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Unconditional Submission

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"Why does that bother you, Katherine?" He jerked my chin to return my wavering stare back to him. "Waiting patiently for your master should not embarrass you. It should make you proud. You think everyone was looking at you and poking fun at you for being the last one remaining?" He was shaking his head before he finished his question and a fresh wave of tears gathered in my eyes. "They looked at you and saw a loyal submissive who despite her anxieties and fears remained on her knees, waiting patiently for her master to collect her. I imagine they looked at you and wished to God that you were theirs." _______ Katherine Wright is wrapping up her final year at Vanidestine's Boarding School for Submissives. Three years of etiquette training and she's yet to find her place. She's naturally submissive, but is she a little? Is she a pet? A slave? Her professors are relying on a certain dominant to help her figure it out. Across the field, Vanidestine's Boarding School for Dominants is growing young men in a similar environment, and in the final months of their education, the senior dominants and the senior submissives are paired for a final exam. When an intimidating senior with subjective tastes and high expectations sets his sights on Katherine; she has no idea how badly he will unravel her life. But, more importantly, will he help her figure out who she is?

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1

The long white-marbled hall stretched before me as I walked alone, my black school slippers padding gently and echoing in the silence. Class was in session, so not a single soul, professor, student, or janitor filled the halls of this ancient castle-like academy. At the end of the hall, two mahogany doors loomed intimidatingly ahead. All dark wood, heavy and loud if not closed properly, concealed the school’s principal, Headmaster Warren Fell; the only male professor on site. He administered the discipline of the students and the teachers. He was Headmaster at the boy’s school as well, so he spent every other day of the week with us and the remaining days with them.

Stopping in front of the massive double doors, my shoes scuffing on the white marble, I smoothed my plaid skirt, righted my white pleated blouse with its short puff sleeves, and lifted my fist to gently rap the door three times. I folded my hands in front of me and waited for permission to enter. He never responded immediately; he strongly valued keeping a submissive waiting. Mistress Alexandria had just dismissed me from class per his instructions so I knew he was expecting me. That means he would likely have me wait a little longer than the average student. He enjoyed testing me. I found myself pushed to new limits by him often and I couldn’t help but smile to myself as I thought about it.

“Enter, Katherine Wright,” he finally called, only his deep and booming voice capable of penetrating the thick doors. I gripped the black handle, iron, and cold in my hand, and with a deep breath, I pushed the door open. I cursed the heavy thing as I worked to keep it from slamming loudly behind me, a mistake made on my first day which earned me a trip to the corner, on my toes, my nose pressed against a wall.

With a soft and appropriate thud, the door closed, and I turned and crossed the thin green carpet that when paired with the rich brown of Headmaster Warren’s desk gave the office a nearly-presidential look. Two leather, winged-back chairs stood in front of the desk and I placed myself directly behind them, between the two, my head down and my hands folded demurely.

I waited.

Submissives do not speak without permission, and Headmaster Warren was only too amused to let me wait for nearly three minutes before he addressed me.

“Katherine.” His tone and the use of my name gave me permission to lift my head. On his handsome face, I found a quizzical smile. “So, we aren’t fond of the Graham boy, hmm?”

I relaxed at the light tone that accompanied his perfectly kind smile. I adored Headmaster Warren. He was kind and fair and his patience for me never ran out. Instead of bullying me into submission, he’s allowed me to tread the waters carefully in my attempts to discover exactly who I am. And in the several times I have found myself in his office for discipline, his patience remained even while he remained firm to carry out whatever punishment he felt would correct my behavior.

I wasn’t any naughtier than the other girls in the school. Most everyone found themselves in his office for discipline at least once or twice a month. Still, I knew he was different with me. If he didn’t already have a submissive, I might throw all pride aside and drop to my knees and beg him to take me home.

“No, sir,” I answered respectfully even as a little smile quirked around the edges of my mouth.

“And why is that?”

“Graham thought a pacifier would look pretty on me,” I answered, resisting the urge to roll my eyes. “I disagreed.”

“Ah.” Headmaster Warren nodded and scratched down a note in black ink on his legal pad. “I know you’re not immediately drawn to age-play.”

“Not to that degree, sir.”

“But to some?” He stopped scribbling and his eyes looked up from his paper.

“Some, sir.”

“Can you explain?”

Why? So you can find another dominant to pair me with? I wanted to say, but I wasn’t too eager to find myself bent over Headmaster Warren’s desk and caned for my insolence.

