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Chapter 3


Leaning back on the bleachers I watched the football team practice, looking out for potential new players. As captain of the football team it's my duty to make sure I pick out the best of the best.

"What you think about this year's freshmen?" Mathias plops on the bench above me, looking out at the field. A guy in orange gets tackled by a larger guy in purple. Instead of staying down moaning in pain, he instantly hops back up, joining his team.

"Number ten for sure." As my co-captain he also has a say in who joins.

"That's Brent, bit of an attitude problem but a good ass player." I nod, my eyes trailing over the rest of them. Potential, but not much. "Can I ask you a favor?"

"What's up?" I respond, already agreeing to the favor. I owe him more than anyone I knew.

He sighs. "Angel wants to go to Daniel's party..."

I shake my head. "Absolutely not." Those parties always ended in disaster. If it wasn't for all the fine women that attended I personally wouldn't go. But I'm still a man, that thinks with his dick more than his brain.

"Yeah I said the same thing. But you know Angel, she does what she wants." Damn right she does. She's one of the most stubborn women I've ever met.

"What's the favor?" I have a feeling I know what it's going to be.

One hour later...

Sitting on the couch I wait for the little she devil to return home. Tossing the remote to the side, I grab another handful of gummy worms. I've been here almost an hour, she's meant to be arriving home soon.

The sound of the lock twisting a second later makes my lip twitch. And so the fun begins.

"Yeah Mom I just got in, when will you be home?" I watch her kick the door close with her foot, completely unaware of my presence. I frown, that has to change. I've taught her hundreds of times to pay attention to get surroundings. I guess she needs another demonstration of what happens when she doesn't. Quietly I get to my feet, making my way to her.

"He told me he won't be home till later." She continues the conversation with Mrs. Rivera, tossing her backpack on the floor next to the front door. Without looking towards the living room she starts heading in the kitchen. "I'll be fine home alo-" she cuts off on a scream as I tackle her to the floor.

"What did I teach you about watching your surroundings?"

"Lucas?" She squirms beneath me trying to free herself, while also reaching for her phone. "Get off me!"

"Lucas? I know no Lucas. I'm some random guy that broke into your house." I apply more pressure to her, making my body dead weight. "And now I have you at my mercy."

"Angel! Angel what's going on?" I hear her mother yelling frantically through the phone.

"Lucas is--"

"Nothing Mrs. Rivera everything is fine. I'm afraid Angel will have to call you back." She laughs, then the line clicks. I shift on top of her, pinning her arms above her head, my legs straddling her back. "Now, where was I?"

"You were just about to get your fatass off of me!" She snarls, twisting her head around to show her fury. I smirk, so much fire inside her just waiting to burn down her enemies. Fortunately for me, I happen to be that enemy at the moment. And I don't mind being burned by her.

I hmm, pretending to think. "What did I teach you about watching your surroundings fairy?" I add on the nickname I know she hates, hoping to rile her up even more.

She shifts, trying to lift her body from the floor. Once she realize it's pointless, another huff leaves her. "Don't call me that." Using one hand I pin both of her hands together.

I lean forward, moving the stray pieces of hair from her face. Laughing when her cheeks turn a light shade of red. Cute. "What did I teach you?" She mumbles something, and I lean closer. "What?"

"Scan the room or area quickly!" Her words are tinged with annoyance. But I know she's enjoying this much more than she's letting on. I'm for sure enjoying having her pinned underneath me.

"Had you done that earlier you wouldn't be in this position." I press down harder to make my point. But not enough to hurt her.

She grunts. "Or, if you weren't creeping in my living room like a weirdo I also wouldn't be in this position."

"Agree to disagree princess."

She squirms some more, releasing a growl. "Why are you even here? Mathias is gone."

Like a church bell going off I remember why I was waiting in the first place. I climb from her, getting to my feet and holding out a hand to help her up. Flipping to her back she slaps my hand away. I wait until she's done throwing her mini tantrum before answering her question. "You're not going to that party."

She stops walking to the kitchen to look back at me. The look in her eyes telling me there's going to be a fight. "Excuse me?"

Crossing my arms I stare her down. "I said, you're not going to that party."

Copying my position she arches one perfect brow. "Last I checked my father's name was Sin, not Lucas Valentine."

I try to keep a straight face, not giving away how much I'm loving this attitude of hers. She's the only female besides my mom that argues with me. Sometimes I liked that about her, sometimes it just made her a handful. "Do you want to be groped? Are you planning to lose your virginity this week?"

"I-I -" She strutters, cheeks reddening. "That's none of your business."

I step forward, one step from her personal space. "Because that's what's going to happen when you show up to a party full of horny college boys." Everyone knows Daniel's brother will be there, and he'll invite all his college friends.

"I plan to stay with Melissa." She mumbles, knowing that's a terrible argument. Her friend cared about one thing only, and that's Daniel.

"And what are you going to when she ditches you to go have sex with Daniel?" I take another step, this time she takes one back, her back hitting the wall. "Mathias is too soft to tell you the truth, but I'm not. You won't enjoy this party Angel, you'll regret coming every minute that you're there." I move into her personal space, placing my hands on either side of her head. She stares at me with those huge doe eyes, cracking some of my armor. "Please stay home fairy." Her eyes widen, knowing I've never said please to anyone. But what she doesn't know is it's not just about the party. Other bigger things go down there besides kids dancing, and I don't want her apart of it. Hell I don't even want Mathias there, but there's no convincing him.

"Fine." She whispers softly.

I smile, stepping back and giving her space. "Good, I'll even order you pizza."

Her eyes narrow. "Pizza and wings." She negotiates.

Shaking my head I chuckle. She drives a hard bargain. "Deal fairy." I hold out my hand for her to shake. Again, she smacks it away.

"Don't call me that." I watch her walk away with smug satisfaction. Easiest favor I've ever done.
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