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Dealing with one over protective twin is one thing, dealing with that twin's overprotective best friend? That's completely different. I've known Lucas since we were both babies, wet grew up together, but we weren't friends. In fact, I avoid him as much as possible, and not because I have a major crush on him. But because he has secrets, secrets only my brother knows, and a dark past that no one knows. But as fate has it, things happen and I can't avoid him forever.

Romance / Action
Queen Vega
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Chapter 1

"Angel!" If I ignore it, it'll go away. "Angel, I swear on your father's soul if you're not out of that bed getting ready for school..." She doesn't add a threat, but her words are threat enough. But being the morning person that I am, I ignore the threat, snuggling further into my bed.

The door to my room smashes open with a bang. "This is definitely a joke. Cause there's no way my daughter is still in bed." I thought monsters couldn't enter your room unless invited in? Yet my mom was able to enter. Someone has some explaining to do.

"I told you I'm skipping the first day." Everyone knows the first day back is just meant for introductions. As a senior I've already met most of the teachers and formed my clique of three. So what's the point?

"And I remember saying that's not happening young lady." A gust of cold air hits me as she snatch the blanket away. I curl into a ball, tucking my legs beneath my chin. Childish I know, but I do enjoy pushing my mother's buttons. Any minute now she'll go get my dad for backup. "Angel!"

"Fine!" I sit up, only to glare at her. "Do you enjoy torturing your first born?"

A loud scoff comes from the doorway. "Only by two minutes." Mathias, my twin, stands there fully dressed and wide awake. Such a people pleaser.

"What an enjoyable two minutes it was, then you came along and ruined it." I shake my head ruefully. "I should've ate you in the womb." Rolling his eyes he turns to leave, my mom following behind him.

I hop out of bed to grab a pair of clothes. Light washed jeans and a plain purple t-shirt.

It doesn't take long for me to shower, brush my teeth, and do my hair. When you live with three other siblings, you learn to do these things fast.

Everyone is ready and waiting downstairs when I arrive. My mom still in her pajamas as she pass out breakfast. My dad sits at the table with the newspaper in front of him, pretending like he's reading and not looking at Mom's butt.

The twins, Selena and Skyler, sit huddled together like always looking at something on Skylar's iPad. "Morning guys, where's Mathias?" I ask, noticing my twin missing. I grab a few pieces of bacon and strawberries off a plate, popping one in my mouth.

"Outside with Lucas, they're waiting for you." I choke on the strawberry, smacking my chest to help it down.

"You ok hun?" Mom asks, smirking. She's the only one who knows of my secret crush on Lucas. Well besides Lucas himself, considering I told him we're going to get married when I was eight.

"If you stop moving, this will go much faster." I pout at the dark haired boy in front of me.

Scowling, he smacks my outstretched hand away. "Boys don't wear bows." I try again to put the bow on him, standing on my tippy toes to reach his messy hair. "Stop it."

I huff. "When we're married you'll have to do what I say, just like Mom and Dad."

He glares at me. "You'll do what I say, and I'm banning all bows." My face turns red in anger. I toss the bow in his face before walking away.

As a kid my dad spoiled me a lot, so I expected other guys to. Lucas crushed that thought very early on, not giving into anything I wanted. If I wanted to play tag he'd convince Mathias to play leapfrog instead. If I got Mathias to play Barbies with me, he'd quickly steal him away for cops and robbers.

It's safe to say we don't really get along. But lately he's just been ignoring my entire existence, which is fine by me. The less attention I get, the quicker this crush will go away.

Saying my goodbyes to the rest of the family, I make my way outside. Mathias and Lucas waiting at his car in deep conversation. Lucas brows pull together at something my brother says, while my brother talks animatedly with his hands. "You can't seriously believe that snakes snore?" I hear my brother ask the closer I get. Really? This is the serious conversation they're having?

Lucas shrugs. "Why not? Who's proven that they don't?" He looks up, spotting me. "Hey fairy."

"Scientist, that's who." Mathias responds, completely ignoring my existence. Once you start a debate with him he'll never stop.

"I told you not to call me that." Rolling my eyes I slip pass them, sliding into the passenger seat. That catches my brother attention.

"What are you doing Angel?" He eyes me like I've lost my mind, like he's not the one that was just arguing rather or not snakes snore.

"Getting in the car to go to school?" Duh. Lucas laughs, pulling open the backdoor. Huh, he's not going to put up a fight? Considering it's his car. Someone is being generous today.

Mathias frowns at the two of us, but catch the keys when Lucas throws them to him. I settle comfortably in the passenger seat, sinking into the plush leather. I hope my first car is this fancy whenever I get one.

Lucas parents were loaded, though I wasn't sure what they did for a living. I've never seen them around town, but they show up for dinner at our house once every month.

I asked Mathias once why I hardly see them yet Lucas is always around. He told me to mind my business and don't bother Lucas with my questions. Not that I was planning to ask him. But I did find my brother's reaction weird. So I dropped the mystery of his parents and their occupations.

Reaching over I flick on the radio, flipping through the stations until I find something worth listening to. A pinch in my right side makes me jump. "Don't you know never to touch a man's radio?" My eyes narrow on Lucas as he leans between the seats. Did he just pinch my fatty meat?

"Oh, I wasn't aware you were a man Lucas." I grin, flipping to the next channel.

He falls back against the seat, clutching his chest with a fake hurt expression. "Ouch fairy."

I growl. "Don't call me that."

He laughs, leaning forward again. "If you weren't my best friend's little sister," his voice lowers to a seductive tone. "I'd show you exactly how much of a man I am." Heat rushes to my cheeks and I lean away from him.

"Well she is my little sister, so back off." Mathias presses a palm to his face, pushing him back. "And you," he points an accusing finger in my direction. "Stop flirting with my friend."

My eyes widen, cheeks getting even hotter hearing Lucas laugh from the backseat. "I wasn't!"

"Shame on you fairy, using your womanly charms on me." I roll my eyes, slumming back in the chair. Was it just me or was this ride taking longer than usual?

"Don't call me that."
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