“I can slip, sir. Under the right authority, I can feel...” I struggled to find the word, “small.”

Headmaster Warren didn’t comment. His eyes and pen returned to their work. I sighed, knowing full well he was not going to give up on the big project that was Me. He would find me a dominant for the final exam whether I wanted one or not.

“Am I boring you, Katherine?” He spoke without lifting his head. I subconsciously straightened my spine and lowered my eyes at his tone.

“No, sir.”

“A sighing submissive is a bored submissive. Shall I give you something to do?”

“If it pleases you, sir.”

“Come.” His fingers snapped to the empty place to the left of his desk chair. “Kneel.”

I hurried to do his bidding, moving as gracefully as my education had instructed. On my knees, with my feet tucked demurely beneath my bottom, I folded my hands properly in my lap and awaited further instruction.

It’s moments like these that I am sure that I am a submissive. Being here, on my knees, before someone I truly respect, I feel at peace. I trust Headmaster Warren wholeheartedly. If his next instruction was to have me crawl over his lap for a spanking, I would do so without reservations. I wouldn’t fight him as he disciplined me to tears. I would absorb the pain and relish in it.

I just needed to find the right dominant. So far, with the few dominants I’ve been paired with, I could never feel this way with them. Why couldn’t I find someone like Headmaster Warren?

This time, instead of calling my name to turn my attention up, Headmaster Warren lifted my chin so that our eyes directly met. I took the sweet moment to admire his dark eyes, his nearly black hair, his strong jaw, and broad shoulders. He was so handsome. I wanted him to take me home. He could keep his submissive and love her the way he didn’t love me and that would be OK because I didn’t love him that way either. My love for him deserved more than a try at romance. It was bigger than that.

My eyes fluttered shut as Headmaster Warren’s hand skimmed up my jaw and into my hair. I leaned my head into his large palm as he kneaded my scalp, petting me just the way I liked it.

“What a good little pet you would make,” he observed as I nearly purred at his touch. “Yet, you and Frank Connely didn’t pair well, did you?”

“No, sir...” I hummed, my eyes fluttering open.

“And why not?”

“He wanted me to pick up cat toys from the ground with my teeth...”

Headmaster Warren chuckled. “That’s fairly standard behavior for pets.”

I scrunch my nose in response.

“And tell me--” his hand retreated from my hair and I didn’t bother hiding the pout that marred my lips. “--when do feel, as you put it, small? Aside from right this moment when I’ve denied you something you want.”

I almost smiled at his smile but I was too distracted by his question. I didn’t know how to answer it. Only I couple of incidents came to mind where I regularly felt small, or little, which I knew was the correct terminology.

My lips parted to answer his question, but then I froze, suddenly shy about releasing the information he was asking for.

“Opting not to answer?” He quirked an eyebrow that suggested keeping silent would not be a good idea.

“No, sir...I was just...” I stopped to lick my lips. I wanted to lower my head but he kept a hand gently applied to my chin. “I feel small during spankings.” I took a deep breath, grateful that his expression hadn’t changed at my confession. “I also feel small when I’m in trouble in general. Scoldings, lectures, corner time...things like that.”

“So, you feel little,” he pressed the correct terminology that I needed to use from now on, “during disciplinary matters only?”

Since I couldn’t lower my head, I averted my eyes.

“Eyes,” he warned and they immediately snapped back to his.

“No, sir. Not only during disciplinary matters.”

“Please, explain.”

“If I’m nervous, uncertain, anxious, upset, sick, hurting...” I trailed off, certain I had made my point.

“So, any vulnerable moment and you slip?”

“Yes, sir.”

He nodded, released my chin, and pivoted his chair towards his desk so he could write another note. I didn’t lower my head as I had not been given permission yet. Instead, I took the opportunity to stare unabashedly at him once again. I should have asked him to adopt me when I was fourteen in my first year at the academy. How badly I would have loved him to be my father... My real father probably wouldn’t mind.

“Lastly...” Headmaster Warren turned his attention back to me. “Mark Andrews.”

The name alone sent a shudder down my spine.

“He’s a sadist,” I answered immediately, without waiting for permission. This earned me a “tsk, tsk,” and a disapproving headshake. “I’m sorry, sir.” I lowered my head, unhappy with myself for forgetting my manners.

“Eyes,” he ordered gently, but sternly. “I did not give your permission to look away, Katherine.” His tone spoke volumes even if his words were soft. I had forgotten myself too many times since entering his office. If I didn’t shape up, there would be consequences.

