showed him the earring Bier lost in her bed sheet.

The monogram was unmistakable. Steven stood with his mouth hanging open, and Millicent thought him crazy. She was hurt for being suckered as she, and her parents were, and brought his attention to how he’d explain the condom that didn’t flush down her toilet!

“I don’t sleep with my friend’s asshole!” The Mon Chéri’ stayed quiet. Upon Steven’s departure, Millicent told Steven he was a slut cheap, and a lying pathetic.

“You are a disgusting, disrespectful person!”

“Ouch, that hurt.”

He shouldn’t have tried to be funny.

“Well, the truth hurts sometimes,” after she hauled off and slapped his face. Millicent told Steven how full of shit he was, and then ordered him to get out of her parents house! She laughed, shrieking at the top of her lungs, “Pathetic!” Millicent slammed her parents’ front door right in Steven’s face, and after hearing what happened, the Mon- Chéri’ were not disappointed seeing Millicent moving on in her life again. She never slept with Steven, but mentioned the incident to Gordon in short. Steven was on the phone-line, she didn’t have to refresh him.

When Padimye had heard what Bier had done, she seemed to keep kept things to herself, but in a couple of days after that, and since that bit of news stunned Padimye, she asked Millicent to meet with her at her Uncle’s bakery, and because of this, she phoned Arden, and Ombrielle. In twenty minutes or so, Padimye arrived, and called Jenna, and made the excuse, it was a get together. Everyone Millicent was close too, was getting ready for their internships, and Padimye asked Beir to meet her there too, but she had a date. Padimye asked her to bring her date as well.

“Good. Come eat something. It’ll be fun. Seth’s coming,” she said.

That made Padimye’s scheme sound more legit. It sounded like a party, so Beir went for it. Because of what just happened, Millicent wanted to leave to go back to school- yesterday! At the bakery Padimye asked Millicent to park her car in the back, and through the gates she went. She looked nice, and Padimye mentioned the crap, and how unhappy she felt about things, and told Millicent she had her back. They hugged, and dried Millicent’s tears. She grew a backbone. She would confront Bier. What she, and Steven did was very wrong, not to mention, it was unclean, and unsanitary. Jenna came.

Padimye never mentioned Millicent confronting Beir, out in the bakery. Padimye told Jenna what Bier, and Steven had done, so Bier was surprised to see she, with Millicent, walk through the bakery doors. Padimye was very furious with Bier, whose eyes became as wide as soccer’s, before each girl even spoke to one another. Before Bier introduced her new boyfriend, Millicent interrupted, and told her she had something for her. It was not her birthday, so Bier focused on Millicent as the guilty person she was, and all eyes were on them. Padimye stood close, peeved that Shannon was there too, but it was a public place.

In front of Biel’s date, and everyone, Millicent asked Biel if she was missing something? Bier shrugged, and then Millicent asked a better question, added boldly and bleak.

“Or are you missing someone, shall I ask?” Millicent reached into her jumper, and pulled out the earring. Bier looked as confused as she inevitably acted, yet thought it a funny thing. Aloofly, Bier seemed not to understand how Millicent came across her earring, and so Millicent told her.

“It’s been a long time since we played sleepover. Am I right Padd??”

“Yes, Millicent. You’re right....” Millicent turned to Bier, and yelled.

“I don’t care who you fuck!” The entire room went silent!

“ What? What are you saying?” It took Bier a few moments to respond, and everyone just stood.

“But I do care when it’s someone you knew I was dating, behind my back, and in my bed! Bier tried to look innocent in front of her date but it did not help her. Instead, she stood as a groupie, and Shannon listened to all the details she would later tell everyone else.

“Wait. What?,” Jenna asked? Beir’s fate was obvious. “That’s just plain nasty Bier. You suck!” Her date was listening , and Padimye turned from her face. Bier stood with her mouth opened, and must have been trying to make up a lie. “Don’t lie, Bier. Steven admitted this to me just a half hour ago,” Jenna said. Millicent’s blood boiled, and she was angry. Because Bier said nothing, but started to smirk, caused Bier an even harder slap across the face, than the one Steven suffered earlier! Everyone in the room flinched. The sound of the assault was unbearable. Bier tossed, and stumbled almost to one knee.

