Unexpected, Yet Happy Marriage

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Jade has always been a rather carefree God, sleeping away half of his days and causing trouble with the other half. He has never fallen in love before and never expected too, until he was randomly forced into a marriage and ended up falling for his newfound husband.

Romance / Fantasy
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Getting Married?!

Jade was sleeping peacefully in his usual spot, this rather large branch on his favorite white oak tree. He was, at the very least until he was rudely awakened by his dear friend who was suddenly becoming less dear to him. He felt someone pulling on one of the many ribbons he often wore, blinking the sleep from his eyes he looked down to see Lan Song.
Lan Song was a rather attractive Chinese man with dark olive skin and soft doe brown eyes. He had on long white flowing robes without a single stain or crumb on them, his dark hair was tied up behind him with a single white ribbon. He held out a freshly manicured hand which Jade took grumpily.
"Why'd you wake me up? I was having an amazing dream."
Jade pouted as Lan Song smiled softly and turned, walking away without him. Jade jogged up beside him, nudging him in the side with his elbow.
"Well, what is it that you want?"
"Don't you remember what today is?"
Lan Song's voice was soft, very pleasant to the ears and a little too quiet, which always forced Jade to have to listen closely. Jade thought for a moment, today was... what was today again? Upon seeing that his friend was hopelessly lost in thought Lan Song spoke for him.
"Today is the day of the treaty, finally Heaven and Hell will cease fighting after many, many millennia. The Demon King, Queen, and his son will be coming to choose a heavenly bride for the Crown Prince. With their marriage our two kingdoms will finally be at peace."
"Oh, right. But why does that take priority over my nap?"
Lan Song whipped out his paper fan and started fanning himself with it, but not before bonking Jade upside the head with it.
"...All of the Gods will be present, that includes the more troublesome, lazy ones."
"Hey! I'm not that troublesome! I just like to spice things up every now and then. The old Gods can be so boring, doing the same thing day after day."
Lan Song didn't seem convinced as the two entered the great hall. The great hall was normally spacious and covered in various amounts of gold and white but today in honor of their more dark guests there were all kinds of strange foods and dark tapestries that covered the walls and tables. Everything somehow shined even brighter than normal which made damn near every guest squint their eyes a bit. Jade put a hand over his eyes, these poor demons, he thought as Lan Song and himself sat down at one of the large solid gold tables on the sides of the halls. Going straight down the middle was a long white carpet, woven in gold into the fabric was every known God, from the newest to the oldest where the king and his throne sat.
Jade happily started taking food off of the large plates aligning the middle of the table all the way down, stuffing his face and making happy noises as he stuffed more onto his plate. He stopped only when Lan Song hit his hands with his fan.
"Ouch! What was that for?"
Jade said in between bites as Lan Song looked at him like he was a lost cause.
"Don't start eating yet, our guests haven't arrived."
Jade frown and swallowed what was in his mouth as he put his hands in his lap. The large marble doors sung open and in came the Demon King and Queen, a small Kings guard, and his son. As well as what looked like a few demon generals, that were sneering and looking at the Gods like they were disgusting. The Heavenly King stood from his throne, his beard shaking as he laughed heartily.
"Welcome! Welcome esteemed guests, please take a seat at one of our tables, we shall commence with the treaty signing in a moment."
The demons all took their seats, which just so happened to be at Jade and Lan Song's table. Jade was now sitting in between Lan Song who was using his fan to cover up a grimace and a demon general who looked quite unhappy to be there. Across from him was the king's son, the Crown Prince of Hell.
Jade for the life of him could not remember this guy's name but from what he was seeing the prince was rather handsome, with chiseled features and a square jaw, he looked like some kind of rugged biker. He had what looked like claw marks that started at his lower cheek and went down his jaw onto his throat, dipping into his sleek oil black armor as well as a scar right over the bridge of his nose. Jade was now curious as to how many scars the man had, he stopped himself from asking because after all he didn't know what kind of person the prince would be.
