The Girl Who Lived

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Bullied for the colour of her skin ever since she could remember, Olayinka Jamila Kincade, a 17 year old Nigerian American, doesn't know what it means to be accepted. She's called trash and treated as an outcast all because of the school's resident bad boy and top bully, Kian Fields. Senior year starts with Kian suddenly becoming very nice and naive Olayinka, unaccustomed to this type of attention and desperately wishing for acceptance, begins to fall for him. That is, until a light skinned boy, Jayden Ross, enters the equation. Jayden is nerdy, wears ugly glasses and is definitely not Olayinka's kind of guy. But as he aids Olayinka in standing up for herself, she can't help but be drawn to his shy and gentle exterior. With Kian showering his attention on her and Jayden, who looks out for her all the time, Olayinka is attracted to both of them. Could this be her very own love triangle or is it just in her head? But maybe, just maybe she'll finally be able to live as any other teen her age would, worrying about boys and perhaps she'll finally be considered normal.

Romance / Humor
Nita Ogueri
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| W A R N I N G |

Please do not plagerize this book. Everything was written by me single handedly and I won’t take it lightly if someone tries to copy this book. Believe me, it shall not end well with them. There’s something called Karma and Vodoo. Did I tell you guys that some Nigerians believe and practice vodoo? (That’s the Nigerian part of me talking) So all those “pirates” should better watch it. Please please and please, no copying of my book. Thank you! All rights reserved®

| T H I S B O O K C O N T A I N S |


•Abuse- in a way


•Violence- in a way


| D E D I C A T I O N |

This book is dedicated to Cynthia, the two Jennifers, Gianna, Onyi, Precious, my sweet cousins, Stacee, my bestie Noble and all the black girls out there. You rock!

With no further ado then, I hope you get to enjoy reading this book just as I have enjoyed writing it. Thank you.



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