She was caught by an empty table with her forearm to break her fall. Jenna, and Padimye were amazed at Shannon. She liked to see a show, but kept her mouth shut when Millicent glanced her way. Millicent looked at Biel’s date.

“Is this what you look forward to? A slut, and a liar?” Bier could hardly hear, her ear was still ringing. Millicent always slept in the guesthouse ever since the incident in her parent’s house, and later heard that Jenna told Bier that he had Crystal not one hour before that, that afternoon Crystal would not answer her phone, and Bier couldn’t find her anywhere.

“And you know he did not take a shower afterwards, because Crystal told me,” Jenna added. “She was home with Steven too, and didn’t want to be disturbed. Since she bragged, everyone already knew that Steven was with Biel before he hooked up with you,” Jenna concludes to Shannon. Sorry Millicent. It was only a few days ago.”

“Ew!” Shannon stood with a surprised, sour look on her face. Biel’s head was spinning, and maybe later she’d have a nose bleed.

Millicent threw the earring onto the table in front of Biel’s date, and left the bakery through the same way she came. She rubbed Padimye’s uncle on his arm, and went out to sit in her car. She, and Padimye were disgusted. Biel’s date laughed at her, mumbled the word, trick, under his breath, got into his car, took off. They stood alone. Bier, and Shannon’s ride left. Bier held her face, her eye swelled, and Shannon called anyone but Steven to come, and pick them up. Millicent spent a long time in her thoughts over the ordeal, and the last person she needed to be talking to was Steven Bonanza.

Padimye broke up the party, and kissed her uncle who came out to see what the rush of hysteria was, and went back into the kitchen. He knew Padimye would not let things go too far.

“It’s nothing uncle,” she said in haste. Padimye went outside, and jumped in the passenger’s side of Millicent’s car. Jenna sat in the back seat by then, told Shannon, and Biel to, get the fuck out! They talked for a while, before Jenna jumped out. She helped Padimye wipe the tears from Millicent’s eyes, said she’d call her later, and drove off. Millicent, and Padimye decided what they wanted to do, got something to eat, and drove off too.

If ever Gordon’s smile was devilish, this one was sweet. Millicent switched Steven’s conversation through the speaker, and Gordon’s eyebrows raised even more. He tried not to laugh. Millicent got Gordon’s attention by grabbing his hand, signed, looking into the kitchen thinking, Bernadette had lost all her mind of marbles, but saw that her mother had not been paying attention, and did not recognize the voice on the other end of the telephone. Millicent was as cautious as Gordon, surprised her mother had not recognized the voice. Whatever concerns Millicent, concerned Gordon,

For upsetting their daughter, Phillip Mon Chéri’ did not like Steven, and secretly, had always despised him. He referred to Steven as a filthy, cocky individual. Phillip felt that way for Steven mistreating his daughter, and mistreating his home.

“Oh. Hello Steven,” Millicent answered. Gordon was careful not to interfere. He was attentive because Millicent seemed thrown by the call. Steven. Yuk. Millicent was annoyed speaking to him, he’d already had the upper hand in that, annoyed he had the nerve to call, sounded flatly, and would have nothing else to say because after that day, she never gave him a second thought.

Through the moment of silence, Steven asked again, how she was.

“Hm?” she snapped. Millicent was aggravated that he would have her time of day. She hated him, and asked just as awkwardly, “What do you want?” Gordon’s eyebrows raised. He heard a different tone in her tune, he was sitting closely. Millicent reflected her past, and Steven could feel it, and suddenly felt stupid. Millicent could have lost her allure, just as Steven stole her joy, but Gordon leaned in closer to Millicent, and their eyes connected. Gordon thought to himself, that guy is stalking Millicent.

He bates her, and when she smirked, it let Gordon know that of the call, she was not excited. Since Steven had nothing to say, she went to silently hang up. Steven was arrogant. He expected her to get over what he’d done to her morale. Millicent did not forget how it felt to be the butt of their even evil joke, Biel’s jealousy, and disrespect, and sounded as if it never happened, or fazed him.

“Auh,” Steven sarcastically empathized, “Don’t be like that Mille.” Millicent held the mouthpiece, and Gordon understood who she spoke, and unconsciously became tense, and punched his fist on his other hand.

