Another day another rape

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The day

He is 5'7 with blonde hair and he's. He is a football player so he's built. He is caring loving and kind. But the best thing is that he was super sexy. He was 16 in 10th grade popular he could have had any one but he chose me.
I'm 5'1 with brown hair and my eyes change with my mood. I am anything but popular I'm the girl who sits in the corner with her friends. If we were in a teem movie I'd be the girl people spilled their milk on at lunch. I am high strong a smart aleck relentless and am not afraid to get in fights. I'm anything but attractive but he chose me which should have been the first red flag.

Car door shuts as Katie and James get out I watched them walking the store to get Red Bull and milk Katie is my best friend and James is your older brother Jackson happens to be their cousin it was 12:36 a.m. the only lights were from the store there were no cars around when Jackson said "you look beautiful tonight" "thank you" I replied. He kissed me too hard for my liking so I tence up "calm down"he said before kissing me again well kissing me he moves over center council to my seat. He lowers the seat and lifts up my shirt. I tried to push him off but he grabs my hands puts them to my side and takes off his pants. I said "no" but he ignored it and proceeded to take my pants off. "You want me"he said then he starts kissing me again. He moves his hand up into the back of my bra and undoes it he remove all the clothes both of us had on. And starts i scream no over a dozen times but he doesn't stop. When he finishes he and throws my clothes to me by the time I get my clothes back on Katie and James walk out of the store with the cart full of food. That's when the first hot tear of anger frustration and fear fills my eye.

It's 1:20 a.m. by the time we get back to Katie's house I run right into the bathroom knowing her parents weren't home I turned on the shower and lay there for about a minute and then I feel nauseous so I run over to the trash can and puke just then there's knock on the door it was James he asked if I was okay but I couldn't manage a yeah before I puked again. When I finally was finished puking I got back in the shower and scrubbed my skin until it was bright red then I got out put a towel around me and started brushing my teeth that's when there was another knock at the door it was James again he pops his head in the door and asked if I'm okay when I finally find my voice if he could lend me a pair of sweatpants and a hoodie I could wear to bed didn't you bring clothes he asked yeah but it's too hot I lied hoping that it didn't show that I was hot 5 minutes later he returned with my bag and a hoodie and a pair of sweatpants I put them on and go to Katie's room and shut the she wasn't in there she must have been downstairs watching a movie with the boys I laid there for what seemed to be decades thinking what am I going to do now I must have managed to fall asleep because I wake up to James knocking on the door saying breakfast I walked downstairs to find Jackson sitting at the table with a stack of pancakes and strawberries he gets up and hugs me I flinch away . That's when Katie asks if I want breakfast I said no I just sat there and watch them eat I it's not going home for another three nights and neither was Jaxson so those 3 days I hid in the room.
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