My cheeks flamed with blush at his light rebuke, I obediently looked up and made eye contact. He didn’t speak for a long moment, testing my ability to hold still despite my intense desire to squirm beneath his penetrating stare.

“Katherine,” he began again. “Tell me why you didn’t pair well with Mark Andrew’s.”

“He’s a sadist, sir.”

“Most dominants are, but please, explain what he did that’s clearly made you so uneasy of him.”

I blushed, unaware that I was so easy to read.

“He hit me, sir.”

“And you didn’t like that?”

“No, sir. I hated it.”

He nodded and returned to scribbling his findings down in his notepad. “Mark Andrews is about as sadistic as they come. He’s an intense dominant and only a submissive more interested in being a slave would pair well with him. I’m eager to find you a match, but I sincerely apologize for putting you in his hands.”

I had never had a dominant apologize to me before. I blinked quietly in response, unsure of how to proceed. While he continued his work, however, I came to my senses and provided the proper response.

“Thank you, sir. I appreciate the effort you’re putting into finding me a match. I’m sincerely apologetic if it has caused you too much trouble.”

No response. He worked quietly for several minutes which allowed me to relax in my comfortable position on the floor. My mind wandered and I wondered if I would be receiving discipline before I was excused from his office. If I was any other student, I would be, no doubt. Headmaster Warren was kind but he was also strict. He expected his students to know their basic training, which I had slipped on repeatedly since my arrival.

I stole a peek at his hands and felt that intense longing I sometimes felt when my emotions were a little too bundled and weighing heavily in my chest. A spanking always cured it and it had been several weeks since I last felt the heavy sting of his palm on my bottom. This was another moment that confirmed just how naturally submissive I was. If only I could feel this way towards someone else.

“Katherine,” he spoke, snapping me from my daydreaming.

“Yes, sir?”

“I called you here today in an attempt to better understand your limits as a submissive. With what information you’ve given me, I’ve managed to consider a few more dominants that may make a good match.”

I swallowed a groan.

“You see,” he continued, pivoting his chair towards me and leaning his elbows on his knees, “your father called this morning.”

I frowned. Headmaster Warren noticed, but he went on.

“Katherine, your parents have paid a great deal of money to ensure you’ve received the best education. That’s why I have to continue this project, despite how exhausting it is for you.”

“But...” I snapped my mouth shut and lowered my head.

“It’s all right, you may speak.”

“I...” I swallowed and lifted my head to address him properly. “Maybe I’m not a match for anybody, sir. Maybe...maybe I could substitute the exam for another project. I would be willing to do a little more work, I...”

“Katherine,” he sighed, interjecting my suggestion. “You are a wonderful submissive who just needs the right dominant to help you decide what your place is. I will not be the only dominant you warm up to in the four years you’ve attended my school.” He smiled sympathetically.

“I compare everyone to you, sir,” I admitted, another blush creeping up my neck. “So far, I’ve yet to meet another dominant who’s as fair.”


“No one understands me like you do, sir.”

“Perhaps you’re not giving them a chance to.” He countered gently before taking my hands in his. “It’s no secret that you’ve harbored a special place in my heart. That’s why I am determined to ensure that you are not the only one without a partner for this exam. You understand why I can’t let you sit this out, don’t you, Katherine?”

“Yes, sir,” I bowed my head in defeat. “I understand.” I wanted to cry, especially when his hand released mine to thread his fingers through my hair. I closed my eyes and leaned my head into his palm.

“Such a good girl,” he murmured, petting the stress away. “Now, I’m half-tempted to take you across my knee for the little slips you conducted in my office today, but I think I would much rather see you return to your class and finish your school day with Mistress Alexandria.”

“Yes, sir...” I hummed, my drooping eyelids nearly shut. His hand left my hair and again, I pouted.

“You may stand.” I did as I was told, folding my hands neatly in front of me. “You are dismissed.”

Turning on my heel, I got halfway across the floor when I faltered and hesitantly addressed Headmaster Warren one last time. “Sir...?”

“Yes, Katherine?” he replied without lifting his head from his notepad.

“Do you have somebody else in mind?” I asked tentatively and his eyes lifted from the paper all scribbled in black and found me across his office. He studied me for a long while before a slight smile ghosted around the corners of his mouth and he answered almost as softly as I had asked:

“Yes, Katherine... I believe I have.”

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