From what he heard Millicent say, that guy was the scum of the earth, and Gordon got ready. He knew it would not be the last of Steven, until he ended it. Already that day, one idiot after another insulted Gordon. Steven poked at Millicent, and answered his question for her, “I’m good, I’m good,” he said. She smirked, and he asked her, “How about yourself?” He’d been sarcastic. There was no reason to care how he’d been. Steven was a sad song, no less who sounded as if he’d forgotten what he did to her two years ago, and as if no one found out about it. Notoriety spread around like flames.

Steven sounded like a little kid; a scheming little boy, and then Gordon leaned back in his seat. Their impulses were good, and it was not too hard to listen to Steven make an ass of himself, how hollow and shallow of him to call. Millicent and Gordon broke the ice as a couple, and romantically, Gordon claimed his damsel in distress. With the speakerphone on, Gordon pulled Millicent, comfortably onto his lap, and put his arm around her waist to balance her. It was a provocative move for them, as they listened on.

“So Mill.” Gordon thought, “Mille?”

He cupped his mouth at how funny it sounded, and she mentioned how she hated that he called her that. She was almost unable to control herself, laughing with Gordon. He said Steven sounded like a clown. Steven thought he heard Millicent snicker, but ignored it.


“So Hun, what’s been happening? Huh?” They looked at each other like, what is this, Hun stuff? They winced. Gordon nudged Millicent, trying to save themselves from laughing.

“Oh, nothing. Nothing much.”

It was the only thing Millicent could respond without laughing inappropriately, sounding as plainly as ever. She and Gordon held their breaths, and acted sillier that two people could be.

“Yeah? Great. I want to know if I can drop by in a little while, and see you?” That was odd, and they stayed silent, and winced. She and Gordon didn’t want to hear what Steven would ask next. The answer would be, no. The question stunned them.

“Visiting? No,” she said. “I can’t imagine what a visit with you would be like, and I don’t want to imagine it. For what purpose?” Steven stood silent as well. Millicent couldn’t help her honesty.

“I’m not interested Steven. Visiting me is out of the question,” Millicent didn’t laugh, and meant what she said, but Steven probed anyway. He wanted to know if Millicent loosened up. He was a creep, emotionally she hadn’t. Gordon had the proper attitude, and was willing to speak up for Millicent on his terms, and she did not want Gordon to leave the room. Millicent could not have cared less about Steven’s feelings.

“Gee. Well, would a visit from me be that bad?” Bakari was certainly not an old crush. Gordon understood why Millicent thought Steven lunatic.

He was an asshole who pissed Millicent off in the past until ultimately, she slapped his face. Gordon kissed Millicent on the cheek.

“I’m having dinner at my parents house. Why did you say you called??” Rumor had it, Steven had a child, cheating. He’s just miserable, and dreaming. Steven tugged at something but had not made his point valid, Millicent was not amused, and Gordon guessed what he would ask, or say next.

“Let’s do lunch.” Puleeze. Gordon knew he would do that. Millicent left Steven back then with intent.

He did not get that he was never any longer welcome, which meant telephone calls either. Millicent knew that in the sultry lands, they would eventually run into each other, but they did not have to speak, and she would not give Steven leeway. He was wrong, ungracious, and now, irrelevant. None of the people who knew Millicent, Padimye, Ombrielle, etc. ever associated with Bier again, and who cares what direction Crystal took. She never finished college, and no decent man would have her. Both she, and Shannon looked beat down in no time, and Millicent’s friends reported that, “Whoring must take a toll.”

In fact, both girls looked a little haggard than most their age, and Shannon was on drugs, and pathetic. Bier liked hurting people, but the tables turned, and things went south. By the time they became twenty six, neglect was all they experienced. Gordon loathed Steven’s attitude, and knew it was not okay to forget what he’d done. Back then, emotionally, Millicent spent time withstanding pain, so she declined his invitation to intrude, and he changed the subject since the conversation was at a stand still. Millicent hoped he had that same stupid look on his face when she told him which end of her to kiss back then.

How had he forgotten he betrayed her, and the Mon Cheri’? It was a good thing their time together was distant and brief.