The prince sat up rigidly straight, his hands folded neatly on the table in front of him. He very easily was much taller than most of the Gods at the table, including Jade, not that, that was much of a stretch because after all Jade was rather short. With short black hair that curled at the ends and a cleanly shaven beard, everything about him screamed big warrior dude. What Jade found most attractive about him though was his stunning golden eyes that seemed to be boring straight into his lilac ones.
Jade smiled and waved and the prince shifted his attention. Jade huffed and stared at his plate full of food desperately as the Heavenly king returned with the treaty in hand. The normal customs began, the egregiously long customs and after about an hour of pure torture the Demon King and Heavenly King both signed the treaty. While everyone else clapped or in the demon's case, excluding the generals, cheered loudly Jade started inhaling his food once more. Lan Song sighed and rolled his eyes as he ate as well.
"You're hopeless."
Jade shrugged, grabbing another biscuit from the plate in front of him. His attention shifted momentarily as he noticed he was being watched, raising his eyes from his plate he looked to the prince sitting across from him. He swallowed his food and then asked.
"Yes? Are you curious about something?"
"Are you a man?"
Jade nearly choked on his biscuit, and so did Lan Song as he stifled a laugh. Jade coughed loudly, gaining some attention from the Gods on the other side of the table as he drank some wine to calm down his coughing fit. He then turned to the prince and snapped, a little too meanly.
"Of course I am! Just because I'm a bit feminine doesn't mean I'm not a man!"
A few of the Gods down the table sniggered and whispered. The prince blinked, he gave a confused look as he said.
"I meant no offense. I just didn't realize a man could be so pretty."
Jade was at a loss for words, sputtering a bit as he attempted and failed to retort. He could feel his ears go hot a bit as the end of the table erupted with laughter. Jade wished he had a fan to hide behind, he tried his best to shield his red face from those golden eyes but it wasn't very effective as he muttered out a small.
"Th-Thank you..."
The prince offered a small smile.
"Of course."
Luckily Jade was taken out of this embarrassing situation by the Heavenly King once again, he spoke up loud enough for his booming voice to bounce off the walls.
"Now that we've all filled our bellies, we will allow the Crown Prince of Hell to choose a bride. You may choose anyone you wish, as long as they are not already married."
All heads turned to the prince, including Jade and he was shocked to find that the prince was holding a hand out to him. Jade blinked, looked to Lan Song who was giggling quietly behind his fan and then over to the demon general who looked at him like he was a piece of meat. His gaze then turned back to the hand in front of him as the prince spoke.
"I chose you."
Still not quite grasping what was going on Jade looked behind him, just on the off chance that the prince was referring to someone else. He then pointed to himself and asked.
"Me? You want me?"
Silence filled the hall as everyone looked curiously at the prince, everyone but Lan Song was waiting for him to laugh and regard it as a joke. But when he didn't the end of the table erupted with laughter once more, one of them even fell out of his seat.
"Will you all shut up?!"
Jade snapped at them, which failed to cease their laughing. Jade sighed angrily and turned back to the prince.
"You can't be serious, I'm a man."
"I'm aware, you just told me."
Jade clenched his jaw as he heard the other Gods' roaring now, slapping their knees like this was the funniest thing they've seen in centuries.
"I can't give you an heir, wouldn't you prefer one of these beautiful women?"
"I'm not worried about an heir, one of my brothers will handle that I'm sure."
The prince then turned to the Heavenly king and posed a question.
"You did say I could choose anyone, yes?"
"Well... Yes, I did..."
"Then I choose him. He will be my bride."
"So it shall be."
Before Jade could say anything in protest the Heavenly King spoke up.
"Jade, the God of Nature shall be wed to the Crown Prince of Hell, Levi by the end of the month."
He then raised his goblet and the other Gods followed suit, cheering for the new couple.

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