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Pull me in

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Chapter 2

The locker next to mine slams shut, echoing throughout the hall. "Well someone's in a good mood." I grin, closing my locker.

Melissa, my best friend, pouts. "Can you believe Daniel forgot to pick me up this morning?" My eyes go to the man in question, who's currently flirting with a girl not even ten feet from his girlfriend.

"Yes, I very much can believe it." Daniel was the worse. But no matter how much I tried to convince her to dump him, she refuses. She believes if she loves him enough he'll change for her. I'm sure that's exactly what his last ten girlfriend's thought as well.

She shrugs. "He's having a party this weekend..."


Poking out her lower lip she gives me puppy dog eyes. "Please Angel, I don't want to go by myself."

"Then don't go?" I say, rolling my eyes. We start making our way down the hall to first period.

"You know I have to go, what kind of girlfriend would I be if I didn't?" A smart one. I shake my head, I'll never understand her obsession over him. Sure he's one of the hottest guys in the school, but his personality is horrible. He runs through girls like an obstacle course and never look back. I've prepared myself for the moment he finally decides he's done with my best friend. I keep a tub of cookies and cream ice cream stocked in my fridge.

"What nonsense are you trying to drag my sister into now?" Mathias asks, falling in step with us. Several girls point at him and giggle. Just like Daniel my brother was popular with the female population because of his looks. But unlike him, he ignored most of them. My brother was a one woman type of guy. Though sometimes he does sleep around.

Melissa stumbles and I laugh. Like I said, he has an effect on the female population at our school. "Daniel is throwing a party and she wants me to go." The moment we were able to speak, my brother and I made a pact to never keep secrets between us.

"No." He says.

She huffs in frustration, throwing her hands up. "You two are impossible!"

"His parties are dangerous." I nod my head in agreement. There have been stories, including one of a female going missing.

"Whose parties?" Dylan asks joining us. He's another of my brother's friend. There's three altogether that he surrounds himself with. Dylan, Justin, and Lucas. The irresistible four. Loved by most and hated by many.


"Wait, does that mean you're not going?" He ask my brother, mouth open in surprise. Dylan was cute with his baby face and blonde hair. He was the funny one of the bunch. He's also the only boy my brother allowed to take me to homecoming sophomore year. Freshmen year I didn't go, and Junior year Justin took me.

"Of course I'm going." He gives him a look, that basically says 'are you dumb?'

"Hold up, so you can go but she can't?" Melissa cuts in.

"I don't want to go." I point out.

"Go where?" Justin joins, slinging an arm around my shoulder. We all have first period together, going as a group was something we did every year. Somehow every year we're always put in the same home room. It's no surprise with my brother though considering we're twins, it was probably rigged that way for us.

His arm falls from my shoulder suddenly and I look at him in question. But he's staring at something over my shoulder across the hall, or well someone. Lucas is leaning against his locker with Jasmine, glaring at him.

I roll my eyes, sometimes he's more overprotective than my brother. "To Daniel's party."

"Good, you shouldn't be there." Ok I had already decided that I didn't want to go, but now that they're being so insistent? I'm having second thoughts.

Mathias cuts his eyes at me. "Whatever you're thinking, don't think it." I glare. Sometimes it sucked being a twin.

We file into the classroom, taking our seats at the back. Melissa on my left and Mathias on my right. She leans over to whisper in my ear. "You should think about it, it's not till Friday you have nothing but time to make a decision."

I scoff. "I've thought about it Melissa, and I'm not going." More students started filling in, the row in front of us filling with females. I roll my eyes in annoyance. The boys have been going here for four years, you'd think they'd be over their little crushes by now. My cheeks heat, who am I to talk? I've been crushing on Lucas since I learned what feelings were. It's pathetic really.

Mathias leans around me to look at Melissa. "Stop trying to pressure her, the answer is no."

Waving my hand between them I cut off their connection. "I don't need you to speak for me little brother." Dylan chuckles next to him. Unlike Mathias, his friends always found it funny when I reminded him I'm the older twin.

The teacher walks in, cutting off whatever he was going to reply.


"Have you thought-"

"No." Sometimes I hate how persistent she can be. Here we are switching out books for fourth period and she's still asking about this party.

"Hey babe," I try not to roll my eyes as Daniel approach, pulling her in for a kiss. This is his first time acknowledging her presence today. We've been here for five hours! "Where you been?"

"Following Angel around trying to convince her to go to your party." She pouts, wrapping her arm around his waist.

Daniel looks at me, giving my body a once over. His leering stare making me uncomfortable. "And why not?" He ask, tone bored. He's only humoring her. He knows I don't like him, ever since he tried hitting on me once at Mathias and I sixteenth birthday party. I told him off, and when he tried to get handsy Lucas introduced his fist to his face. Melissa was out of town at the time so she doesn't know about the situation, neither does Mathias. Only the three of us know what went down.

"I'll see you at lunch." I grab my books, heading to my next class.

Soon after a shadow falls into line with mine. I don't need to look over to know it's Lucas, I can smell his cologne. "What?" Down the hall Bianca is glaring daggers at me. Lucas on again off again girlfriend. Right now they're currently on, hence the look.

"Is he giving you problems?" I look back over my shoulder at Daniel, who's once again locking lips with my best friend.

"Melissa wants me to go to his party."

"No." I knew that would be his response before he even said it. Even if it wasn't a question.

"As much as I agree, someone has to go and look after her." I decided in third period that she couldn't be trusted going by herself. Or more like I couldn't trust her alone with Daniel. She's too eager to please him these days, and he knows it.

"That someone is not you." His hand on my shoulder stops me. I turn to face him, looking at a spot on his shirt. "Your brother will be there."

I snort. Once my brother gets liquor in him, smart Mathias flies out the door. My brother loses his damn mind when he's drunk. "Drunk Mathias on babysitting duty? You're joking, right?" He smirks, knowing I'm right. Releasing a deep sigh he takes his hand through his hair. A sign that he's stressing. I've known Lucas for almost as long as I've known my brother. "I'll be fine." Standing on my toes I lean in to whisper in his ear. "Plus I have the switchblade you bought me." On my fifteenth birthday he surprised me with a black switchblade as a present. He never told me how he got it or where he got it from.

This time he smiles proudly. Down the hall Bianca calls out to him. He gives me another long look, then walks in her direction.

After school I'll have to convince Mathias to let me go. Which will be easy, Lucas is always the harder of the two. Though considering he's not my brother I shouldn't have to get permission from him. But if him and Mathias aren't on the same page, I'm automatically screwed.
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