“What else was new, I mean, things for you can’t be the same can it?” Steven was scum, and Gordon knew he was going to say that too, and had enough. He rolled with Steven’s flow, and Millicent counted on Gordon’s diplomacy. Steven tried his crap again with her, and what a nerve he had, and he’d been, just no good. Millicent hadn’t given Steven another thought in too long. When Gordon started hearing Steven’s voice in the background, a rush hit him between the ears, his blood pressure rose to his nose!

“I’m, I’m sorry Millicent, ah, what did you say?” Steven choked, and never had he been so lost.

“She said she ain’t biting man!” Steven was caught off guard, and stuttered. He was shocked not knowing who spoke for Millicent through the speaker phone, and thought he had not said anything stupid. Awkward! Steven could have kicked himself. He was very surprised to hear another man’s voice through the other end of the telephone. Millicent pictured his face, and tried not to laugh, but her inner self wriggled. She basked in the shock of things, and glad she had a partner who would stand by her.

She pictured diplomacy wiped clean off Steven’s face, and his feelings must have begun to roll an emotional knot in his stomach. Steven was not used to confrontation with men, and so he folded. Gordon saw that Steven was a pompous windbag with many tricks, and since high school, Steven was still out of control. After she called him out that few years ago, Millicent would have thought he would find himself. As she dismissed him, he could hear confidence in the way she spoke. Steven could tell Millicent was over him, and his stupidity. She was doing better things in her life, like, moved on.

Millicent has a man to speak for her now, and yes, she has changed. Gordon radiated. Wow, Millicent thought. Gordon has been generous, kind, sweet, and stood up for Millicent. It claimed his love for her. Gordon was the apple in Millicent’s eye. At that point, they beamed about the relationship they have, Gordon was so much a better man than most, and Steven proof. Gordon was worth Millicent’s bragging rights. The Mon Chéri’ saw Gordon was on the level, and not someone who had to be figured out. He did not take advantage of people, and Millicent thought Gordon made more sense than twenty people with college degrees.

It took Steven four years to get his associates degree, and he was still an idiot. Gordon heard that Steven’s family lived close to the Mon Chéri’ home, a five minute drive, and God forbid Gordon has to go straighten the guy out one day, and bitterly surprise Steven. Gordon did not like his nerve, and how on edge he made Millicent, but was cool, and Steven was too uneasy after the phone call. Steven knew what was good for him, and better use common sense. Whether he got caught up with Gordon immediately for the stupid things he may commit, or later, he wouldn’t want to.

“Oh. I thought I was talking to Millicent.”

“You were,” they said. “But now you don’t need to call to see her anymore. Do you get it?”

“Oh, oh, well, I’ll let Millicent tell me that?”

“Steven! I’m telling you,” Millicent convicted.

“Good night my man.” Steven must have gotten the right impression that time. Millicent, and the Mon Chéri’ had a lovely time with Gordon. Bernadette was a great cook. They ate delicious food and sipped great wine, conversed, listened, spoke and laughed at many topics and subjects.

Millicent’s parents were comfortable with Gordon being comfortable. He poured wine, volunteered information of the business pursuit he invested in, and squeezed Millicent’s hand.

“Invested,” hmm, they thought. Very well then. Brilliant! Gordon made a few suspicions clear, and mentioned being in business with his brother. In business with a d’Anise meant prosperity, which also meant that some days he was extremely busy too, or away on business, and missed Gordon when he was away, and took responsibility for her feelings. Gordon chased his dreams, and knew Millicent worked hard on her pursuits as well.

The Mon Chéri’ were impressed with Gordon. It seemed the apple didn’t fall far from the tree. He admitted taking a lot of Millicent’s time, now that she finished school, and in internship locally, but explained how much he thought they had a lot in common. The more Gordon elaborated, the more they liked him, and agreed, Gordon had a good head on his shoulders, and was sincere about Millicent. He didn’t need any money, and so far, he would help her in any way, and was more serious about Millicent than anyone except probably Phillip Mon Chéri’, and Dane. Gordon would protect Millicent no matter what.

He offered to collect Millicent, rather than meet him at the manor, or any other place, and was pleased with his understand-ing with their concern for her safety. Gordon was happy, they’d be happy to get to see more of him. So far, they thought him sincere, and seemed to like Gordon very much, and that pleased Millicent. They found him to be as decent as the first day they met, and very nice. Gordon had a few years on Millicent, and in her parent’s good graces. They felt Gordon wanted to take full responsibility for Millicent, and could read between the lines, while Millicent and her mom took less aggressive rolls at dinner.

