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Through My Eyes

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What if when you turned 18, your soulmate could see through your eyes and talk to you and you could do the same to them. Ashlynn is three days away from turning 18 and finally getting to see through her soulmates eyes. Ashlynn is so excited when she first sees through his eyes, but the problem is, that he has a secret that she has no idea about and it could change both of them forever.

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Another day, another time I have to resist killing my 'mother' also known as the evil stepmother from Cinderella. According to the hospital records, I am her biological child, but I will never allow myself to be associated with her.
When my dad died two years ago in a car accident, it was like a switch flipped in her brain. She treated my older brother and my younger sister like they were perfect and treated me like I did everything wrong.
The only hope I have is my soulmate. When I turn eighteen in three days, I will be able to see through my soulmate's eyes and he will be able to see through mine. Eventually we will be able to find each other through clues we can give each other when we talk. At least then I will know that I have someone who actually loves me.
"Get up you little pest! You'll be late and i'm not driving you to school!" There she is, the queen of being a bitch. With her dyed bleach blonde hair and fake nails, I would love to rip her hair off her head.
I open my eyes to see my pale white walled room with my broken mirror hanging on one side and the door to my bathroom on the other. I climb out of my bed and head towards my crappy dresser. The drawer are falling apart and my clothes are falling out of them, but I have to work with what I have.
I quickly through on a pair of ripped jeans and a oversized hoodie, so that I can cover up my bruising. She only beat me once a week, but by the time the bruises were gone, she would beat me again. I put on my worn out converse and run my fingers through my long brunette hair. I grab my bag and run down the stairs hoping that my friend Daisy is still at her house and hasn't left yet.
Daisy lives across the street from me and does her best to help me through what I deal with at home, but she has no idea. Her parents are both alive and married and she is an only child. She has the perfect life in my eyes, and I envy her for that.
I run across the road and see Daisy's car there. I dash up her front porch steps and rapidly knock on her front door. Luckily she answers the door and I can see that she has her bag and it looks like she was getting ready to walk out the door.
"Hey, girlie. Need a ride again?" See that the thing about Daisy that makes her so special. She never needs to know everything, and she doesn't get mad either.
"Only if it's okay with you. I can walk if I need to." I never like to make people do things for me because then I feel guilty and my dad always told me to never make people do stuff for you because then you will always rely on them.
"Get your butt in the car Ashlynn. I'm not taking no for an answer."
"Thanks Daisy." I get in the passenger side and put my bag on the floor. I look out the window as I feel the car start moving. I start daydreaming about my soulmate. What will my soulmate look like? Will he be tall and handsome or dark and mysterious? Or a mixture of both? I feel a tap on my shoulder and realize that it's Daisy telling me that we are at school.
"Come on girl, we are going to be late for class." I jump out of the car and we start running into the school because we only have two minutes until the late bell rings.
"Ladies, what have I told you about being to class on time?" Our first teacher, Mr. Dominic says as we run in and sit in our seats in the back of the class.
"Sorry Mr. Dominic." We chorus together. I really do feel bad when we are late to his class but to be fair i'm a senior and his class is at 7:30 in the morning. He should know that I won't show up on time.
The day goes by very slowly until it is finally time to leave and go back to the hellhole of a house. At this point, I would be fine with time stopping completely. I decide to walk home because it gives me more time to postpone my impending doom.
When I get home, I notice that no one else is there, which gives me a chance to get food from the kitchen because no one ever gives me any dinner and I can't eat with them. I grab whatever chips and candy I can find and quickly dash to my room. I feel a breeze but don't think anything of it because it is usually cold. I put all of the food under my bed to hide it. As i'm doing that, someone slams my door open. It's my older brother. Asher the asshole, as I like to call him behind his back.
"Well look what the little bitch is doing. Stealing food is not something someone like you should be doing." He stalks closer to me and I back up until I have nowhere else to go. I am backed against a wall. He grabs my throat and starts choking me against the wall.
"Let's teach you a little lesson, shall we." He had a smirk on his face and I knew that this was going to be a level of torture that we had never reached before.
"How do you like this?" He tears my shirt off and starts pulling my pants down after releasing his hold on my neck. I start kicking and flailing my arms hoping to hit something. He starts to pull my underwear down, when we both hear a dangerous growl.
I turn my head to look at where the growl is coming from and I see a large black wolf with yellow eyes that stood tall above my short 5'3" body. It kept growling but caused Asher to drop his hands and gave me a chance to be free from his grasp. The wolf completely ignores me but keeps creeping towards Asher until Asher is running down the hall back to his room.
The wolf and I make eye contact, and for a second, I see my life flash before my eyes.

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