They added in where necessary, and Gordon noticed how much Phillip Mon Cheri’ loved his wife, and their daughter with all his heart, and he wanted to be that person too. Mr. Mon Chéri’ was not arrogant, but wore the pants in the household, and provided his wife and daughter with a lovely home in lovely surroundings. Phillip was a loving husband and father. His tall, slim stature went handsomely with his thick salt, pepper wavy hair, medium tanned skin, and flare for style. Millicent and her mother had always been his dainty and demure ladies. After dessert Phillip lit a cigar, out on their patio was where he’d enjoy serenity.

The real Estate broker had apparently done well, walking their grounds. Gordon complimented Phillip on his entire home, including the sight of Millicent’s separate abode. He had nothing to complain about his abode, but happy Millicent was exposed to as much as she has been. They moved into the atrium, and the Mon Chéri’ left the young couple for their visit. Millicent and Gordon shared that awkward, meaningful feeling that butterflies lived in your stomach. At dinner they were quieter than usual in front of Millicent’s parents, but after dinner they finally got around to talking about Steven.

Gordon sat back and wondered what life must have felt like for her. Millicent growing up as an only child, related a little, but until Dane went to college, Gordon was not alone. Gordon was impressed with Millicent’s achievement metals, and badges, many of which she hadn’t mentioned, but Bernadette oh so proudly showed. Millicent would never have done that. She was too modest. She didn’t have to say how artistically talented she was, it was a given, and seen in her dress, but Gordon discovered a lot more. He promised he would whip out the old d’Anise photo album if it would make her feel better, but that was not it.

Millicent had already seen the family curio of photos in different sections of his home, not to mention the giant painting of Dane’s parents in the formal dining room. Gordon on that night, realized the evening air was warm, and wonderful, and their feelings swarmed. Watching the night’s sky clouds at the end of that summer, was as thick as the depth of their feelings, and time was creeping into another season, and thanked Gordon for stepping in to help her with Steven.

“You do not have to thank me,” Gordon said candidly. “The guy was out of line Millicent.”

She liked the way Gordon reached out to her, and held her close so he could hold her. The evening air cooled. Gordon didn’t want to overstay his welcome, and at the first sign of her fatigue, Gordon thought he would let Millicent rest. She, her parents, dinner, dessert and their lovely home was very beautiful, he enjoyed his stay, and had a wonderful time. Gordon, and Millicent are meeting at church in the morning, and then going to decide afterwards, they’re going to decide what to do with their time, and promise an early evening because Millicent had an exam. Getting ready to separate that night was awkward.

They’d become more than friends. They were exchanging ideas, going out in public, and sharing family meals together now. It was good to know how much they wanted to accomplish, and were no longer the ridicule of their peers. Millicent, and Gordon were having fun, exploring new experiences and ideas, and yes, the kid in both their hearts, played arcade as well. They laugh about falling on roller skates, and went to bed looking for another time together. They would see the world! Millicent mentioned how much it meant to her, Gordon came to have dinner.

Gordon thanked her for having him. She blushed a little, but he didn’t know, and said that the visit was his pleasure. It was true. Gordon had the greatest time. The Mon Chéri’ were entertaining, fun loving, and generous people, and it was time to say goodnight. Gordon needed to be sure he thanked the Mon Chéri’ for their hospitality. He had a great dinner, spectacular, and a wonderful time well spent. Gordon, and Millicent became very warm, and glowy.

“Where can I say good night to your mom and dad? It seems it’s getting late, and someone’s getting sleepy.”

Gordon reluctantly called it a night if they would be on time in the morning. He diverted his attention from the attraction he had for Millicent, holding the back of her shoulders. Gordon was so close he could smell her perfume, and had to stay in control.

“Oh,” she said almost passively. Millicent wanted Gordon to stay too, but took Gordon’s hand, and led him to where her parents were, and he complimented the decor in that part of the house too. On the way to where Phillip and Bernadette were the scenery was peaceful, and the area private.

“Oh hello you guys.”

The Mon Cheri’ were engrossed in something they were watching on the television.

“Gordon’s leaving, and he wants to say good night.” They started to get up but Gordon interjected for Phillip not to, and walked over to where they sat to extend his hand to Phillip, but they stood anyway.

“Gordon son, don’t be a stranger,” Phillip said. They shook, and were smiling from ear to ear, and Gordon was happy. Phillip was happy with the likes of Gordon. He looked good, smelled nice, held a decent conversation. He was a gentle giant.

“Thank you sir, thank you ma’am for a delicious dinner, pleasant evening, and a very nice time.”

“Please call me Phillip and she, Bernadette.”

“Okay Phillip, Bernadette,” he smiled. They thanked him for coming and invited him back. Gordon promised they would see him more often, and they said their good nights. Gordon and Millicent headed to the doors at the side of the house. His car was parked around the driveway, and he leaned his back against it. Millicent knew that Gordon wanted her to be serious for a moment.

He handled her more seriously lately, and taking charge of what he wanted. Gently aggressive, he pulled her close. He spoke not above a whisper, looking deeply into her eyes, and blood flowed between them, and felt like no one else could. Now they know how they feel about one another, and Gordon saw Millicent’s cheeks change. Priorly, his hand squeeze seemed symbolic, like a peck on the cheek but this was different. Millicent realized what was happening to them, and she would let it, and Gordon’s staring at her cherry stained lips was a hint. Beautifully glossed and soft, Gordon would have a taste of them.

He wanted all of her, and basked in the moment. Holding her close, the wind shifted and Millicent’s eyes drifted as far out as Gordon looked into hers. He watched her search her thoughts from a distance. Another breeze blew, and Millicent’s wisps swept, but her hair was heavy enough not to shift from the bottom. Her naturally thick ringlets held its weight, and Gordon’s curly bangs tossed for a second. Millicent was fair and beautiful, and Gordon touched her flawless skin with the back of his hand. The rusty brown in her hair matched the rusty brown flecks in Gordon’s deep hazel eyes.

He tilted her chin so he could be close enough to talk to her, and loved being able to look into her eyes when they spoke, and she did not flinch. Gordon was impetuous with his feelings, and wished Millicent had always been in his life. It seemed everything else was a waste of time until she came along, and he was probably right. It would mean the world to Gordon if Millicent stayed in his life, so his actions would soon make his feelings for her apparent. Gordon played with Millicent a bit, but intended to make her his woman. Phillip was most impressed with Gordon’s firm handshake.

Millicent couldn’t be happier. Respectfully, Phillip admired Gordon.

“Hey,” Gordon asked tenderly.

“Hey.” Subconsciously Millicent held her brow as they swayed.


“Uh hum. Tomorrow it is.” Millicent got tired. Gordon reached out, pulled Millicent to the length of his body. He lifts her chin again to his sensual kiss, and feeling deeper, should have been done long ago. He walked Millicent to her guest house cottage, and listened for the door to lock.

They blew a kiss from the window, and dazed, Gordon got into his car, and then headed home. In everything, Gordon was impressed. Phillip even showed him the guesthouse, in which he hadn’t known Millicent occupied. She liked living on the property of her parents. Through the back lawns there was peace, and quiet. It was picturesque, and the surrounding trees, beautiful. After her demise in high school, the Mon Chéri’ redesigned the house in back, where Millicent. and her friends spent many happy days, from her last year of high school, through college, so they utilized the space for more than just storage.

The house was charcoal, and beige slate, and sided. They had the almost three thousand square foot structure, serviced, painted, and furnished, and the once cluttered abode is like heaven. They thought it a good place for Millicent to study, and essentially keep her, and her friends are close, and the music far was genius, and her having the right friends was nice. Everyone studied, loved to sleep over, watch movies, or played music loudly. They still added accessories to her doll’s wardrobes, which Mr. Mon Chéri’ encouraged, since she was a child, sat at her tea parties, nibbled cookies, and ordered more tea.

The Mon Cheri' were diligent in Millicent's childhood, and furnished her with all the tools she needed to play with them all day, and showed signs of artistic ability in preschool. Millicent had a good wit as a child. She was sharp, a great conversationalist, and before they met for dinner, Phillip and Bernadette just wanted to know if the couple was yoked well. At church, with or without Dane, Gordon was himself, only minus dim wit, sarcasm or wise cracks.

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